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We are considering moving to Perth from North Qld as we have family in Ellenbrook. We have reviewed some of your home designs with interest. Our questions are: Will Plunkett Homes build in the Ellenbrook / Aveley area? Are minor changes to your designs acceptable? What would consider is a reasonable timeframe to complete a home construction once all planning, authority issues are finalised? Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, David & Sarah Butcher 28 Mynah Crescent, Condon QLD 4815 email: davidbutcher66@gmail.com
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Hello David, Yes we do build in Ellenbook/ Aveley area! I have passed on your details to one of our representatives who can assist with your inquiry. If you would like to call through to our office, our main line is 93660414. Thanks for getting in touch!

Hi All built my home with Plunkitt Homes , overall very happy with my built just wondering there is banging noise in the roof somewhere is anybody else have same kind of issues, We been told this will go away after 6 to 8 months its been a year but still same , Builders couldn’t figure out shy is that its so instantaneous feels like some one throw a brick on roof . Does anyone has same issue what the causes and how we can rectify this issue your experience and suggestions will be highly appreciated thanks in advance Thanks Shamas
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I’ve sugned the final variation for my 2 storey home and have been advised this is in drafting stage. How long does it take for the construction to actually start. ? How long does a 2 storey home usually take to be built from start to finish ? Samir
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The Slab to my house went down almost 500 days ago and I still don't have the keys. Absolute joke of a builder. Delays due to mistakes and incompetence experienced all along the way, build quality was atrocious. Tried to pass off house as completed to avoid going over contracted build time and then had to call in their display team to spend another month to fix all the mistakes listed in a 12 page building inspectors report.

I'm looking to build a farmhouse in the great southern area has anyone built with either country builders or plunkett homes any information would be helpful
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Built with Plunkett Homes, would fully recommend them.Currently building with Plunkett and its an absolute nightmare. They have gone over contracted build time as they try to remedy the extremely poor build quality. Delays experienced through out with little to no communication as to what was happening. I have a 12 page report from building inspector and photos if you would like to see [email removed]

Hello, we are in early stages of arranging to build a farm house in the great southern. Tossing up between Plunkett & Rural Building. Would love to hear about experiences? Prompt & professional workmanship? Good finishings? Acceptable build time?
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Hello, We also built a Country style home. I must say it was a fast Build, roughly 6months. To be honest we aren’t happy with Plunkett firstly the Builders didn’t read the correct plans and our door in the garage was Bricked wrong and the tiling in my Laundry and Bathrooms were also incorrect. we found communication to be very hard not returning calls etc.. I would suggest to have it all emailed for proof. All light fixtures in the house were off centre and the over head in the kitchen was on an angle. Since writing a review they have been in contact with me and are going to fix only some of the problems. So still not happy and would never build with them again.Im part way through my build with the deposit having been paid a year ago and the slab being eventually laid mid August. Most of the downstairs brickwork has been completed but that is it. No work has occurred on site for 4 months now as they have made major mistakes and are taking their time finding a solution and recommencing. All communication is initiated by me but I am getting frustrated with the constant apologies and the inability to continue on with the job. I am starting to think that all the delays are intentional to prolong the build as a company with this work ethic should not still be in business.Look for other options

Hi Guys, I wanted to ask a question, how long did it take Plunkett to build your double storey homes? Many Thanks Emma
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Although mine was single story, Slab down first week of May and moved in 2nd week November. CheersHi Emma, Ours is a single story. Slab was put in October last year. Build was ready by June. Regards2 storey home with deposit paid December, Slab down August, downstairs brickwork September and then nothing. Was told I'd get a 36 week build and at this point at least 4 months behind schedule with no recommencement in sight.

We're thinking of building first house. Seen a post that Plukett "standard/basic" garage is smaller than other builders. We searched Ryde Building; seems the post of that person was correct?? You can understand it will incur them cost reason why they feel sad about it...We also checked with 3rd builder and their standard garage is 6x6 meters. Can you confirm that indeed you offer garage size for standard house is under 6x6m (with out any upgrade)? We are from great southern also. This will help us in our Build.
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Hi Mike, Thanks for your enquiry. There is no “standard” garage size per say as each home design, and package can vary. It is important to discuss your individual requirements with your Builder at the time of selecting your plan with the sales representative. Also to give you a heads up, be sure to confirm if dimensions are taken internally or externally. We hope that this information assists you and wish you all the best with your new build. Kind regards Marketing Team

Has anyone built with Plunkett and had polished concrete for their flooring? Im having some difficulty in getting this across the line, its what I want, and personally, I think the whole reason for building is to h ave a home that you are 100% happy with. I dont like the fact Ive been pushed to not being able to do it, and just get why I cant do it, rather than how can we make this work...
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All resolved and both the builder and concreter are able to work together on this, so very happy with the end result!

Can you tell me if Plunkett includes a site works allowance like other builders?
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Yes Plunkett homes include all costs associated with the build of your home.

Are Plunkett affiliated with countrybuilders? cause I was about to book an appointment for a build.in geraldton might not now
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Country Builders are another building company in the region. Domain Homes are affiliated with Plunkett HomesAlready checked yeah they are the same company and are part of the jwh group yeah heard some bad things. Thanks for your help you saved me heapsAlready checked yeah they are all the same and come under the jwh group

Hello Evereyone, We are looking for builders. We stopped by a finished Plunket home near our block and spoke to the owner. Unfortunately she had a very bad experience with Plunket, this sort of made us reconsider a different builder. Any advice or feedback will be really helpful?
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Hi Our home was built by Plunkett ,we had no issues at all .we are very happy with quality and service we have been provided.sumit was our consultant,house has been designed as per our needs without any fuss..I would recommend them for sureSorry to hear that for the owner. May be you can ask her what are the specific area she is disappointed about. It could be with a stage of the process, a certain staff or design issues. Better to know the specifics I guess. For us, it was invaluable to have the hardworking salesperson who himself produced the floor plan with our design changes, which greatly helped us during pre-start. His name is Keong. Their speed and the responsiveness of the site supervisor was great too. This is the second house we've built, and the experience we are having with Plunkett is better.Hi Emms, I moved into my new Plunkett home 3 months ago and still very happy with the after build service. There are only two items that were missed or I misunderstood during the Pre start that has now become a big problem for me. 1) when I was asked what I will be doing re any reticulation I said I will sort that out after I have moved in, it should have been explained better that if having reticulation it is essential to have pipe work laid under the driveway ready for laying reticulation pipes, I now have a major headache as to how I can have retic set up with a concrete drive laid. 2) As per Aust standards because I don't have wooden floors and the roof beams are treated timber only the plumbing points are termite treated not the whole slab, I now have active termites in my garage and it will now cost me $1,200 to have the whole house checked and sprayed. It is ESSENTIAL that every home pad is sprayed at the beginning not just plumbing points. I should not have the worry of termites 3 months after moving in, please don't make the same mistakes that I have done. Apart from my 2 expensive issues I am still happy to recommend Plunketts.

we are currently building with Plunkett, and recently our water meter was stolen. We didn't find out until we received an invoice for the replacement. Is this normal practice ? I feel as though it should be the builders responsibility to replace it and not the buyer. After all, legally I don't own the property.
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Hi Aaron, personally it hasn't happened to me but I've heard from friends who have built new homes that these water meters are often stolen from sites being developed. I don't think it is Plunkett's issue but then again, I am no expert, just someone who has only just built their first home. I hope the rest of the build process goes smoothly for you.Hi Aaron, thank you for your question. We're sorry to read that your water meter has been stolen. This is an unfortunate event that is becoming quite common at building sites; we do know that the Water Corporation are currently working to find a more secure way of installing water meters. I have arranged for our Customer Service Manager to investigate your job further and contact you today to discuss the details. Regards, Plunkett Homes team.

Anyone built with Plunkett southwest. Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River?? Thanks
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Well below the standard you would expect of a large company like this. Aside from several quality issues we found their total lack of accountability when things went wrong to be disgraceful. Every company makes mistakes but when they tell you their stuff up is your problem and you'll just have to live with it...you feel compelled to share that experience. Seriously consider someone else. Their construction manager who should be ultimately accountable for construction problems has a couldn't care less about your experience approach. Some trades were great, others were hopeless. But it is the builder you are engaging and if they don't care what you think then you're on a hiding to nothing before you get started.Hi Disappointed, Thanks for your feedback. Where are you building your home? What things went wrong for you? CheersBuilding with them at the moment, going into our 10th month and just getting gyprock done now... Have put a 1 on their review page, still waiting an answer

We are currently building with Plunkett and like many reviewers here, seem to also have serious build, trade and communication problems. Has anyone had to engage an independent building inspector through HIA to confirm structural integrity and workmanship quality and what was the outcome?
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No, we are on site every day, when something is not right make a note and ask questions, insist on a reply, because they ignore emails etc. there is a Building inspection and a Structural inspection. Both cost over $400 each.Thanks. There is something new that's wrong every day, purely put down to two things. First, the tradespeople doing their job to the absolute minimum and not caring about the finished product (eg now our shower screen does not sit squarely on the brickwork because the wall is crooked but they installed it anyway), and second is the building supervisors lack of supervision and quality control. Sick and tired of complaining - just wish we were getting the $460k build that we are expecting. They've got a deadline to reply to questions through email then we will go to the Building Commission. This isn't fun or exciting for us anymore.Delboy and Stigette, sorry to hear what we've been going through with Plunkett, they are not worth of a builder, too many surprises and changes without telling us in particular after signing the contract. Whoever can cancel the business with this builder, please do so. Otherwise, we need to inform others not to deal with them. I found it not exciting anymore since we had too many issues since the beginning. At pre-start meeting, i was told that some developer guidelines were not met based on the builders floor plan and i had to bear the cost to meet their guidelines, i managed to get them paid for these issues (front door and front elevation cladding); not easily though. Got my water meter stolen, they sent me variation to contract to pay for the stolen water meter 8 days after the incident without telling me and i was the one who filed the police report which they should do it (they did not care about this, i guess). I finally have to pay for the stolen water meter and water meter relocation, they said that these were not supplied by the builder therefore the owner had to pay. I just had my first PCI last week, a number of things to fix/complete (e.g. gas not connected yet, so cannot check hot water, conduit not installed as per plan, rangehood flue to external air not evident, and many more). They said it took 2 weeks to fix, then we will do the second PCI continued with the hand over keys.

Hi N, Garvey I am thinking of going with Plunkett, as I am demolishing and subdividing the block of land and building a double in the rear and a single at front. Do you highly not recommend? The salesman has given me no reason to not go with them as yet except I will ask him about the numerous negative reviews I have read about plunkett online. What was your situation? How long did it take from start to absolute finish? What parts of the building were unacceptable and were you out of pocket in any way because of the dodgy work? Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I await your reply.
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Hi, From start to finish was 20 months. Almost every stage was a stuff up ,Yes out of pocket because renting while waiting for stuff ups to be fixed, and as soon as I picked a fault , work would stop for a couple of weeks. almost every trade caused problems or did a crap job. Build at your own risk, but me? Never again.hi first thing they will give you very good deal for house construction and believe me you would not found good price compare to other builder. but you need to make sure that you discuss with them regarding site cost . because plunkett charge lot of things in site cost which are standard items with another builders and that is the reason that why other builder charge more for building the same house . but at the end of day all builders are same. I give them deposit in march 2013 and I think next week they will applying to the council for approval. there drafting took too much time initially ( 1 month for survey and 45 days for drafting) compare to another builders. can not comment about there tradies as not been built yet ?Hi We have just subdivided and are building 2 houses with Plunkett. We have subdivided the blocks into "long toms". Both blocks are 10m frontage by 50m long. We had Ben Leitch at Plunkett design both houses and he was fantastic. I would definitely recommend you speak with Ben. It took us longer than anticipated for our subdivision / titles to come through and Plunkett have been amazing. They were getting everything organised for us, while we were still waiting for Landgate, WAPC, etc, etc. Plunkett are very professional and very reliable. We have just received both titles and now Plunkett are already to commence building. I would definitely recommend Plunkett. Sharon

are plunkett homes part of domain homes i,ve just signed up with domain homes???
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They are both owned by the same parent company, the JWH Group who also own Oswald Homes and Rural Building CoDomain are now managed under Plunkett. Domain is the budget cheaper option. Don't expect to get the same product quality, or service ........ and note that Plunket quality and service is from my experience very bad. Its not worth it and I recommend pay bit more go with better builder and stay clear ....its a trap signing up to domain.Have to disagree Andrew, I found Domain to be great with quality build. my home even got entered into the HIA building awards. the only time wasted was the shire with planning approvals. home from doing the slab took 27 weeks. Ive been in my home now 12 months and was thinking about building again. someone mentioned this Product Review and I am amazed about the negative stories. I checked other builders and they all seem to have the same? so I don't know if these are genuine complaints. I suggest you go have a look at homes under construction. I see many around my suburbs estate and I notice3 that some are pigs and don't care about their community with rubbish blowing everywhere. tradesmen starting working too early. They just don't care. I visited my house when being built every day and it was always tidy with a big rubbish bin. My saleman even keeps in contact with me during construction giving me advice on where to get items to finish the home off. They seem to be very service orientated with my only complaint being ringing thru was hard so I did everything by email and that works just fine with answers within a few days. Call Steve Portelli; he's great. He has a display in Harrisdale. Even popping into other displays by the same builder they seem to care and give you the time of day. the others ignore you unless you are ready to sign up there and then.

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