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Polygon Helios F3

Polygon Helios F3

3.5 from 2 reviews

Nice beginner bike.

Bought the Helios as it seemed like a good bargain at the time.
It rides smooth and the gears and brakes work well.

The Cassette is way too small if you live in a hilly area. I do, so i will be replacing it soon with something more suitable.
The worst thing about the bike is the internal cable routing. This is usually supposed to be a good thing on a bike but it rattles so loudly and i simply cannot get it to stop. No one wants a noisy bike like this! Even on nice sealed roads it makes noise with the small vibrations coming up from the road.

I dont regret my purchase as i was a beginner and used it as a commuter and apart from the cable rattle i have had no problems with it.
I now have have a Canyon! My god, what a difference!

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Strong stiff frame, good groupset, light, fast and well-priced

Over the years I have bought three Polygon Helios and I am happy with all of them. I paid under $600 for each, a bike of this quality normally costs more. Unless you are a gear freak you will find that this bike is fast enough and good enough for serious recreational riding.

First some few negatives. The first Helios F3 I bought (2013 or 2014) was a 27 speed, which was perfect. Unfortunately the newer models are only 18 speed. While the small chain ring has a low 34 teeth the largest sprocket is only 25t.

So the lowest gear ratio is now 34:25 (1.36) instead of 1:1, not enough if you like riding in hilly places.

A 9-speed cluster on a recreational bicycle does not need such a fine spacing between sprockets. It would be more useful if the largest sprocket had 30t (or better still, bring back triple 3 chain rings).

The pedals are not very good and not wide enough. I think the idea is that most riders will replace them with their choice of clip ons anyway.

The last two Polygon Helios I bought (in 2016 and 2017) only came in red. And I don't like red.

Now the positives:
It has a nice stiff frame, it is light and come with good tyres (Schwalbe Lugano) and a decent group set (Shimano Sora). Breaks are good (better than most disk breaks) and once you fit it with your favourite clip on pedals, the bike is fast.

You will probably need to cut the handle bar to your size, it comes with a very wide one.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

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