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Powerider Thunder 2017

Powerider Thunder 2017

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Great bike, great price!

After much research purchased the 29er Thunder back in March 2018 and have since ridden over 1500Kms. Central crank definitely the way to go and bike has performed well with very long lasting battery. If you use combination of low or no peddle assist, power throttle and gears have managed well over a 120klm on a single charge and getting a great workout. Jimmy at Justride great to deal with!

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Thanks Frank, the Powerider Thunder is definitely the best value mid motor e bike in the market! Jimmy


Rides very smooth also u can go longer on a full battery
I do not hear the motor going when rinding
easy to maintain the frame of the bike is light weight and easy to carry
battery last a long time
does not take long for the battery to charge
Battery with usb is good to have and useful

Date PurchasedJan 2018
Hi, thanks Mark, very glad to hear you like the Thunder bike, our website is www.justride.com.au :)Ok thanks

Great Bike.

Once the bike arrived it didn't take long to assemble. If the battery had been fully charged I could have been on the road within the hour. The handbook was informative but I found the 10 min video much more helpful in the assembly and with the operation of the computer. I ride about 10 to 15 Klm each day. The bike handles well and the disc brakes are very affective even stopping quickly from 35 /40 kph. I am very pleased with my purchase. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Thanks Mick, much appreciate for the reviews!

High performance at a budget price

I have looked around everywhere for a good electric bike to get me from a to b but I was shocked at how much a basic electric bike costs these days. I stumbled upon the Thunder and I knew I had to have one. The purchased one a few weeks ago and I was surprised at what features the bike had - similar bikes would have cost over $5000.00 at other stores. Ordering from the store was a breeze and it only took 4 business days to arrive at my door. Assembly was relatively easy and the bikes computer is fairly straight forward to setup to your own preferences. The guys at Justride are very helpful and if you have any problems they will sort them out for you. When my bike arrived it had a bent front disc, one phone call and a new replacement was on its way - thanks again guys. Performance wise the bike performed as I had hoped it would, 25km/hr into a strong head wind and It was effortless - amazing. If anyone out there is looking for a good all round electric bicycle that has too many features to list and performs better than most then you can't go past the Powerider Thunder 2017.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Thanks Brian, much appreciate for the reviews!

Value for money with great warranty on the Electrics.

I am 81 and have ridden the Thunder hard,1000 Ks in 9 weeks on sealed roads with gradients up to 18% , battery lasting 70 Ks, less aggressive riding should go 100 Ks. The hand throttle allows you to match speeds with group riding. Trails rides with to 40 KPH setting are possible. You can set the bike so you ride with little effort or get a good workout using the various levels of Power and Assistance.

August 9th 2017 Update: Great value

I wrote an earlier review on the 8th August, where I compared the Powerider to a bike with a Bosch system costing twice the price with limited warranty, which was not comparing Apples To Apples. I am an experienced rider and I ride the Powerider to its limit, it is not for commuting, I ride with younger top riders and I keep up and pass them on the hills.

November 6th 2017 Update: keeps on preforming

Further to my earlier review August 8 I am still of the same opinion and now after 5 months and completing over 2000 kilometres the Powerider Thunder 29er is still preforming well. Riding at level 3 Assistance only, I completed 123 Kilometers with 20% of battery life remaining.
Good Value.

November 13th 2017 Update: The best for less

Owning the Thunder 29er has proved to be an excellent decision, it continues to preform above expectation, whether riding hard or commuting, Riding hard has revealed no weakness, even up very steep climbs. The advantage to preselect Power level and Assistance levels greatly increases the riding distance varying from 70 to 120 KPH. I still consider this bike to be the best value for money on the market. Commuting at 25MPH can easily be achieved by older riders, I happen to be 81 years old and have completed over 2100 Ks in 6 months of mostly hard pedalling.

August 6th 2018 Update: Excellent Warranty

I wrote my first review 12 months ago, the Thunder 29ER continues to give me good service with over 8000 Ks in 14 months. The few faults were quickly attended to by immediately replacing the part required, my only expense has been the replacement of a chain and rear Cluster and Derailleur and tyres which are not covered by warranty. Thank you Jimmy.

January 5th 2019 Update: Extended Warranty

I purchased a Powerider Thunder 29 ER in May 2017 and since then have ridden over 10000 Klicks and any minor warranty claim has been honoured without question. The bike continues to give good service. To be able to talk direct to Just Ride in Melbourne and not through an agent, is a definite advantage.
The Powerider range of bikes must provide by far the best warranty period of 3 years on the bike and 2 years on all the Electrics.

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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Thanks Dennis, much appreciate for the reviews! Keep update your journey!

Perfect bike

I've purchased 3 electric bikes over the past 12 months all from justride. The powerrider thunder is a great bike. Battery lasts longer than my other 2 electric bikes, and the bike itself feels well built. I would recommend this bike to anyone considering an electric bike. I completed a lot of research prior to buying and found this bike to the best value for money.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
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Thanks Damien, much appreciate for the reviews!

A very capable machine so far with 370km cycled. Good for my partner to keep up with me on the roadi

I bought this bike with 2 purposes in mind. Cycling with my partner, and commuting to work. I'm a keen cyclist and it has always been difficult for me and my partner to cycle together due to our different paces. Now she can keep up and even leave me behind on the hills... its great! With a 30km commute to work I'm also using this bike to commute on the days that I'm tired or its windy. The only problem experienced so far was a loud and worrying clicking sound. Jimmy advised that this was the pedals loose on the crank and that threadlock could be applied if necessary. I tightened the pedals and all is OK. I haven't had to apply the threadlock but will if they loosen off again. All in all I'm very happy with the bike and the experience of dealing with Jimmy. I'm interested to see how the bike holds up after a few thousand kilometres (my roadie has done 10,000km and is going strong) but everything feels good and robust so I'm feeling hopeful in that regard.
The 80km range is achievable if you're not belting along at top speed.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Thanks Malcolm, much appreciate for the reviews!

A great bike

Great bike, every thing feels top quality, done a few 2-3 hour rides, never had a problem with the battery. I have a camper van and what used to be a problem of packing up to go into town, beach or just to buy milk isn't a problem anymore, a 2, 5, 10km ride is as easy as I want to to be, and won't take long, Very satisfied

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Thanks Wally, much appreciate for the reviews!

A great bike, very happy with it.

I've had my bike for 3 weeks now and couldn't be happier. A couple days ago I rode into the city from Beaumaris, a round trip of 75 kms, a heavy head wind coming home along Beach Road for the last 20 kms, it was so good to be able to use power 3 and pedal on with little effort as I was tiring. After the 75 kms I still had over half the battery remaining. The buying process was good and easy, from every aspect I am really happy with the bike.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
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Thanks Phil, much appreciate for the reviews!

Questions & Answers

What is it’s top speed?
2 answers
I have achieved a top speed of 45.3 kms per hour with throttle fully on. Even at this speed the brakes are very effective.Hi, it will easily pass 40 km/h mark if you unlock the speed limit when you go off road, we highly recommend you keep 25km/h when you ride on road. Regards

Can I see this evoke anywhere in Victoria?
2 answers
I do not understand your questionHi, if you want to see the bike, you can come to 93 Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin, Vic, or call 03 9555 2665 to arrange a test ride. Regards Jimmy

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