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The best quality sleeping bag!

I have been using Plum Sleeping Bags for the past 12 months now. I have the 0.5TOG, 1.0TOG and 2.5TOG in size 6-18 months. I use a varity of styles and personally prefer the size zip with the top closer buttons. My daughter doesn't lie still in her cot so these are perfect for keeping her covered during the night whether it be during summer or winter. They are quite expensive so if you can buy second hand in good condition, this would work good. I have been lucky enough to purchase them from Trade Secret from $20 - $30 depending on size and TOG rating. I don't know if I would pay full retail price, but they would definately be worth it for the quality of the product.
Great quality, easily accessable for nappy changes, great designs


I have been using the 2.5tog Plum sleeping bag since my child was 4 months and I have been impressed that it was able to keepmy child snuggly warm at night. I did buy a bigger size to get the extra wear and it went really well. I also used a summer muslin Plum sleeping bag during warmer seasons and it is really perfect to use as it keeps my child covered while the AC is running gently in the background. They are pricey but they are worth every cent. A couple times, my child did figure out to open the bag when got older but it stopped pretty quickly.
Quality is great, keeps my child covered so no blanket is required, love the designs. The light sleeping bag dries very quickly after a wash.
The thicker bag needs more time to dry if there is no sun. I ended up putting it in the dryer without any issues.


I have only ever bought grobag brand sleep bags for my two year old and have loved all of them with no complaints. They are very good quality and remain in excellent condition even after my daughter has outgrown them. I also love that you can tumble dry the grobag brand sleep bags. I was reluctant to try another brand but decided to buy a plum sleep bag in size 18 - 36m a few months ago as this size in grobag was sold out when I visited David Jones (I also thought that since this is the only other sleep bag brand sold on the SIDS website that this constituted an endorsement of sorts). All I can say is I am very DISAPPOINTED! You cannot tumble dry the plum sleep bags and if you do (like I did) it will unevenly distribute the filling. Compared to grobag sleep bags, the plum bag also feels thinner (despite same tog rating 2.5) and more flimsy. But I haven't even gotten to my biggest problem (and reason for this review). The plum sleep bags in the size I bought have a side zip and two stud buttons to fasten each shoulder. My daughter has worked out that with a couple of tugs around the sleeves she can pop the stud buttons open and pull the sleep bag down - and off. So thanks to this awful design my daughter wakes up cold during the night after pulling the bag off and just woke up from her afternoon nap after 20 minutes - once again because she had pulled the bag off prior to falling asleep. I am now pulling my hair out because I normally get to rest myself for at least 2 hours in the afternoon. Never again will I buy the plum brand. Off to buy another grobag now.
Stud buttons at shoulders pop open with a couple of tugs and the bag is easily pulled off

Better than a blanket

I decided to buy one size bigger when she was 4-5 months to get my money's worth when the climate started to cool and it worked like charm keeping her body warm. It was slightly big to begin with but it did the job plus I no longer had to worry if she was cold at night. To this date, my 14 month old is still using this sleeping bag (fits her perfectly now) and the quality of the fabric is still in good condition (soft and smooth) and I don't use a fabric softner. I really love the designs too, super cute doggy version :)
Good quality fabric, 2 way zipper, armholes can be made adjustable (small to big), has a travel insert on the back which is handy
It is pricey but I was happy with the results

Plum Sleeping Bags

I bought two winter sleeping bags last year. Recently the filling has started to form lumps, making them unusable. It is forming lumps on the back near the neck. I am very disappointed as initially I was impressed with their quality. I will only be buying Gro bags in the future...

The filling is clumping together.

He can kick and still stay warm

My son would kick and wiggle in the middle of the night. the blanket never stayed on him and as a result his palms and feet would get cold as ice...then i learnt about sleeping bags and loved the idea. bought a plum sleeping bag. its easy to put him in and zippit. it has 2 zippers top-down and down-up so that you can change the nappy without having to remove the bag. it also has an opening behind to put on a harness in the pram...
the design keeping convenience in mind
didn't find many patterns for boys in the store(or maybe they were out of stock)

Love the Plum

I have bought both the Grobag and recently a Plum bag. Love both and am really impressed with the quality and feel of the Plum. The colour choices are great and my little darling sleeps so soundly in the Plum bag. I think they only come in the one thickness but will still be nice and warm enough in winter with some warm pyjamas underneath. They need to be line dried and not tumble dried which is ok as I have a couple of bags and can rotate each night. Highly recommend for little bubs.
Lovely feel to the fabric and good quality.
Cannot tumble dry. Only one thickness.

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Plum Sleeping Bags
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