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Big lesson learnt = get Pivot to design system.

We purchased our Esse 990CH through Pivot Dandenong a few years ago while designing & building our own rammed earth home. The pivot team offered to look at our plans & design a system for us but we decided at the time to work through the options with our plumber and solar hot water installer as they both had knowledge about hydronic heating systems. Our house build was slow and it was two years down the track before we lit a fire in the Esse to launch the system. It worked just ok for a few nights then suddenly completely scooted up and blocked with creosote. We tried all sorts of things like different wood, cowls, doors slightly ajar you name it but the Esse completely filled the house with black smoke. After months of desperate plans and advice from every man and his dog, I rang Esse to see if they could please help. I was told to contact Greg at the Geelong branch and after explaining everything over the phone to his daughter Felicity who was very helpful, we locked in a date for Greg to come up to Bonnie Doon to see if he could work out what the hell was happening with our stove.
Greg arrived and within 2 minutes of inspecting our system found the problem. I was a little taken aback at Greg’s direct appraisal of our design but realised that this guy knew what he was talking about.
Not many head honchos of a company will provide direct assistance like Greg. He gets straight to the point and calls a spade a spade but is super passionate about his industry. He is a dudeman.
Unfortunately we had plumbed the system incorrectly which was causing the stove sensor to shut the fire down after a small amount of heat was generated.
He spent the first hour completely cleaning out all the creosote & replacing all the missing stove components and then sat down with me to explain the steps required to rectify the mistakes made during installation. This included a full step by step guide and written report. He also followed up via email and gave us his direct number if we needed extra advice.
After rectifying our errors the system is running like a dream. The $800 spent on new seals, fire bricks and Greg was money well spent. We are ecstatic.
Anyway hopefully this saves someone the horror we went through. The Esse 990CH is a superb beast but for gods sake Get pivot to design your entire hydronic system please!

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Thank you for the wonderful review and feedback Scott - and we are certainly glad your ESSE is firing away as it should be! Greg and Felicity are very happy to see that you are ecstatic too!

Excellent service from Pivot

Greg travelled up from Geelong yesterday (quite a journey) to sort out the hinges on our Esse 990. From point of contact with Pivot Stoves and Heating it was a 48 hour turnaround to have the problem resolved.
Whilst here Greg checked over our stove and showed us how to clean and operate her.more effectively. We just love our Esse as she heats the house, heats our water and cooks our food and creates a beautiful ambience in our home.

air conditioning

After over 20 years of use we needed an air conditioner. Engaged Frost air conditioning who we found very reasonable and informative when asked many questions that were answered to our satisfaction. Very happy with the Fujitsu unit which was installed and is working above our expectations. Would fully recommend Frost air conditioning as a very reliable company to do business with. Congratulations to Frost.

Excellent Working Relationship

I have been working with Greg and Pivot Stoves for a little over two years now. In this time I have come to know Greg and the team at Pivot Stoves extremely well and I can confidently say that their professionalism, their passion, their level of service is nothing short of excellent and something I can rely on. Greg has been nothing but supportive to me as a newbie in not only the heating industry but also in the retail industry. He has become someone I can rely on to provide the very best in knowledge and support. For this I sincerely thank him from the bottom of my heart.
Naturally this translates to the customer who can always expect the very best in customer service, expertise and professionalism. Pivot Stoves offer an exceptional range of products which represent some of the very best available in Australia.

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Thank you for your very kind words. The passion Greg has for supporting our industry is something natural to him : and his passion is passed onto all around him... Again, thank you for your review, we will ensure this is shown to Greg

Esse Greenswitch

I wanted to share our experience with Pivot Stoves and Heating and the staff their I have dealt with. We bought an Esse Greenswitch fire with 4 radiators initially and had it installed. We found that we had some problems with boiling and contacted the guys at Pivot to troubleshoot the options. Suzanne went above and beyond in helping us and while it took some different methods we still were not solving the problem. Far from shirking away from the issue Suzanne went a far as offering call in to see us but as Greg is out and about and has decades of experience in hydronics we had him call in and look over the system and offer some alternatives which we did and I can now say we have the system I had hope for. I have only good things to say about the service we had and am very grateful for Suzannes commitment to helping us get our system working properly and we are thrilled with how our system is working. Looking very much forward to the winter this year!!! Thanks so much to Suzanne and Greg.

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HI Matt Thank you for your review : we will pass on your thanks to both Suzanne and Greg

Love our fire

Thank you Pivot team for your advice and wonderful service we love our Antique White T4 everyone that sees it falls in love.

Quality Products

Newmans Heating Shops in Burnie and Devonport are proud suppliers of Pivot Stove & Heating products in North West Tasmania.

Customer Service & Product Knowledge

I find pivot customer service to be excellent, friendly, they listen to what I want and assist as quickly as possible...

'Greg'- The Stove Whisperer

It’s interesting to read other people’s reviews of Pivot. From our interactions with Pivot, the negative reviews are quite surprising and in complete contrast from ours. Our experiences have always been positive when dealing with the staff at Pivot, especially Greg Parker-Hill.
After building a new house, we know very well that there are many companies who mess you around; hand-ball responsibilities when something goes pear-shaped, or simply do not respond to phone or email enquiries. The staff at Pivot have always responded promptly to any of our enquiries. As our build went way over schedule, whenever we contacted Pivot to postpone the delivery (which unfortunately happened many times), they were always very understanding and happy to keep our stove in storage (at no cost) until it was time for it to be installed in our house.
Recently, we contacted Pivot because, we couldn’t remove a panel inside our ESSE 990 WD, in order to clean it out. It was reassuring to hear Greg say on the phone ‘yes, I can fix that, not a problem, when would you like me to come out?’ When Greg came to our house (which was a 3hr drive for him), he quickly worked his magic on our stove, sharing his tips on how to operate and maintain our stove to get the most out of it. Our stove now works like a dream and we’ve been happily eating the goodies we have baked in it since.

Pacific Energy Neo 1.5

Pivot Stove and Heating have been wonderful to deal with. They were so helpful in picking the right product for us. We love our Neo 1.5 and it heats up the space better than we expected.
We are looking at purchasing another wood fire and will go straight back to Pivot to make this purchase.
Thanks again for such wonderful assistance.

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HI Nicole Thank you for your comments : we also love the Neo heaters.. And we LOVE getting photos - can you send us a photo? email to sales@pivotstove.com.au

Pivot are fantastic to deal with! I wish there was more companies like them around.

I dealt with Felicity and she was faultless. She always followed up on emails and any questions our client or l had. Works were completed when scheduled and to a high standard. Excellent customer service can be difficult to find in this day and age. Thank you Felicity. We will most definitely be using Pivot Stoves in the future.

Ethos Building

Esse wood stove (990WD) issues & service

I cannot fault the fantastic customer service provided by Greg today! A visit from Greg all the way from Geelong, Melbourne to us on the east coast of Tassie where his expert knowledge and experience solved any issues I've had with my Esse 990WD stove (each issue easy to solve). The solutions to the oven not reaching a hot temperature (solved within minutes when Greg pointed out that the top fire brick in the firebox had moved backwards - probably knocked when I loaded up the wood), blocking some hot air from circulating around to the ovens); a flue that was not cleaned properly (easy fix when Greg demonstrated how to vacuum the flue downwards using a vacuum); Greg spent a few hours with us sharing his tips so that we could get the best out of the stove; sharing some great recipe ideas; adjusting the glass and outside doors so they close more easily; and most importantly, how to remove the debris from Esse. It turns out there was a smallish handful of solid spent fuel blocking the flue. After Greg relit the fire, we waited for Esse to come up to temperature so that I could start baking. As Greg predicted, it took 2hrs from lighting a stone cold (500kg cast iron) stove to reaching a hot enough oven for bread-baking. I am impressed with Greg and his knowledge, and extremely happy to learn these simple techniques to get the most our of Esse. Thanks Greg!!

Invicta Ove - Wood Heater

We have just installed an Invicta Ove freestanding Heater in our new home through Pivot. It looks fantastic and it works an absolute treat. We wanted something that not only created warmth and ambience but also a fireplace that was a bit of statement piece and room feature. This fireplace has delivered on all fronts. Dealing with Pivot staff was also a pleasure. Suzanne went out of her way to ensure everything went smoothly and her customer service and ongoing communication was top class. Both Pivot and Alex from Modica (installers) worked with us closely in making sure we installed the fireplace in accordance with the regulations and helped us obtain a fantastic result in positioning the fireplace within a corner of the room located near double glaze glass and non combustible plaster. We highly recommend using Pivot and their fireplaces.

Absolutely love our new wood heater!

We have installed a Neo 1.6 into our home that is 100 years old. We couldn't be more happy with the heater and the professional advice given to us by Pivot Heating. Suzanne was an absolute delight, her care and after sale service was truly exceptional, every detail was checked over for us. So was the team at Modica Plumbing, Alex, we thank you for the fabulous work you did to make sure everything went together absolutely perfectly! We cannot believe the difference this lovely heater has made to our home.

What a great heater Neo 2.5

We are very happy with our new heater. Looks great in room. Thanks Suzanne for your advice in choosing the Neo 2.5. Its so nice to have a warm and cosy home.

Great addition to our home

We bought an open Fireplace insert. Pivots advice and service was exceptional.
We are delighted with our purchase and the service we received.

Upgade House and Heating

Recently renovated and ditched the old wood heater for a new YUNCA Monte - On Pedistal. The new clean lines match renovations and heat output is great, rarely use the fan for 60m2 family room plus joining bedrooms. Find the door size easier than the old for loading wood.
Pivot had a good range and worked well on the price.
Great to be able to book installation at the time of purchase, installer was good.

Cosy home

We came from Queensland and therefore not used to cold weather. The Neo in our new home is such a great investment worth every dollar. We are amazed how there is still burning happening after a good night sleep, and it only takes a few minutes to have the fire going full on in the morning. Thank you to Suzanne and Greg and the staf at pivot stove for your wonderful service.

Love, love, love our Neo!

We had our Neo installed just over 12 months ago. The help in selecting the best heater for us was only surpassed by the great customer service & prompt installation! 1 year on & absolutely no issues. We're amazed with how warm it keeps our entire house (including on -3.4 degree mornings!) & how efficient it is. Safe to say we'll never have a house without one; we love our Neo!

Warm as Toast

We recently bought the Alderlea T5. After 3 days we achieved a 12hr burn time. It's so toasty that we only use the fan for short bursts. The ornate cast iron work is absolutely beautiful. We keep a kettle on the stove top so a cuppa is never too far away. The staff were a great, friendly and armed with a wealth of knowledge. We couldn't be happier. Thanks team Pivot.

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