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Sarzie Mac

Sarzie MacSydney

  • 128 reviews

Original scent is still the best


This is one of my top 2 air fresheners, but I only ever buy the original scent. It is often on special at Coles and that's when I buy it. I mostly use it in the bathroom and so now that's pretty much what I think of when I smell Glen 20 - maybe I should use it in other areas too.
Fresh smell



  • 2 reviews
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Love it!


Absolutely love this product. Use it at work and now use it at home. It definitely does the job!
Neutralises odours especially in the toilet. One time my car got absolutely drenched from rain water, soaked it with glen 20 and the next morning my car seats were as good as new!
Inexpensive, value for money, does the job, neutraliser



  • 19 reviews

Seriously good product! Even kills Tinea, Ringworm, Athlete's foot!


I picked up Tinea (which is also known as Ringworm and Athlete's foot) at either a self-serve shoe shop or at the podiatrist. Glen 20 is great for treating your shoes, shower mats etc., while you're treating your feet with the cream from the chemist. Without Glen 20, it would have been a nightmare! Just spray and leave for a while to kill the fungus. Horrible sounding word I know, but you don't want this going through the whole family.
Reliable, does what it promises, easy to use, pleasant smell, gives you confidence.
Nothing, well maybe increase the scent choices, but really, that's only a first world problem ...

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lebron720Sydney Surrounds, NSW

  • 51 reviews

makes everything feel clean


my favourite is crisp linen. i spray it on my bed and it smells so nice. it makes the room feel clean and i imagine germs slowly dying. great to get rid of bad odours
smell, feeling of cleanliness
crisp linen needs to come in a bigger can

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Yes!!! and Cheaper!!



  • 148 reviews

Great australian classic


I remember my mum using this all the time when i was younger it was ever present in our household. It has a lovely smell to it and can be used on your sofa, bedding, curtains, in the air and also on surfaces to neutralise smells and to kill any germs that may be lurking around. Its a well known brand and a very trusted one, its not to expensive and can be bought in big bottles or smaller bottles. Its available in all your leading supermarkets and smaller ones too. We don't use it in my house due to my wife not liking the smell but i on the other hand love the smell, each to there own i suppose but a great product in my opinion.



  • 84 reviews

nice clean fragrance


This product is great as it freshens the air, giving it a nice clean fragrance to your home. It also kills germs, which is an important feature that most air fresheners neglect to do. There is a wide range of scents to choose from and is available at most stores. The price could be better. Other brands aren't as expensive. The scent is also a little too strong if you spray a lot of it.
Overall the product is quite good, I would reccomend it to family and friends. The disinfecting feature is great and it doesn't leave marks on surfaces.
It kills germs
little too strong if you spray a lot of it


gcutriVictoria, 3032

  • 26 reviews



The product is quite good, I would reccomend it to friends. The disinfecting feature is great and it doesn't leave marks on the surfaces you spray it on. The fragrance is nice and fresh, but can be overpowering if applied too much.
It freshens the air, giving it a nice clean fragrance. It also kills germs, which is an important feature that most air fresheners neglect to add. Wide choice of scents to choose from. The pricing is average - it could be cheaper.
As mentioned before, the pricing could be better. Other brands aren't as expensive. The scent is a little too invasive if applied for too long.


simm_meevic, 3020

  • 256 reviews



a great household cleaning product that not only refreshens the house but also kills unwated bugs that are about. a product ide definately recommend for fighting the dreaded gastro bug
good old pine o clean saved my family when the 6 of us came down with gastro...it made the house smell fresh despite all the aromas we had going around and at the same time killed those unwanted bugs that other cleaners hadnt managed to do. i used it on the toilet seat, in the air, on mattresses, virtually every where.
the smell can be over powering if used in confined spaces


SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 675 reviews



This is a good air-freshener which seems to work effectively. The smell can be a bit too strong for those with sensitive noses and thats teh reason I don't buy it regularly for home use.
This is a pretty good air-freshener, although the fragrance can be too strong. It is good to spray around the room if you want to clear any bad smells, but because of the strong smell, maybe just a little spray with some windows open would be good.
It is a bit expensive, but comes on sale in the supermarket and can be easily found. The smell is too strong for me to use regularly.



  • 58 reviews



My overall opinion of this product is quite good, while it is a little pricey, it does work well and leaves the house smelling clean and fresh, though, it can be a tad overpowering at times which is one of the 'cons' to this product.
It not only freshens the air but also kills germs, the price is pretty good and it comes in a lot of fragrances. I also like that you can spray it onto surfaces and it will disinfect the surface too without leaving any marks on furniture etc.
The smell of the freshener can be a bit strong.

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Questions & Answers

Kathryn B.

Kathryn B.asked

Is glen 20 oil based

1 answer

you would have to look on a tin as I no longer use it, all I can say it is not the product it used to be, smell is now overbearing h

John L

John Lasked

According to the Glen 20 TV ad Glen 20 kills the common cold virus. If this is so how come we do not have a vaccine derived from your formula?

1 answer

Good question John, Iused this all the time once but the smell now is not a clean smell but almost toxic, gets up nose and in mouth

Maria P.

Maria P.asked

Is Glen 20 safe to use around cats

1 answer
Judith L
Judith L

Yes!Ethanol is toxic to cats.Most anti-bacterial sprays contain this.

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