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Powershop Australia

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576 reviews
Phillip C.
Phillip C.2 posts

Rates change with in the first billing period. DO NOT SIGN UP

We used the Victorian Energy Compare site and were presented with Powershop as the best option.
The advertised rates increase after 2 weeks.
Supply went up 41%
Usage went up 10%
The offered rates seem to be "bait" to get you to sign up.
This does seem to be deceptive behaviour and is a frustrating waste of our time.
We now need to move again.
I strongly suggest avoiding Powershop.
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PaulBGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC11 posts

Doesn't pay to be a long-time loyal customer

Used to be great before Shell bought them out. Difficult getting through to anyone in their contact centre. I've given up waiting on hold after almost an hour!
Candice C.
Candice C.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Beware of dodgy offers to get you to sign up

Electricity was much cheaper so I joined them. 14 day later I received notice of daily supply charge increasing by over 33c a day!!! I shouldn't of wasted my time switching across because they are worse then ever and purposely waited until after the 10 day cooling off period to increase!!! Do not bother!!!
GregMetropolitan Adelaide, SA7 posts
Al of Woy
Al of Woy3 posts

No customer service

I have been a customer of Powershop for many years, they used to be great. Have spent 13 weeks trying to get Powershop to switch to my new smart meter. After many calls and the old-fashioned run-around, I now discover that "head Office" has been sitting on my account (and about 400 others apparently) while they work out their finances. I do not have time for this. There is still no resolution or timeframe. In a time when consumers are nervous about electricity costs, this is very irresponsible. As soon as we sort it out, I shall be changing providers.
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Robby986Central Highlands and Goldfields, VIC4 posts

Bait and switch?

Switched from AGL for attractive supply rate and fixed rate tariff. In around a month informed that supply rate would be 128% more than originally quoted. Immediately switched back to AGL. I am very suspicious of this and would like an explanation. I won’t bother because I have better things to do than wait on hold for a call centre operator who probably has no clue either.
DamoCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC15 posts

Rate rises

I went to the Vic Gov compare website in mid July 2022 Provided all the info and Powershop showed up as one of the better offers. So I signed up.
I had not even had my first bill and I received an email advising my rates were increasing in August.
I immediately ditched powershop for provider who locked in my offer for 12 months.
Be very aware of offers from energy retailers. They can increase thier charges at anytime. So the compare sites are almost useless.


Signed up with Powershop because of their pricing. I received an email couple of days later after signing up informing me that my rates will increase. Would not have changed providers if I knew this was going to happen.
Jason O.
Jason O.Southwest, VIC3 posts
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SalSydney, NSW3 posts

PLEASE STAY AWAY. Liars with no customer service

I signed up and within few weeks rates went up. I went to their website and the rates their also went up but I was still being charged more. I called them to fix it and they did not help at all. They charge you more than what they advertise. Never join them. Their customer service does not exists. You call them and then just keep on waiting. Once you get reach some representative, they just say that they cannot help you and a supervisor will contact back.
MichaelGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC3 posts


I wanted to switch to Powershop, checked rates on the web, then called as I had a query. As they don't have enough (?any) people answering phones, I left a message for them to call me, as per their advice on the call recording. I then get a message that they can’t talk and I should go to web site, I advised them I still wanted to speak with them as had a query that wasn't answered on web site. They then advised they couldn't talk to me and I should go to website.

If a company can’t service potential customers, I dread to think what they're like with signed up customers. Stop looking for business if you don’t have the capacity to deliver. Stop wasting people's time Powershop.

Sam Posting
Sam Posting


Powershop contact - call 1800 462 668 and talk to a real person "GOOD LUCK"
Never answer the phone, keep you on hold permanently, you have to leave a message but they do not contact you.
GlennGippsland, VIC

Rip off

Liars and thief's the worst customer service ever,I am now going to switch from this mob sick of estimates and excessive charges
It won't matter they never reply to try and find out what has happened
I A PSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts


Totally disappointed, in the beginning it was ok with time pas became a disaster how can I pay my bill without bill payment issued
It’s almost two months since last payment No recommended to anyone
GarethCanberra10 posts
RyanGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC2 posts

Started out wonderful, but that changed over the years

The company really did used to live up to it's claims of doing things differently. Now they are no different then any other power company, and have become ridiculously expensive.

Their app used to be a good way to manage your usage and select better discounts if you paid in advance. now regardless of when you pay, you get the same deal. There is hardly any incentive for taking the extra time to buy powerpacks at all...

In addition to this, the knowledge that they sold out to shell is quite sad too. Especially considering the past claims and previous vision of the company. This is not the same company I signed up for, and I'm happy to be moving on now.

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Amy J.
Amy J.

changing to a better company

They have been bought out by shell. Easily one of the worst pollutors on this planet. I'm changing to another ethical company as powershop is not ethical anymore. Don't believe their lies, they aren't green anymore. Choose a different company that is ethical and dedicated to clean energy.
JordanSydney, NSW2 posts

Complete scam artist. No transparency! Charges $150 per week?!?! Do not sign up

Fast set up. Fast to rip you off. Set up process was done within 30 mins. No drop out just standard power. Just complete scam artists that will take hundreds from your account with out a full explanation of the charges
NatSydney Surrounds, NSW

Poor communication and openness

Very poor communication, changed to a smart meter and all my prices went up without them telling me. Called them, got told they will look into and call me back…. No one called me back. Good that they are carbon neutral but not worth the hassle. Do not recommed.
Manfred K.
Manfred K.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Sadly this company is now owned by a big conglomerate and not as green at all. No longer a customer

We thought we were installing green power but now that they have been taken over by a giant polluter, this is no longer the case. Initially it was great and had a fabulous rating. Don't be fooled by their awards... they were before the change in ownership. So disappointed!
Continual dropouts
Continual dropoutsGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC2 posts

Worst Customer Service Ever

My meter was "unable to be read" not sure why as it is visible and accessible from the street, so I sent in a self read. In response I received an estimated bill more than FOUR times the usual amount! When I called to complain I was told that Powershop have "no discretion in the amount charged". When I took my complaint to the Ombudsman Powershop then admitted that they do have discretion. A bunch of liars with truly abysmal customer service. Have now moved my account. Do not sign up with Powershop.
BruceSouth East Queensland, QLD20 posts

Lies and nothing but more expensive than who we wher with before

We were told that our power would be up to 100 dollars less a quarter. It is and has been 100 dollars more... this is how you rope us in well tomorrow we spit you out and go back to who we were with befor your company and the person we spoke with just lie....
We used to pay about $370 a quarter now we pay around $597.
But here is the thing we now have one less person I the house...
The word theft comes to mind......
Riaz H.
Riaz H.Central, SA7 posts

Worst power company with the most expensive rates and false advertising

We only went with Power shop because of our builders as we were tricked in signing up with them for free solar and discounted electricity. I just realised that Powershops rates are much more than any other provider there billing system is very bad too as they would forget to bill me at times and later send me a huge bill overpriced electricity company stay away
PeterGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC11 posts

Time to change supplier

Now owned by Shell you could choose to leave Powershop simply for ethical reasons. You used to get discounts by buying all your power in advance. That changed. The customer service used to be first rate. That changed. The VPP scheme is a scam to make money for them using your battery in my opinion. They charge your battery during the night at the off peak rate and then discharge it in the morning at the FIT rate. They don't provide an account so you can see what you are getting or losing for your monthly $10. I can see why they wouldn't want to provide that information.
MadeleineGMyocum15 posts


Powershop used to be green - now it's not. It used to have packs that saved you money by buying in advance - now they rare. It has a woeful solar feed-in tariff, compared with other companies.
And it has a billing system that has got to be the most bizarrely complex that I've encountered - and spins out to a dozen plus pages sometimes, if you dare print it.
The only good thing about it is the app that allows you to see your use - & the solar feed-in (& the money you've lost due to their woeful tariff.)
Sam H.
Sam H.2 posts

What a shame to sell out to Shell

I was happy with Powershop until it was bought out by Shell. Not keen for my energy money to go into a multinational that profits from non-renewables and climate change denial. Plenty of other good options with better business models and pro-environmental impact.
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Powershop is awful, definitely do NOT recommend, too many errors

I am a new customer to Powershop. I received my first bill and I new that it could not be correct as it was excessive, so I contacted them and they said that they 'guessed' the amount. I sent them a photo of my gas meter reading and the corrected the amount (still seemed excessive for how much I use gas). They then over 1 month sent me 2 new bills, each with different amounts!!! I again had to contact them about this ridiculous error and I have not heard back from them.
Frankston, Victoria.
Powershop Australia
Powershop Australia   DM   
JimSouth East Queensland, QLD6 posts

Big oil. Bigger disappointment

When I signed up I thought the platform was interesting, with prepaid deals and stuff, bit of energy use data. Was not the cheapest but it was carbon offset and kinda cool.

One day the little prepaid deals stopped coming. I wondered what happened.

Then I learned through the news that Powershop had been quietly bought out by the evil Royal Dutch Shell. I am not going to pay for a company like that to greenwash their crimes.

Josh F.
Josh F.Sydney, NSW

NOW OWNED BY SHELL!!! The most evil polluters in history

Sold to Shell Oil & Gas to get rich.

Your money will now go into the pockets of one of the worst polluters and climate manipulators in history!

So disappointed with them.

casper_juz23 posts
James2 posts

Untrustworthy and owned by Shell

Moved to the company for the green power. Now they are selling out to shell, one of the companies most responsible for climate change. This company can not be trusted and is definitely not the green option.
Nola C
Nola C

First Few Years Good ~ Very Different Now

When I needed to interact with Powershop people they were very helpful ~ the usage charts and graphs were handy and easy to follow ~ and I liked having options when choosing bulk buy power packs. When they disappeared couched in ‘spin’ I was disappointed ~ but still hung in ~ however the Shell sellout made the decision to find another retailer.
Island Girl
Island GirlCowes19 posts

They won't be loyal or give you the best rate but they'll spin it like a politician and avoid the question

They notified us they were passing on the additional 84 hours a week of off peak afforded to them by the wholesaler and then reneged but still dropped our feed in tarrif. We have been with Powershop for probably a decade. I knew I could get cheaper power, but I stuck with them because of their environmental credentials. They offer lower rates to new customers, I know this because I asked after seeing my rates were higher than their lowest offer on the government's electricity comparison website. Still I stuck with them. I guess I'm just sick of them playing the victim, passing on the few cents of price drop on the power feed in and ignoring the massive savings they receive on the off-peak period which they don't pass on.
Alan2 posts

Leaving after 7 years

They used to be great, but the past couple of years their level of service, pricing and transparency has really fallen. The Shell sellout put the final nail in their coffin.
Louise B.
Louise B.Victoria
HannahGippsland, VIC

Selling out to Shell and compromising their values and customers

I have only very recently joined Powershop however I have just switched due to the recent announcement of the company being bought by Shell. Everything that they stood for with regards to environmental protection and climate policy is no longer believable when partnering with an enormous polluter. I hope many others make the same choice to leave.
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SaulGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC9 posts

Heartbreaking sellout

Am leaving Powershop after many years of loyalty and recommendations to others because they have sold out to Shell, one of the biggest polluters in history. What a heartbreaking disappointment. Really thought Powershop were a brand to be proud of. Not anymore.
Mick G.
Mick G.7 posts

Selling out to Shell is NOT Energy you can be proud of

Given the recent sell out to Shell - the whole ethos of this company now seems to be null and void. Not happy. And switching to another company. Cheers Powershop. What a shame

Sold to Shell, what the hell? Like Sea Shepherd being sold to a Japanese Whaling Company

Disgusted with the sale to one of the worlds highest polluters and blockers of climate change initiatives. We have left after years of supporting Powershop. Meridian leadership should be ashamed. This is like if Sea Shepherd were sold to a Japanese Whaling company.
prana694 posts

Powershop just bought out by a fossil fuel company. I'M LEAVING!

I've been a loyal Powershop customer since they started in 2010. I have always advocated for their business model and their ethics and approach to the environment. But that ended on Monday when it was announced that Powershop had been acquired by Shell - environmental vandals! I'm gone and I hope others leave too!
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