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Baumr-AG Portable Compost Tumbler 190L

Baumr-AG Portable Compost Tumbler 190L

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Possible design flaw?

I just got one of these a week or so back. Bought online. Reasonably easy to assemble, though I thought it was a bit miserly that the assembly instructions did not come with. Instead was a URL where the instructions could be downloaded them from the web. Too bad if you didn't have a printer.

It seems reasonably robust for the price but the one big issue I have is with the design of the interior "agitators", which are fixed in position, while the barrel spins around them. The problem this causes is that when the bin gets about half full, it becomes impossible to spin the barrel, because these "agitators" block the contents and thus block the barrel from turning.

So it can't be used at anywhere near its capacity.

I can't help thinking that it would make more sense for the agitators to to rotate with the barrel of the bin, allowing gravity to do the work of agitating and stirring, as the contents fall through the agitators on the top of each spin. Like the way a front loading washing machine, or cement mixer, work.

But I haven't tested my theory, so maybe that wouldn't work?

Date PurchasedMay 2018

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