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I would like to know why my mum was excessively quoted $3211 for a 135lt hot water system with install. She was pushed and pressured into paying a $500 deposit and put on a payment plan. Obviously naive, she was taken advantage of. We got another quote the same day elsewhere for $1400. So we cancelled your job that same day .. Why on earth is she not getting her $500 deposit back!? Or at least why is there not a resonable refund to compensate for the call out. All the tech done was turn off the gas, took our valve and took my for a ride with a sales pitch. Spent most of his time convincing her to take the deal. Quote number 129298 BY Leigh Tomlinton
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Where is the FB page of the young plummer donating part of his liver to his dad in India
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Go to plumbfirst fb page scroll down and you will see it like and share thanksHere is a direct link to it. https://www.facebook.com/plumbfirst/photos/a.1528427360819403/2230372327291566/?type=3&theater

Hi Plumbfirst, I had a new hot water system installed by a plumber from you guys (Invoice 113881), and I paid over $2,000 for the job. I was promised that the VBA compliance certificate would be lodged and mailed to me and it's been over 4 months and I have received nothing. Please organize this asap. Thanks Regards Henry
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Hi Henry, I apologise that this has been overlooked. I will arrange for this to be posted promptly. Kind Regards The PlumbFirst Team.

When will the HPP members inspection be carried out?
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Hi David, Thanks for your message, Please call the office on 1800 05 06 07 to book in your inspection. Kind regards, The Plumbfirst team

I recently had my hot water service replaced and was charged in excess of $5,000. At the time of installation, I was unwell. Since my recovery, I have received advice from industry sources that this is quite excessive for the work that was completed. I was told that I would receive a Certificate of Compliance and a detailed invoice showing a breakdown of costs. To date I have not received these. My Invoice Number is 098643 and Project Completion Confirmation is 38719.. The work was completed on 27/6/18. I would really appreciate a response asap. Thank you
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Hi Nataaza, Certificate has been lodged and has been mailed. Will have the rest sorted for you asap. Kind regards, the Plumbfirst teamThank you for the Certificate of Compliance which I received in the post. Now I would like to discuss the matter of cost with someone who has the authority. I believe I was misled when I was not informed that a subcontractor would be completing the job. The actual unit costs less than $1000, however, without a breakdown of the actual costs, I am unable to determine how the balance of the $5,000 cost was made and I would sincerely hope that it was not in labour. I hope that you could provide this information as a matter of priority, as I am in the process of taking this further. You will need to contact Craig Stratton to discuss this, and his number has been provided to your company. Thank you.Hi Nataaza, how did you go? I’m in a similar situation and was interested to know how it turned out for you and what steps you took. Thanks.

Hi , i had a Rheem hot water service installed on 22/5/ 2018 and was told i would recieve my Certificate of Compliance with in 5 days, which i have not yet recieved.My invoice number is 103291.Kind Regards Debby Vaughan. Any help?
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Hi debz, coc has been completed. Will email across to you today. Kind regards, The Plumbfirst team

Hi, do you do roof gutter repairs? Have a single storey BV home in SE Melb suburbs. Thanks!
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Hi there, Yes we certainly do. Please call the office on 1800 05 06 07 to organise a booking. Kind regards, The PlumbFirst team

Hi Just bought a unit (solid brick, second storey 1977), and want to update the bathroom before we move in. Plan to rip out the bath and replace it with a shower, and remove the current shower and replace it with a laundry area. If we strip out all the features and tiles, is your company able to build the shower base, and move the taps etc. to the required places?
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Hi Jenny, We will definitely be able to do that for youhi Jenny

My elderly parents called yesterday to get their boiler checked, were told the boiler needs replacing and would cost $2422 plus GST. They ended paying $4954.4. Can you tell me why you would charge them $518 plus GST to supply and install 2 smoke alarms? What is a HPP membership that would cost $140? What is "Split up and Replace RCBO's" that would cost them $1040? What kind of "Ducted Heater Service" would cost them $286? What kind of "Service Shower tips" would cost $198? I'm referring to your Tax Invoice No: A100208.
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Radium, Thank you for the query. The invoice is split up into all options that our technician had found at your parents house. The ducted heater service is a full service of the heater including monoxide testing pressure testing cleaning and operational checks. The smoke alarms are for installation of two hard wired smoke alarms as required as per the Australian building code and service of the shower taps includes a full rebuild of the spindle shaft and jumper. The membership charge is what we offer for regular customers so there will be no booking fees in the future and priority service. Kind regards, The plumbfirst teamHi Radium, you should go to Consumer Affairs if you are not happy with this answer. Plum First completely ripped off my friend and pressured her to get services she didn't ask for or want. Ignore all the positive reviews and have a look at the negative reviews, they all seem to say the same thing - ie, that Plum First are rip off artists. If your elderly parents were not aware of what they were being charged for, and were confused and pressured, this is a breach of the Consumer Law, ie, your parents were misled and deceived. Contact Consumer Affairs ASAP and speak with them, that is my advice to you. VMUP

Hi I haven't received the 2 x cinema tickets have I done the right thing to get them??? Cyanne
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Bluey, Please confirm that you received your tickets. Kind Regards The PlumbFirst Team

Has anyone noticed that Kent seems to always get positive feedback,maybe he needs to teach other workers how it's done
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He is a professional guy

Why does your team not fix the damage they dobefore leaving ?, and why does the office take a message and no one ring back ?. It states in your contract that you do...do you always mislead the honest public ?. Do you realise the power of social media and word of mouth ?. Do you realise how much business you lose when you do the wrong thing by customers who hire you thinking they are getting quality service ? Are you so arrogant that you just don't care about customer satisfaction ?
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Please call the office and ask to speak to the Ops manager so we can get to the bottom of this. Kind regards, The Plumbfirst team

I need to contact PlumbFirst via email and they have no email address? Anyone can help?
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Email address is info@plumbfirst.com.auHave been trying, have to go through the plumber that came out. Still trying, they are hopeless.

When do minor toilet repairs turn into a major operation costing almost $2000? It was such a waste of time and money $89 call out fee waiting for a plumber who tried to sell me every conceivable item which was not required. I did not ask for a full inspection of my property. Your plumbers are not ethical tradies, they are salesmen on a high commission! I fixed our toilet problem for $23 in parts and did the job myself. I've showed the written quote to a number of trades people who laughed at it.
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Ivor, The $89 booking fee was because the booking was made for after 5pm. Thank you for your response please call the operations team in the office to discuss. My technicians are highly trained and are not on commission. Kind regards, The Plumbfirst teamPerhaps you'd be interested to know that such behaviour contravenes trade practices standards on many counts. Also, Plumbers are not legally entitled to quote or comment on electrical matters. Minor toilet problems are just that, minor! I had no problem with the $89 fee, just the ridiculous quote! I have no intention of contacting your operations team, you were not onsite and did not witness what was said, implied etc.@Ivor you're correct, call out fee is a waste of money. They quoted me a ridiculously high at over 1k just to locate the ceiling leaks then they were trying to sell me a silly lifetime membership and inspected the house suggested that to increase the pressure for the shower heads etc at cost of $500 for each bathroom. Stay away from them

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