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Good tyre but have understeer is an issue

Was using Bridgestone potenza re003 tyres before and never understeered but within 6000 km of having the Pirelli dragon sports have understeered twice. Good tyres at low speeds but above 60km/h will understeer. I was driving an all wheel drive Subaru with traction control and stability control. Overall good tyre but not the best

CarSubaru liberty

Wow Big Difference !

Size fitted 235/40/18
Cant believe the difference these tyres have made - no road noise, steering more direct & responsive, great cornering. Was undecided weather to change half worn Dunlop SP3000A but could no longer put up with the noise and feel of these tyres - should have done it ages ago, Its like driving a different car.

CarVT Commodore Wagon ( Immaculate condition )

Grippy and quiet

These replaced my Bridgestone RE003 which were also very good tyres. The Pirelli are equally as good. Directional, very sure grip and quiet on the highway making me confident of their ability. My father was impressed and also bought the same for his Statesman, instantly noticing less lateral movement and he couldn't be any happier.

Car2014 Holden Calais

6 months , Still going well

I purchased 4x 235/45R17 97w XL DRGNSP
I have had these Tyres 6 Months now, and so far they have been very good, low Noise, Good handling, and seem to be wearing well.

They grip the road well as they are a "Sticky" road tyre, so in theory will not last as long as a normal compound tyre.

On breaking the Car seems to pull up well, " never had a problem with that though ".

I would recommend these, as so far they have performed well.

Car2004 Ford Falcon XR6

Very impressed

I have purchased these to replace my perelli p1's and they are much better and have 275/30/20 on the back and245/35/20's on the front. So fare they are very quit and brake a lot better then the p1's ,and I drive my fgx xr8 like a real driver should ( not like a grandfather) they are a lot better then the factory dunlops

Car2015 Ford fgx xr8

So far so good!

Have only done 1500kms so far, will aim to update on wear etc as they get older, but so far so good. Got a set of 17" from Kmart for $148 each for a 2011 VW Passat. I haven't had a chance to really test them out yet, but they're decently quiet (similar to the cheap Fullway tyres that they replaced which were dangerously bad in the wet after 6000km), decent dry grip. Have had 1 ABS stop in the wet where they didn't pull up quite as hard as I expected, but that may have been a particularly slippery road, once I explore them in more detail I'll update. No noticeable difference to ride or fuel economy. Farily limited review, but would be happy to recommend at this early stage.

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I've got a commodore SS with 20" mags, 275/30R20 on rear, and 245/35R20 on front with Bridgestone Portenza's 050A's but due to stock and price am looking at Pirelli Dragon Sport's or Hankook K117s (although these have long lead time also)...can anyone offer some advice on choice here? I typically drive around town, occasional highway, and occasionally give it a bit of a punch but generally drive fairly calm. Got 42,000 out of the Portenza's...many thanks
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Purchased pirelli 215/50R17, set of 4 for my Subaru liberty. 18 months and 44k of travel (mostly highway) and rear set worn on inner edge and need replacing. Have been following the Bob Jane long life tyre plan (rotations etc). Not happy given original set of Bridgestone gave me 7 years and 100k. Any similar experiences. Cheers Rod
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I've only done around 20,000kms at the moment. So far so good, haven't used Bridgestones before but was pretty satisfied with Yokohama C drive 2s which I did 50,000kms on!

Has anyone had these on long enough to gauge wear? I wanted p7 but they no longer make my size.
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Only had them in a couple of months sorryIve had mine for about 6 months and they are going well.

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