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Plega Fully Adjustable Bed

Plega Fully Adjustable Bed

2.4 from 8 reviews

Bed Good, Customer Service Not There

Got dual king single adjustable beds for hubby and me. Fluffed around with order, as different people managing me, and nobody return calls. We still have issue with bed hydraulics dropping the bed a little. Warranty people not returning calls. These are meant to be high quality beds, they aren't backed by high quality service especially warranty. Bed 4.5/5 when new. Not any warranty or service.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Fantastic service

Thanks Plega for your fantastic service and after service care. My husband now gets a good nights sleep in his Plega bed which is fantastic and so comfortable.

Jo, my contact at Plega, was amazing and helpful and went out of her way to make sure we received the bed in a timely manner.

The bed was delivered and demonstrated and packaging was removed which was a huge help to us.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Awesome bed and Customer service

We purchased 2 Plega electrically operated Long Kings, to form a King Bed; it's known as a Plega Dual King (Twin set). It has replaced our aged standard king bed. Multi adjustable by the separate hand held remote controllers, plus we have the added option of the inbuilt electric Massagers. We chose the Latex mattresses over the coil, although coil OK too. These beds are just brilliant, so many adjustment options and positions, that ultimately relax and position the body. Awesome, particularly for back, leg, neck and other problems (eg asthma, sinus, breathing), but it's awesome even if you don't have any problems now. We especially like the build quality and very high quality motors and guarantees etc; Australian made and supported is critically important. Our sleep quality has also significantly improved as a result and we wake up refreshed and no aches. The installers were terrific, including neatly fitting it all into our '4 poster' frame (although the Plega is entirely free standing without a surround frame). Pre and post customer service has been outstanding. And no, we are not related to nor do we have any association with Plega, we aren't paid by them; we are just two very happy customers. Highly recommended. Bruce & Lili

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Worst product and a customer service sucks

Bed broke in 2 days, we spent so much money.
Quality is worst and worst customer care, bed broke with 2 days, they told us bad luck, really wasted 5000 bucks.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Rip off.

Noisy, hard, lumpy and they want nearly $900 for mattress topper to make it bearable. Overpriced by about 2.5k originally too. Look in bed shops first. I wish I had. Now paying $400 for a commercially available topper. Don't waste your money or time, they were 9 days late delivering on top of everything else.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Plega King single adjustable beds

we purchased the two King single beds at the home show in Melbourne recently. They are all that was promised. The delivery and installation was first class. My back and leg problems have gone. These beds are fantastic. My only complaint is to the sales guy Alex. To clinch the deal he promised free bed linen that is a necessary if going from a King to two singles. I have chased these up but still no delivery of the promised bed linen. Obviously once the bed is delivered they lose interest in the customer, so sad from a good beginning experience. I hope their warranty is not treated the same lazy way.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

No Communication after the sale many problems i would not recommend this company

The sale went trough very quickly.
But that’s the only part that went well.
I got home to find my bed surround in pieces after they assured me it would be put back as it was.
They said it was to hard to to
Put back together, my wife and I managed it in An hour and a half
with know damage.
Could not get comfortable on the innerspring mattress that they suggested the pillow topper was useless it did not hold you securely in the bed it actually rolled you out on either side off the bed or into the crack of the two beds which by the way is huge and not how they described it.
I gave it two nights but then after being in more pain with my back than the last bed decided to ring up to see if we could change the mattresses for memory foam .
Two weeks later after I left messages and emails about the problem they will still not contact me.
We bought this bed because of my bad back it was very expencive, I now have to sleep in the spare room becomes we through our old mates out.
If these people really cared about your health like they said in the sales pitch, this should not of happened.
Also the bed is very noisy when you adjust it, wakes my wife up so
Now we’re both grumpy haha.

I’m not going to let this go if
I have to drive an hour and a half into the city I will, maybe there used to frail old people not making a seen,
Well I’m not old im 98 kg fit trady with a crook back.

Unhappy after 24 hrs would not recommend

These beds purchased at home show Aug 17, delivered and found to be unlike tested units. Plega sales manager in Melbourne extremely unhelpful and would not communicate. We were stuck with a very expensive and uncomfortable bed despite adding 2 extra toppers. Would not recommend these beds , I believe they should have taken beds back after first complaint 24 hrs after set up. We are now ditching and hoping for some type of sale price and replacing with a superior brand.

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How do you live with yourself sell beds to people who believe in what you tell them about how good the beds are for backs necks etc. You all should be a shamed of yourself all you are interested in is the money. You all need someone to do the same to you.
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My husband, who is terminally ill, can finally lie in a bed that is set to his specifications, so he can breathe. We have had the bed now for over 6 months and I can't thank Plega enough for their help in installing the bed and in their follow up service. So thanks Plega for making my husband's life much more comfortable. Jan W