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Pivot Stove & Heating

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The lack of customer service is overwhelming

Seeing I am involved with a club of over 3500 people Australian wide that are into 4x4 and camping I always want to insure that the other members are informed about great products or companies. Well Pivot is not one of them, sure there products seem OK, but seeing I ordered some of their goods via there online store, paid for it in full and had to contact them to see where my late overdue delivery was, and then to receive the wrong part, it did not leave me much of an option to write this negative review. I am of the old fashion way where customer is king! After I rang to inform them that they had sent out the wrong part (and that was after the order was late) I got the run around by their sales person, they wanted me to take a picture of the wrong product and email it to them, well sorry it ain't going to happen, their warehouse is on the other side of Melbourne, less then 1 hour drive from me, and they could not change over the wrong part on the day I put the complaint in, the sales person tried the good cop bad cop story with me, and even tried to talk over me trying to tell me that he was the last person to hear about this! Why ring me if you are not the person that can do something about it?

With other words, Pivot seems to not care about their customers. I would not recommend them, as it is just not worth the trouble having to chase your own purchase via the phone, and then to be sent the wrong part on top of it.

1 star out of 5! shop some where else!

Over whelming lack of customer service

I have no idea what you are on about! But I am sure it means something to you! HI5Hello Joe Blow, We are deeply concerned that you have not have a pleasant experience, and apologise for any inconvenience caused. We assure you that we do care about our customers and would like the chance to turn your experience around. We have been trying to track down your order number unsuccessfully, if you would please get in contact with Eddie on 03 5221 4485 or email eddie@pivotstove.com.au with your order number and your official complaint we would like to work with you in changing your experience with us. Thanks for your patience, Pivot Stove & Heating.My views on the lack of service can not be changed, lets hope some one at Pivot might take my feedback serious, as bad news always seems to travel fast!

Lack of customer service still overwhelming!

Obviously Pivot has not learnt anything in the past two years. My experience with Pivot is nothing short of frustrating due to their lack of professionalism and service and I am quite frankly embarrassed on Pivots behalf. My experience lasted over six months in which I was accused of everything from stealing to incompetence. I will never recommend Pivot and following is only a small example of my experience.
# I was told if I was not a plumber get off the phone and get plumber to call me.
# Wrong product received, parts not posted
#Staff not knowledgeable on product - Sales staff unhelpful.
# Accused of stealing undelivered products. When products arrived two months later and were sent immediately back at my expense, no apology given.
My only down downfall was not seeing Joe's review before I engaged Pivot.

They mean well but are just disorganised

I ordered an Eco Fan from their web site and paid on line: nothing to say the item was out of stock, Three days later they phone to tell me this, delivery would be "about two weeks". Long story short ... many emails and phone calls later it finally arrived, Would have been much quicker and cheaper to have purchased direct from USA.

Fantastic after-sales service!

We bought a Yunca heater and had it installed by a certified plumber. Since day one the heater performed marginally. The plumber had to come back twice but couldn't correct the problem. he blamed the heater and told us he there was nothing he could do.
We contacted Pivot (Dandenong store) and explained the problem to James C. He was very professional and helpful in his approach and suggested all sorts of things to do. To eliminate all sorts of problems he sent out a moisture detecting device (Free of charge) to check on the water content in our wood. Our wood was under 20% moisture and was alright. James became like a close friend to us as we were sending emails and pictures forwards and backwards all the time. Eventually Pivot sent out a heating specialist to our place to check out the installation. He spent two hours at our place and went through every aspect of heating by wood. Within a couple of minutes he discovered the flue plate was installed incorrectly. He corrected the position of it and we had some improvement in performance. Still the heater wasn't performing to full specs. He then told us he was going to send out a flue venturi kit and guaranteed us it would correct the problem.
Two days later the kit arrived, once again free of charge, I installed it myself and we lit up the fire. Wow, what an improvement! All our problems were sorted out!
We are amazed with the amount of attention we received from the crew at Pivot. They've gone the extra mile and have done every bit to make us happy. We live 100 km away from their store but this wasn't an excuse for them not to come out and inspect our system.
It's rare these days to find companies who back up their products a 100% and have full trust in their customers.
Everything was solved with no extra cost to us.
Thank you very much Pivot for an excellent service delivered!

Poor customer service

The knob on the end of the phone couldn't be bothered to provide a quote over the phone for a heater system. I'll take my business elsewhere and will never recommend this business to anyone.

Don't bother emailing me.

Do Not Recommend

It has been distressing and expensive dealing with this company. They up-sold us into a system that doesn't do what they said it would do. It was not installed according to Australian building standards compliance, which could potentially affect our insurance. We have had to get a third party into look at it and submit an official report. We have tried through phone and email to get somewhere with Pivot and they are giving us the run-around. We have spent over $12,000 on a system that is not working. We are now having to take our case to Esse UK.

Chaotic and disorganised

We were fortunate enough to buy our Esse Ironheart through Lobethal Sheet Metal (SA) and Craig dealt with Pivot in Melbourne. It was an absolute pleasure working with Craig, but when we started to deal with Pivot directly to order spares, we experienced an endless litany of problems:

1. the wrong spare parts were sent (9mm gasket for Esse Firebox door instead of 12mm recommended by Esse whom we contacted directly in the UK)

2. we were charged for sets of spare fire bricks which we ordered but which Pivot did not have in stock (and nothing was mentioned at the time of purchase). We finally requested a refund after several months wait (which to their credit they did give).

3. There seems to be a constant turnover in personnel and one is almost never dealing with the same person on the other end, emails and request for invoices do not get answered and the only way to elicit a response seems to be to contact the owner of the company directly.

4. The owner of the company is a surprisingly difficult person to deal with.

We therefore do our utmost not to deal with this company anymore and try to source spares elsewhere. We have informed Esse UK of the problems we have had and definitely would not recommend dealing with Pivot if one can at all avoid it.

No Care No Responsibility

Well after a lot of research and time with them getting our Hydronic system sorted and even a 12 hour drive to their shop to make sure all was good, They managed to send the wrong radiators and boiler which they assured me would do the same job. so after 2 months of back and forwards to get all the parts to get the thing installed, guess what, its not big enough or good enough to heat our house, Lots of emails ,photos, phone calls but still no answers yet from them, except just tossing me around from one person to another. spoke to the owner about all this but seem to fall on deaf ears and no care at all. So after a $30k purchase I have nothing, So to Pivot, this problem won't go away till you fix it and either will I.

Save yourself the heart ache!

Long story short. We had an issue with the service & installation of our wood heater, came up against nothing but resistance & rudeness from management in trying to fix the problem. Some of the things management said were beyond inappropriate & insensitive & at no time did the company make the problem a smooth issue to resolve, despite much patience and diplomacy on our part. Since dealing with Pivot & speaking to other professionals that have also had to deal with them, I am yet to hear a nice word about the company, wish I knew this before buying one of their products! Our problem has been resolved over months of heart ache and pushing from our part. Save yourself the heart ache & go somewhere else.

Extermely Happy

I walked into the Geelong Store and what a fantastic experience I had. The smell of food cooking in the ESSE Cooker was awesome. The staff were very informative and experienced. I purchased a NEO 2.5 and they organised delivery and installation. Would highly recommend Pivot Stove and Heating.

Super Impressed and Extremely Happy

I have noticed a few negative comments on here about this place and from our experience over the past couple of weeks, we have been so impressed by the staff and products at Pivot Stove and Heating.
My partner and I went in a couple of weeks ago and the lovely salesperson introduced us to the Alderlea. They were very well informed about the product and also very confident in the product to. It ticked every box and is exactly what we need and are looking for at our home.
After we were quoted, we received a follow up call the day after. The salesperson was very kind and understanding about the price (you really do get what you pay for) and gave us options including finance. Lombard was super easy and this way we can pay off our heater after 2 years with no interest, we had our unit installed last week.
The plumbers recommended by Pivot were amazing and we received a 12 hour burn time that night!

This place needs a lot more praise for their hard work (when we first went into store they were extremely busy yet made sure we were looked after)

Thank you so much Pivot! We would recommend you to Everyone.

Great heater and friendly staff

I am very happy with my new wood heater it is fantastic! Loved my experience in the store, the sales person was very knowledgeable about their products.

Warm as Toast

We recently bought the Alderlea T5. After 3 days we achieved a 12hr burn time. It's so toasty that we only use the fan for short bursts. The ornate cast iron work is absolutely beautiful. We keep a kettle on the stove top so a cuppa is never too far away. The staff were a great, friendly and armed with a wealth of knowledge. We couldn't be happier. Thanks team Pivot.

Love, love, love our Neo!

We had our Neo installed just over 12 months ago. The help in selecting the best heater for us was only surpassed by the great customer service & prompt installation! 1 year on & absolutely no issues. We're amazed with how warm it keeps our entire house (including on -3.4 degree mornings!) & how efficient it is. Safe to say we'll never have a house without one; we love our Neo!

Cosy home

We came from Queensland and therefore not used to cold weather. The Neo in our new home is such a great investment worth every dollar. We are amazed how there is still burning happening after a good night sleep, and it only takes a few minutes to have the fire going full on in the morning. Thank you to Suzanne and Greg and the staf at pivot stove for your wonderful service.

Upgade House and Heating

Recently renovated and ditched the old wood heater for a new YUNCA Monte - On Pedistal. The new clean lines match renovations and heat output is great, rarely use the fan for 60m2 family room plus joining bedrooms. Find the door size easier than the old for loading wood.
Pivot had a good range and worked well on the price.
Great to be able to book installation at the time of purchase, installer was good.

Great addition to our home

We bought an open Fireplace insert. Pivots advice and service was exceptional.
We are delighted with our purchase and the service we received.

What a great heater Neo 2.5

We are very happy with our new heater. Looks great in room. Thanks Suzanne for your advice in choosing the Neo 2.5. Its so nice to have a warm and cosy home.

Absolutely love our new wood heater!

We have installed a Neo 1.6 into our home that is 100 years old. We couldn't be more happy with the heater and the professional advice given to us by Pivot Heating. Suzanne was an absolute delight, her care and after sale service was truly exceptional, every detail was checked over for us. So was the team at Modica Plumbing, Alex, we thank you for the fabulous work you did to make sure everything went together absolutely perfectly! We cannot believe the difference this lovely heater has made to our home.

Invicta Ove - Wood Heater

We have just installed an Invicta Ove freestanding Heater in our new home through Pivot. It looks fantastic and it works an absolute treat. We wanted something that not only created warmth and ambience but also a fireplace that was a bit of statement piece and room feature. This fireplace has delivered on all fronts. Dealing with Pivot staff was also a pleasure. Suzanne went out of her way to ensure everything went smoothly and her customer service and ongoing communication was top class. Both Pivot and Alex from Modica (installers) worked with us closely in making sure we installed the fireplace in accordance with the regulations and helped us obtain a fantastic result in positioning the fireplace within a corner of the room located near double glaze glass and non combustible plaster. We highly recommend using Pivot and their fireplaces.

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