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Polygon Impression AX Tandem

Polygon Impression AX Tandem

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Did not regret buying it

This is a decent tandem that is suitable for most of the regular users. It is light and well designed with a lot of adjustability to suit the build of different users, which most users can fit easily. Moreover, the gear and brakes are excellent.

On the other hand, I found that the seats not are satisfying as they are to hard and your butts get really tired after long riding, especially given that it has no suspension. Additionally, hand grips are uncomfortable. I would personally change the seats and hand grips.

Haven't said that, this is still a decent tandem with a reasonable prize.

(I'm a bit perfectionistic and I replaced it with a suspension fork as well as seatpost with suspension for the rear rider.)
Light, A lot of adjustability
Seat and hand grips are uncomfortable (too hard), Lack of suspension

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Impression AX Tandem
Price (RRP)1300

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