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Plunkett Homes WA, South West

Plunkett Homes WA, South West

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A sort of biased review by a Plunkett Employee.

I’m going to be splitting this review into two parts;
Part 1 ‘Completely biased review by a Plunkett Employee’.
Part 2 ‘A non-biased review not by a Plunkett Employee’.

Part 1: Completely biased review by a Plunkett Employee.
You know when you’re in a situation where someone tells you to write down your long term goals, or ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ and you have to just write down something to make them happy… well that’s kind of the situation Chels and I were in, except for we actually went out and did it… which kind of screws everything up for the next time we need to write down a long term goal.

After working at Plunkett’s for 5 years now I automatically persuaded myself that one day I’d to build a home, the trick was to get Chels on-board with the idea. It wasn’t building that was the issue, it was the fact she has the patience of a 25year old waiting for the final season of Game of Thrones… and for those who don’t do pop culture references then it’s a bit like waiting for fuel prices to get cheaper.

Right from the start I was shocked at how stress free this journey was and I put that down to knowing and trusting the people working on our home from inside the office to out on site.
in fact the only thing that I didn’t like was how tanned Dom got from having to trek out to the middle of WA every week – and yes we were a little jealous of him spending more time at someone else’s house than ours.

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that we’ve gone through this whole process while Chels was finishing her Accounting degree… you know how insane that is? That’s how smoothly our build has been. In all seriousness though – the other day we thought crap, did our house get built in under 5 months?’
that’s amazing and we both thank everyone involved for making it happen.

Part 2: A non-biased review not by a Plunkett Employee.
It’s at this point Chels would say “why don’t you write something serious for once?” And she’s absolutely right, I take my product reviews very seriously, there’s a reason why they brought back the original pizza flavoured Shapes.

We are both very happy with our new home and how quickly and professionally the process has taken to complete. Now the fun and games have started to get the front and rear landscaping finished.

Yours (nearly) Sincerely,
Chelsea & Nathan.

(Chels wasn’t happy her name was second on the contract so I put her name first on this in the attempt of redemption… baby steps I guess.)

Customer Service
Site Admin
Structural Integrity
Plumbing & Waterproofing
Electrical & Lighting
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateApril 2019
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Hey Nathan, Thanks for your very amusing review with how your building process has gone! We are delighted that you have enjoyed the process and wow, 5 months! That's very impressive... We'd love to see some pictures once you're all moved in. Enjoy your Plunkett Home. The Plunkett Team.

Absolute nightmare

Our home is a few days shy of 10 months in the building. They have still to complete the gyprock and install the ceiling. Our earthworks on the two story part are being eroded away, we have highlighted the danger to them and still nothing has been done. Our house is not off A plan but a one off which is most likely the problem, but you would think that they would have the expertise to assist us as we are not good at understanding and reading plans, but no.... Our stairwell was only 810mm, when asked why it was so narrow, they said you should have picked that up from the plan.... Another extra cost. We requested that all ceilings be raised, and they were all except the patio which they said was not mentioned, we should have read the plans... Another extra. Some windows are still not installed and the weather is effecting the rendered walls in the bedroom. Again highlighted to the supervisor but nothing done. We asked for regular meetings on site before the next stages.... Again no answer. So many things going wrong, our house goes weeks without work being done. The Site is a mess with building material everywhere.... Shame on you Plunket.

Construction End DateNov 2016
Hi Glenys, can you please email your details through to Marketing@plunkettgroup.com.au so that we are able to contact you and discuss your concerns. Regards, Plunkett Homes team.I will email details through, but you could also pick up the phone and ring the Bunbury office if you are really concerned. GlenysHi Glenys, I believe that the supervisor has been in touch with you to help resolve the issues you have mentioned. Thanks, Plunkett Homes Team.

Very pleased with the process and outcome

We used Plunkett to build our medium size 4 X 2 project home in Yalyalup,Busselton in the South West of WA. This is the first time my wife and I have built a project type home. Our previous experience with a small builder in Fremantle was not good so we were definitely on our guard. However, We found the whole experience from start to finish to be one of enjoyment and ease! Thanks to Plunkett Team.

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Hi Rob, thank you for the review! We're glad you enjoyed the home building process and hope you enjoy your project home for many years to come! Regards, Plunkett Homes team

It's Not Our Problem. You'll Just Have To Accept It

Over the past 10 years, we had been saving for and planning our dream home. In June 2014 we engaged Plunkett Homes (South West) to build this for us.

As we were seeking a unique kind of build, we had some serious trepidation about working with a "spec homes" company, but their sales person, and pre start team seemed so professional that we had the confidence to sign up and start the build. Some of the unique features we were looking to include were aimed at designing energy efficiency into the home, including Low E glass (all round), Reverse Brick Veneer, and a beautiful recycled brick facade which should have been the main feature of the exterior.

Unfortunately though, Plunkett decided without any consultation that we wanted the recycled bricks acid washed and blasted so that they no longer looked recycled, just old and now crumbly. You can imagine our devastation when the bricks that we had carefully sourced, and prepared were damaged beyond repair.

The initial response from Plunkett was, not to worry they'll look the same as they did once they fully dry out in two weeks...after we have the roof on. Then when this didn't happen...don't worry, we'll bring in a specialist restoration guy who can make them look like they used to. This turned out to be overly optimistic, with an appearance (on a sample section) like they had painted them white.

The final response was don't worry we'll compensate you when we get the final payment.

As the build neared completion we suggested a compensation figure of less than 1% of the contract value, to their construction manager. His response was pretty blunt...morally and contractually we are in the right! You'll just have to live with it.

When we asked to have this escalated, the response was again blunt.

"It's my decision, and you're just going to have to live with it. There's no where in the contract which says don't wash the bricks so you can't hold us accountable for a decision we make in our normal operation."

The end result has been that Plunkett made a decision which drastically affected the appearance of our home, and refused to accept any responsibility for it. Throughout the build they deferred taking action on this to resolve (or compensate the problem) and when the final payment came around revealed their true position which was "deal with it, it's your problem not ours."

As such I'd strongly recommend you look elsewhere for a builder, and make sure they have a record for taking responsibility for stuff ups. They happen to every company, the big question is what you do about them.

Hi, can you please email your details through to marketing@plunkettgroup.com.au so we can contact you to discuss your concerns. Regards, Plunkett Homes team.Hi Marketing Department, we spent 6 months through out the build "discussing our concerns" with your staff in the Bunbury Office. Perhaps you can talk to them and they can fill you in, they probably even have my contact details.Hi, I have spoken to our South West office and they are aware of your job. Our General Manager will give you a call tomorrow. Regards, Plunkett Homes team

Fantastic builders - great product, great people

Its not very often someone posts a review after a good experience (including me) but i want to rectify that today.
This was my second build with Plunketts South West after a great experience the first time around, everything I needed was catered for in the time scale i required. Although no build process is perfect as there are many uncontrollable variables, the project was completed quicker than expected (just under 7 months) to a high quality finish. I this was aided by the supervisors and office staffs regular communication. We love our new home and am happy to recommend Plunketts to family and friends (some of whom have since built with Plunketts themselves.
Don’t expect to find the rock bottom price as value for money doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the cheapest but they were certainly competitive in comparison with other quality builders. They even allowed me to owner supply certain aspects of the home so I could put my stamp on the property.
We enjoyed the whole building process (except for painting it afterwards – I hate painting) on the whole and was exciting to see our plans turn into reality
Thanks Plunketts

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Plunkett Homes WA, South West
CategoryHome Builders
Contact Number (08) 9780 9350
Address18/42 Strickland Street, Bunbury WA, Australia
24-Hour Phone Contact Yes
Types of Homes AvailableOne-Storey and Two-Storey
Knockdown & RebuildYes
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