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You have to admire the efficency

I am always a little "reluctant" to order things online. However, the product I was looking for was very competitively priced. The site was easy to use and I felt very comfortable using it. I liked the way I was keep up to date with the delivery process. Great work. I will be back!!

Very Happy with product

I tried another brand of WPI and it was very sweet. Because I eat clean all the time , I am not used to sweet things.
I am sure to the average person it is O.K. but to someone who is not eating sweet at all it can be a bit over powering.
So (with this other brand) I mixed it 50/50 with unflavoured to bring the sweetness down to an acceptable level.
However "Premium Powders" / Natural Series/ Creamy Vanilla is pretty good , just the right amount of flavour to take that bland taste of "unflavoured" away , without being sickly sweet. I like it , great price compared to other products (same nutrition values). Great postage rates , comes in a really sturdy box and good quality solid (bag) packaging for the powder. Thanks.

Quality product at competitive price

First time customer and will return. Happy I can get high quality products with a good flavour, from the comfort of home. I really don't like having to wander health food shops comparing products and looking for the best deal. These guys have premium products at competitive prices and home delivery - shopping done.

Fantastic Product

I am just so surprised at the quality of this product nothing like I have tried and that’s many of shake powders before no bad after taste in the mouth and gives me lots more energy and a much fuller feeling

Great quality for low cost

Great supplement company. One of my 1kg packages had a pinhole size split in the bottom corner of it when I opened it but no concerns.
Rich chocolate Taste: 7/10
Choc honeycomb taste: 8/10
Still yet to try vanilla and strawberry. I'm expecting similar results for taste.
Quality is 9/10
Price 10/10

The acytl l carnitine is doing its job. I've lost a kilo in about 2 weeks without changing anything else in my weekly regime.

great powders... even better cust service

powders are great - this bit is as expected. Even better is their customer service, prompt response and immediate resolution. Thanks!!

Fast delivery and excellent product packaging

The process od searching the product range was easy. Ordering and delivery was perfect. From the time I ordered and receiving the goods took only 2 days. I was constantly informed about the movement of the goods. Packaging was impressive and the goods came with a measuring spoon. I definitely recommend them to a friend.

High quality product

High quality product with a great consistency when mixed. I really enjoy drinking them cold so I always add ice cubes. I did find that a small me of them tasted really sweet. I enjoyed the strawberry and vanilla flavour most

Would Recommend

Low price, high quality protein; taste is a little odd - the artificial sweetener is palatable, and texture is gritty. These are minor concerns, and overall this is a great product.
The website was easy to search and navigate - I came to it after shortlisting sites with cheap whey protein isolate, and found it was the best price and protein perecnt per weight.

Quality Product

Very easy to navigate the website to find what i was after and also the product purchased is of very high quality.

Banana and Strawberry WPC

I have purchased a bunch of samples of the concentrate. I didn't mind the product, although both flavours I have tasted so far are quite sweet. Generally it mixes well, nice texture and consistency when all lumps are out.

Still havent received product

I ordered product last Wednesday and havent been contacted as to why this is the case. Maybe this is something you should look into.


Great quality & taste at an unbeatable price! Super Fast delivery recieved in a few days of order being placed.
One happy customer - Thankyou!!

very good

The ziplock bag would not close could not seal after opening. Product was very good
It took a week to arrive.

Best Powders EVER

These powders are the best I've found! Taste is excellent, salted caramel is FANTASTIC, ingredients and amino acid profile are also amazing-no hidden nasties or fillers! The price is great and they arrived quickly too. The only suggestion would be to increase flavour range. Will keep on buying and reccomending!

Product packaging info

Web store great, as far as products so far so good, some more info on packaging serving sizes and what it is for.

Protein tastes great, blends well, and arrived quickly.

I am a happy returning customer for several reasons. The ordering process is quick and easy, the product arrives quickly, the protein tastes fantastic and is very high quality, and their customer service is great. Can't fault them. Will be ordering again in future.

I will never buy anything else ever again.

Customer service is excellent, I once had a damaged package and they promptly send me a brand new one without hesitation. Their protein powders dissolve easily and have no weird after-tastes. I used to buy my protein powders from places like GNC, but after discovering these guys I'll never buy anything else ever again!

So Glad I Found This Site

Easy to navigate website , fast , straightforward ordering process, great range of products, reasonable price for a good quality product, fast delivery. What more could you ask for ?

This is amazing and useful

It was so easy to find what i want bcz of the informations on the site and on what i have to focus.
I’m so satisfaid with the products and I’m planing to buy new kinds of protein.
I can feel that the quality is very good and i already showed the ingredients to a nutritional clinic and they said it is very gd and perfect

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There are few studies performed using D-aspartic acid and humans. One study in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology showed that males supplemented with 3.12 g of D-aspartic acid for 12 days experienced an increase in their free testosterone by approximately 40 percent.

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