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The lack of customer service is overwhelming

Seeing I am involved with a club of over 3500 people Australian wide that are into 4x4 and camping I always want to insure that the other members are informed about great products or companies. Well Pivot is not one of them, sure there products seem OK, but seeing I ordered some of their goods via there online store, paid for it in full and had to contact them to see where my late overdue delivery was, and then to receive the wrong part, it did not leave me much of an option to write this negative review. I am of the old fashion way where customer is king! After I rang to inform them that they had sent out the wrong part (and that was after the order was late) I got the run around by their sales person, they wanted me to take a picture of the wrong product and email it to them, well sorry it ain't going to happen, their warehouse is on the other side of Melbourne, less then 1 hour drive from me, and they could not change over the wrong part on the day I put the complaint in, the sales person tried the good cop bad cop story with me, and even tried to talk over me trying to tell me that he was the last person to hear about this! Why ring me if you are not the person that can do something about it?

With other words, Pivot seems to not care about their customers. I would not recommend them, as it is just not worth the trouble having to chase your own purchase via the phone, and then to be sent the wrong part on top of it.

1 star out of 5! shop some where else!

Over whelming lack of customer service

I have no idea what you are on about! But I am sure it means something to you! HI5Hello Joe Blow, We are deeply concerned that you have not have a pleasant experience, and apologise for any inconvenience caused. We assure you that we do care about our customers and would like the chance to turn your experience around. We have been trying to track down your order number unsuccessfully, if you would please get in contact with Eddie on 03 5221 4485 or email eddie@pivotstove.com.au with your order number and your official complaint we would like to work with you in changing your experience with us. Thanks for your patience, Pivot Stove & Heating.My views on the lack of service can not be changed, lets hope some one at Pivot might take my feedback serious, as bad news always seems to travel fast!

Save yourself the heart ache!

Long story short. We had an issue with the service & installation of our wood heater, came up against nothing but resistance & rudeness from management in trying to fix the problem. Some of the things management said were beyond inappropriate & insensitive & at no time did the company make the problem a smooth issue to resolve, despite much patience and diplomacy on our part. Since dealing with Pivot & speaking to other professionals that have also had to deal with them, I am yet to hear a nice word about the company, wish I knew this before buying one of their products! Our problem has been resolved over months of heart ache and pushing from our part. Save yourself the heart ache & go somewhere else.

No Care No Responsibility

Well after a lot of research and time with them getting our Hydronic system sorted and even a 12 hour drive to their shop to make sure all was good, They managed to send the wrong radiators and boiler which they assured me would do the same job. so after 2 months of back and forwards to get all the parts to get the thing installed, guess what, its not big enough or good enough to heat our house, Lots of emails ,photos, phone calls but still no answers yet from them, except just tossing me around from one person to another. spoke to the owner about all this but seem to fall on deaf ears and no care at all. So after a $30k purchase I have nothing, So to Pivot, this problem won't go away till you fix it and either will I.

Lack of customer service still overwhelming!

Obviously Pivot has not learnt anything in the past two years. My experience with Pivot is nothing short of frustrating due to their lack of professionalism and service and I am quite frankly embarrassed on Pivots behalf. My experience lasted over six months in which I was accused of everything from stealing to incompetence. I will never recommend Pivot and following is only a small example of my experience.
# I was told if I was not a plumber get off the phone and get plumber to call me.
# Wrong product received, parts not posted
#Staff not knowledgeable on product - Sales staff unhelpful.
# Accused of stealing undelivered products. When products arrived two months later and were sent immediately back at my expense, no apology given.
My only down downfall was not seeing Joe's review before I engaged Pivot.

Very disappointing

I wish I had been able to read product reviews before I purchased a wood stove here. Friendly at first but everything went downhill after installation.

Hi Rural Girl, We would love to assist you troubleshoot the issues you are having with your stove, can you please email us at info@pivotstove.com.au with some more information?Hi Pivot Stove, My issues since purchase were similar to those of others here. Like Mick, we had an incorrect radiator installed, after it was swapped for the correct one, I had to patch the holes in my baltic pine floorboards myself. As happened to Tahnee, we had an installer whose work was shoddy to say the least. Our experiences with trying to get advice were like those of Gena (who found the staff not knowledgeable) and Andrew K (who said that he was connected with someone who gad no idea how the product worked. In our case, a whole pile of information we were advised was later said to be incorrect as the staff member confused our system for another one. Like Andrew K, we thought the instruction manual was woefully inadequate for such a product. When we were in conversation with Pivot and mentioned following instructions in the manual, we were told emphatically that you are not supposed to follow the instructions in the manual, abd we were told to do something completely different that we could never have known to do. Like Andrew K, we had excessive smoking and like Editor, we found the Esse product performed poorly and definitely not as advertised or expected. The enamel finish had issues, as Stacey also found with her Esse. Like Gena, we were accused of incompetence and felt this was a lack of professionalism. Like Anonymous, we were patient and polite. Like Peter, we found management difficult to deal with and noticed high staff turnovet. I see here that the CEO makes long trips to visit people, which is somehow marketed as a generous gesture. If all the above issues were addressed properly, he may not need to travel all over the country - even making special trips across Bass Strait - to placate custoners. These products are expensive and, as Tahnee said, a major disappointment. Dealing with all the above is highly stressful, and - unlike other appliances - 400 kgs of cast iron is not something you can pop in the car and return to the point of purchase. We noticed, when googling, similar posts about Esse products overseas. In response to your offer to help, we feel that this is so much in contrast to our experience to date, that this was only offered as this is a public forum.Dear Rural Girl Disappointing that you have not put your name here to identify who you are, or replied to our request for you to contact us directly to assist you here - its challenging to be able to offer you a correct response One major issue ALL wood fired hydronic systems have, is these are individually designed to suit each customers needs Esse alone have between 700 >900 cookers supplied into Australia every year, in the last 10 years there are now over 10,000 esse cookers in Australia - we do our absolute best to give every one of these cookers customers the best service and advise we can Our web site has extensive video's, down loads and help sheets : but as mentioned every customers home is different and its challenging to have "one manual to suit all" On top of this, we run FREE programs right across Australia. These programs cover everything from Hydronics 101, to servicing your esse, and even courses on how to cook and get the best from your esse AND on top of this, you are correct, our CEO ( plus our tech's) do our best to visit any customer that has any issues the local dealers are unable to resolve The last number of visits our CEO has done, the issues were more to do with customers needing assisting on how to use, training on how to clean the stove correctly - and wood, the issues with customers struggling to have dry wood ( using wet wood in any fire is never good.. especially in a cooker that has high efficiency) . The cost to offer these call outs were not charged to the customers : but Pivot Stove covered these service calls You are 100% correct, these cookers are special, they are not something you rush in to buy and there is a lot of stress in building new homes - so when there are changes in house plans, or radiator positions - there is always a lot of emotion here As all review sites, you very rarely get all good reviews (unless you are paying for them) - but with over 10,000 esse cookers in Australia, all negative reviews we do get, we address to the best we can

extreemly poor quality

We bought an Esse stove from Pivot stoves in 2010, the cost was about $8000, this year all the enamel stated to bubble and peal from the top of the stove and the stove top has a big crack in it , Pivot stoves have given us a quote for a replacement hob for $1500 plus $200 delivery , However i would expect that an item that cost this amount of money should last longer than 7 years , the warranty is only two years , I would not recomend either pivot stoves or Esse

Hi Stacey, We are saddened to read your review. We understand you have been in touch with our warranty department here, who also logged a request with ESSE UK for you. Yes the stove does last longer than 7 years and we have supplied a quote (which is our cost price) to replace your hob to repair the cosmetic damage you raised with us. We hope we provided you with the best service reasonably possible, both with your original purchase and with your warranty request, and we hope to assist you with many more years from your ESSE.Thank you Pivot for contacting ESSE in the UK and convincing them to stand by their products and consumers rights and send me a new hob for my for my wood stove at no cost to me.Hi Stacey, We are glad to hear that you have had a positive experience with Pivot and the cosmetic damage you experienced with your ESSE stove is resolved. We very much hope that Felicity and all of our staff that you have dealt with have been pleasant and have certainly dealt with your claim to the UK as best as reasonably possible. We hope you have many more years of cooking from your ESSE and look forward to seeing you enjoy your stove!

Great looking unit

Probably the most disappointing big purchase we ever made. The installer we were forced to use pretty much didn’t know what he was doing and It has been a major disappointment overall In terms of reliable hot water or heat in winter.

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Hi Tahnee, we are extremely disappointed that you have had this experience, and these are certainly not issues you should be having. There are a couple of things you have said that are a concern for us. Can you please email us at sales@pivotstove.com.au with your invoice number so that we can help resolve this for you

Chaotic and disorganised

We were fortunate enough to buy our Esse Ironheart through Lobethal Sheet Metal (SA) and Craig dealt with Pivot in Melbourne. It was an absolute pleasure working with Craig, but when we started to deal with Pivot directly to order spares, we experienced an endless litany of problems:

1. the wrong spare parts were sent (9mm gasket for Esse Firebox door instead of 12mm recommended by Esse whom we contacted directly in the UK)

2. we were charged for sets of spare fire bricks which we ordered but which Pivot did not have in stock (and nothing was mentioned at the time of purchase). We finally requested a refund after several months wait (which to their credit they did give).

3. There seems to be a constant turnover in personnel and one is almost never dealing with the same person on the other end, emails and request for invoices do not get answered and the only way to elicit a response seems to be to contact the owner of the company directly.

4. The owner of the company is a surprisingly difficult person to deal with.

We therefore do our utmost not to deal with this company anymore and try to source spares elsewhere. We have informed Esse UK of the problems we have had and definitely would not recommend dealing with Pivot if one can at all avoid it.

Poor customer service

The knob on the end of the phone couldn't be bothered to provide a quote over the phone for a heater system. I'll take my business elsewhere and will never recommend this business to anyone.

Don't bother emailing me.

They mean well but are just disorganised

I ordered an Eco Fan from their web site and paid on line: nothing to say the item was out of stock, Three days later they phone to tell me this, delivery would be "about two weeks". Long story short ... many emails and phone calls later it finally arrived, Would have been much quicker and cheaper to have purchased direct from USA.

Esse IronHeart

I had one of these stoves installed via our local dealer and had 5 months of stress with the stove due to excessive smoking.
It turned out the small instruction manual supplied with the stove was for an "old model" and that the operating instructions were not applicable.
I find it bizarre that any manufacturer or supplier doesn't update instruction manuals when they change their product - a $10K stove, a new instruction manual ... ? $5 ??
I feel that if a more comprehensive and model appropriate instruction manual had been provided, I could have been saved 5 months of nuisance and bother, and the guy from Pivot could have been saved a long drive to visit me and sort out the problems I was having.
Also, their local distributor had no idea about how the new model worked.

Hi Andrew, We are disappointed that you haven't had a great experience to resolve the smoking issues with your stove - we do try to keep all the manuals up to date on our website, along with all of the training and cooking videos we do ourselves to help with any teething issues that occasionally pop up. Unfortunately during the manufacturing process in the UK, it's very rare that manuals can lag behind the improvements made to the ESSE stoves - it is however very few that do slip through to Australia in our experience. We do invite you to one of our ESSE dining experiences at your local reseller, these are great events that give you some time to sit down and ask as many questions regarding your Ironheart that may have popped up, you get to experience the food and find out why ESSE's are so good!Hi Andrew How is your Esse Ironheart now you have had a one on one training at your home with our MD, Greg Parker-Hill? (Greg drove all the way to your home to give you personal one on one training on your stove, lit your esse to ensure there was no smoking issues and spend some time with you to run you through how to use your stove and get the best out of it) We would LOVE to offer this personal service to every one of our customers - but as you know, you do live a 2,500km round trip from our offices... As mentioned before, please feel free to attend any of our FREE esse nights we run right across Australia, where we show you how to get the best form your esse ( all with a free meal and drinks )

Do Not Recommend

It has been distressing and expensive dealing with this company. They up-sold us into a system that doesn't do what they said it would do. It was not installed according to Australian building standards compliance, which could potentially affect our insurance. We have had to get a third party into look at it and submit an official report. We have tried through phone and email to get somewhere with Pivot and they are giving us the run-around. We have spent over $12,000 on a system that is not working. We are now having to take our case to Esse UK.

Big lesson learnt = get Pivot to design system.

We purchased our Esse 990CH through Pivot Dandenong a few years ago while designing & building our own rammed earth home. The pivot team offered to look at our plans & design a system for us but we decided at the time to work through the options with our plumber and solar hot water installer as they both had knowledge about hydronic heating systems. Our house build was slow and it was two years down the track before we lit a fire in the Esse to launch the system. It worked just ok for a few nights then suddenly completely scooted up and blocked with creosote. We tried all sorts of things like different wood, cowls, doors slightly ajar you name it but the Esse completely filled the house with black smoke. After months of desperate plans and advice from every man and his dog, I rang Esse to see if they could please help. I was told to contact Greg at the Geelong branch and after explaining everything over the phone to his daughter Felicity who was very helpful, we locked in a date for Greg to come up to Bonnie Doon to see if he could work out what the hell was happening with our stove.
Greg arrived and within 2 minutes of inspecting our system found the problem. I was a little taken aback at Greg’s direct appraisal of our design but realised that this guy knew what he was talking about.
Not many head honchos of a company will provide direct assistance like Greg. He gets straight to the point and calls a spade a spade but is super passionate about his industry. He is a dudeman.
Unfortunately we had plumbed the system incorrectly which was causing the stove sensor to shut the fire down after a small amount of heat was generated.
He spent the first hour completely cleaning out all the creosote & replacing all the missing stove components and then sat down with me to explain the steps required to rectify the mistakes made during installation. This included a full step by step guide and written report. He also followed up via email and gave us his direct number if we needed extra advice.
After rectifying our errors the system is running like a dream. The $800 spent on new seals, fire bricks and Greg was money well spent. We are ecstatic.
Anyway hopefully this saves someone the horror we went through. The Esse 990CH is a superb beast but for gods sake Get pivot to design your entire hydronic system please!

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Thank you for the wonderful review and feedback Scott - and we are certainly glad your ESSE is firing away as it should be! Greg and Felicity are very happy to see that you are ecstatic too!

Excellent service from Pivot

Greg travelled up from Geelong yesterday (quite a journey) to sort out the hinges on our Esse 990. From point of contact with Pivot Stoves and Heating it was a 48 hour turnaround to have the problem resolved.
Whilst here Greg checked over our stove and showed us how to clean and operate her.more effectively. We just love our Esse as she heats the house, heats our water and cooks our food and creates a beautiful ambience in our home.

Neo woodheater

Had our Neo woodheater nstalled one year ago now with Pivot Geelong. Very happy with our product. Service was good and price was reasonable.

air conditioning

After over 20 years of use we needed an air conditioner. Engaged Frost air conditioning who we found very reasonable and informative when asked many questions that were answered to our satisfaction. Very happy with the Fujitsu unit which was installed and is working above our expectations. Would fully recommend Frost air conditioning as a very reliable company to do business with. Congratulations to Frost.

Missing flue kits

Short changed two flues and accessories . Poor customer service . Blamed us for 'throwing 'the items out . Be very careful when ordering online . Request a goods inventory list on delivery .

Hi Will Sorry you have had this experience : so we can look into what actually happened here can you send us your invoice number ( we will be able to get your details from this )00056920 . Keenan Adonis was the person of contact within your organisation . You also have the phone number of the registered wood fire installer we used . He can reconfirm what was missing with regard to the flues . Regards BillDear Bill Keenan has not worked for us for over 2 years : why have you waited this long to raise this issue? Rather than putting a Review on line, a simple phone call to us and this would have been resolved We will arrange for one of our customer service people to contact you during business hours

Terrible experience with Pivot Dandenong

Posted this on Pivots Facebook review page a few days back:

"Don't know about the Geelong branch, but Dandenong South is easily the most unprofessional, disorganised and dishonest supplier I've ever dealt with. Can't believe they're still in business."

Their response was this:

"Dear Jason Sorry you feel this way. But as discussed, we are unable to dispatch your heater with no payment. You may feel this is dishonest, but it's not uncommon to pay for any goods before delivery"

They have deleted the same comments on other posts and blocked me. No surprises, but they've coloured that response.

What they're referring to there is my refusal to pay for the remainder of the heater ($500 deposit) until the installer actually arrived with it to perform the install. After zero communication on an install date when promised only around two weeks, no response to emails because the girl who sold me the heater went on leave for 8 weeks without booking the install or telling anyone to book it in and no-one monitoring her email, I attended store and insisted on an install date or a refund.

The condition was that I would ring them with credit card details when the installer rolled up with it, due to the slack nature with which they handle things - it wouldn't come off the trailer unless the payment went through. The bloke on the floor rang the owner and they approved that with install set for Saturday coming, 5 days away.

The owner emails me the next day and reneges and says I must make full payment up front, plus I have to pay a 50% deposit for the install they hadn’t even quoted yet.

In my experience, when businesses are asking for so much money up front, like a 50% deposit on the actual heater and 50% for the install fees up front, they're either dodgy, have cash flow issues or have lots of trouble with customers cancelling because of shoddy service. At this point I'm done with them so request a refund because I have zero faith in their ability to deliver.

The owner promises to refund that day, quite early in the morning. His reply also contains a sarcastic comment about good luck finding a business that will deliver a heater without payment. Again, missing of the point from Pivot. I'll pay for a heater up front to a business that demonstrates honesty and ability to deliver - all they had to do was actually deliver.

So of course I check in near the end of the day and the refund hasn't been done. The owner tells me it takes a few days for a bank transfer to come through like I'm an idiot.

I remind him that the transfer actually has to occur for the bank to take their few days, that he can prove he's done it, which he of course hadn't, by sending through a remittance like any other reputable business might do, and resort to threatening him with a credit card chargeback and consumer affairs if it's not sorted by 9 am the next morning. Bearing in mind we have two small children with no heater. Zero patience left with this mob.

No communication of course, get onto him again the next morning at 9.30 for another round of threats, which seem to be required for some people to actually deliver on what they've promised. Finally gets done!

My reference to them being dishonest, and going to consumer affairs relates to them emailing me a few weeks after purchasing stating that 2 days prior, regulations had been enacted making it compulsory for a flue to be installed even on inbuilt masonry installs and it will cost $430 more than they quoted (plus install). I took it at face value at the time. Interesting they have plenty of time to jack the price up, just not book the install. This is blatantly false - nothing on Energy Safe Victoria and Rinnai themselves have confirmed this is false. I have retained the email they sent me stating this lie.

Beware this business people. Having done a bit of due diligence now, I've found the same heater, installed for the same price they quoted for just the heater. Plus ranges from $500-$700 cheaper just to purchase the heater elsewhere online. Should have done a bit more research, but hey, it's cold in the house, we were rushing.

Added: On another review they've responded claiming I was abusive with their staff and that they booked the install after 3 days which is really good. This is another example of their dishonesty and sadly desperate. If not being fobbed off in store and matter of factly insisting on them either setting an install date or refunding then and there is abusive, then I guess I’m abusive. No language, no aggression, just insisted they actually deliver what they promised. Which they agreed to, then reneged on the next day. They did book the install for 5 days time, not 3 but after 4 weeks of nothing. I was more than happy to pay up front. When I saw an installer actually arrive with a heater. The owners upset because I pushed him to honour his word. If they spent as much time on customer service as they do writing fictitious responses online this problem might not occur for them.

Dear Jason As mentioned, we are glad you have received your deposit back and we have, at no time, ripped you off As per our comment in relation to your abusive nature and aggression to our staff: we stand by this Its fine for you to go to all social media forms to defame us : but there is two sides to this story, and we believe that we have the right to defend ourselves after the abuse and aggression you showed us We are not attacking you, but just also stating the truth Jason, please move on - with all the attacks you are giving us on all social media, its obvious you are upset - we have not intentionally gone out of our way to trigger your aggression, but hope you can move on nowThe truth is claiming abuse and aggression to try to deflect your conduct is just sad. If calmly insisting you either keep your word or refund me is abusive, then you're far too sensitive to be in a customer facing business. Perhaps if you spent as much time learning your lessons from these types of failures, rectifying the processes and actually booking in and performing customers installs as you do manufacturing justifications for your behavior and unprofessional approach to customer service, you would get better reviews. If my comments are defamatory, why is it that I haven't heard from your lawyer, you have my details on file? Looks like I'll be forwarding that email where you falsely claim legislation had been enacted in the last few days meaning I had to buy $500 worth of flue to consumer affairs after all. Find that legislation relating to masonry chimney installations and post it here. Or was it simple incompetence where you forgot what type of install it was? Nobody is triggered here except you. Own your mistakes and learn from them Consumers have a right to know what type of business they're dealing with. If I can educate one person via these reviews hold you to account for the commitments you make, I'll consider it a good result.

Excellent Working Relationship

I have been working with Greg and Pivot Stoves for a little over two years now. In this time I have come to know Greg and the team at Pivot Stoves extremely well and I can confidently say that their professionalism, their passion, their level of service is nothing short of excellent and something I can rely on. Greg has been nothing but supportive to me as a newbie in not only the heating industry but also in the retail industry. He has become someone I can rely on to provide the very best in knowledge and support. For this I sincerely thank him from the bottom of my heart.
Naturally this translates to the customer who can always expect the very best in customer service, expertise and professionalism. Pivot Stoves offer an exceptional range of products which represent some of the very best available in Australia.

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Thank you for your very kind words. The passion Greg has for supporting our industry is something natural to him : and his passion is passed onto all around him... Again, thank you for your review, we will ensure this is shown to Greg

Esse Greenswitch

I wanted to share our experience with Pivot Stoves and Heating and the staff their I have dealt with. We bought an Esse Greenswitch fire with 4 radiators initially and had it installed. We found that we had some problems with boiling and contacted the guys at Pivot to troubleshoot the options. Suzanne went above and beyond in helping us and while it took some different methods we still were not solving the problem. Far from shirking away from the issue Suzanne went a far as offering call in to see us but as Greg is out and about and has decades of experience in hydronics we had him call in and look over the system and offer some alternatives which we did and I can now say we have the system I had hope for. I have only good things to say about the service we had and am very grateful for Suzannes commitment to helping us get our system working properly and we are thrilled with how our system is working. Looking very much forward to the winter this year!!! Thanks so much to Suzanne and Greg.

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HI Matt Thank you for your review : we will pass on your thanks to both Suzanne and Greg

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