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Buyer beware

Ordered online on Saturday, did online enquiry Tuesday which I'm still waiting to hear back, I called Wednesday spoke to Jo for ETA as I paid $14.95 express post, no ETA given. Called again Thursday, still no ETA given. I ordered express post for a reason. Also they started a half price special on the Monday and won't honour the special for me, even just to say sorry we stuffed you around. Very poorly run, customer service and delivery wise. Online said 1-2 business days for Express post. It's been 4 business days and nobody can tell me where my order is! I could have gone into store, purchased with the special half price sale, and be done with it by now!! Very disappointed in the lack of customer service.

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Customer Service
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Poor customer service

I have visited the Mascot Priceline (where I work) and the Engadine Priceline (where I live) and both times the service from the pharmacist has been aggressive, rude and made me feel uncomfortable, almost like I am a criminal. I understand when purchasing some products questions need to be asked and I accept this however I do not accept the treatment I have received from these stores whilst they perform this task. I have been to other chemists and received amazing service whilst still asking me the questions that need to be asked.
Is this a Priceline directive to have your pharmacists treat customers poorly?

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Customer Service
Store LocationEngadine + Mascot

Don't Order Online

Ordered online on Monday assuming it would be dispatched during the week. Sent an email to follow up which I received no response to. Rang the customer service line and the lady said "sorry, we are really busy due to an online sale so we can't get our orders out". Ridiculous. They refused to refund the order when I said it's the slowest online process I've ever encountered. She said they were hoping to dispatch next Monday. They said when I receive the goods I could get a refund once they've been returned. First and last time using Priceline online.

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I paid express delivery $14.95 on Wednesday because I wanted delivery before the weekend it hasn’t arrived and I have no response to 2 emails sent it’s now Saturday UNIMPRESSED

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Store LocationOnline

Refund Policy is Misleading

I purchased a Product from price line with 100 tablets box and wanted it to be replaced with smaller quantity box, they said it can not be replaced. If you look at the bill they ask you to refer to return policy which is mentioned online and then if you refer the guidelines, they have put up below condition:

"We value our customers at Priceline so, if you change your mind, you can return most products within 30 days of your purchase, provided that:

You have valid proof of purchase (usually a receipt);
The product and packaging is in its original condition including all manuals and accessories;
The product is in re-saleable condition; and
The product has not been used or damaged.

Exchanges or refunds for change of mind cannot be offered for:

Gift cards and vouchers;
Prescription medicines and pharmacist-only medicines (available from Priceline Pharmacies only); or\
Other products advertised as being non-refundable for change of mind.
Any product that is purchased as part of a transaction qualifying for a free gift; gift with purchase or bonus offer, the gift or bonus items must also be returned (unless otherwise stated or agreed in writing by Priceline Customer Service). If you are unable to return the gift or bonus or it is not in a saleable condition upon its return; the value of any available refund will be reduced by the value of the gift or bonus.
In the instance of bundle offers, all items within the bundle must also be returned or the value of the unreturned items will be deducted from any available refund."

When I went back to the store and looked at the rack where the Product was stored there was nothing mentioned. They simply denied replacing and said that the product cannot be replaced because it is vitamins and consumable. The package was intact, nothing was opened.

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Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store Locationmacquarie Centre, Sydney

Online Orders - I should of read the Reviews

I placed an order Wednesday 20th March, it is now Tuesday 26th March and i have received no communication from Priceline about my order, i have only received a receipt. I called up customer service after no reply to my email to be advised that it might be dispatched today. When asked for the order to be cancelled they declined saying the only way was to refuse the package on arrival and have it returned to sender to then get a refund which would be another 1-1.5 weeks. I will NEVER use them to buy online again and to be honest ill just shop somewhere else all together. Horrible service.

Store Locationwww.priceline.com.au

Do not order online

I have never had an issue with in store experience. However, I ordered over $100 worth of goods online Sunday evening. It's now Friday night and the order is still being processed. No sign of delivery at this stage. Will never order online from Priceline ever again.

Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationOnline

Exceptionally poor customer service

Had an issue with the sales assistant. She got the manager. Fair enough. Manager was rude and wouldn't explain just kept repeating I was wrong. Never going into a Priceline again

Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationGungahlin


slow to get orders out same old excuse we very busy so are other places but get thinks sent out quick
no updates till it left the warehouse bad customer service horrid hold music
old granny ladies too really fed up
get it together lots of complaints they told me working on it or so they say
the express post it way over priced compared to other places and no free samples
have to spend 100 to get free standard post

Always charge the wrong amount

I bought reduced vitamins today. They were reduced from about $20 dollars to $5. They charged me $20. As I had some other items I did not notice and threw out the invoice. This is not the first time this has happened. It happens Each and every time at their checkout if you are not alert enough to check it.

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Thieves and Liars

I placed an online order on 31/1, a parcel arrived a few weeks later. It was not my parcel, I had to repack it and return it before they would dispatch the correct items. Now another few weeks later the replacement parcel with my order in it has gone missing. Their solution, 'oh sorry'. There has been no offer of compensation or to supply to goods to me via courier. Priceline has failed to respond to emails, lied to me over the phone to me and left me without items I ordered. I had to raise a PayPal case to get my money back. All I wanted was items I ordered, after a month and two parcels dispatched they failed to do that. I was told twice by over the phone that a manager would contact me, this never eventuated. They don't care about their customers!

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Serioulsy 20 cent bags

When you spend an above average amount only to be charged 20 cents for bags (its the principal) as priceline look to profiteer in the name of the environment. My items didn’t fit and were stuffed in so i had to cradle the goods as I walked around. Never ever again Priceline. Your measly gouge has cost you a customer for life.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Priceline sells Fake Perfumes! confirmed with proof

please be warned and let everyone around you know!! Chemist warehouse and Priceline are both selling fake perfumes. I have imported perfumes for 5 years and i know each and everything about the perfumes and the grey markets. I picked 4 perfumes today 12/02/2019 tested them on my skin and one on my shirt. Tommy men left a mark on my shirt, Hugo boss bottled night left oily mark on my left arm, Azzaro chrome left an oily mark on my skin, boss bottled had floating particles inside the bottle. The oil on my skin stayed for about 9 hours during the whole time @ Work. The first note was absent, the second note and third note were kind of there but really dodgy! the third note turned into a bad note after 9 hours. My skin is still irritated.

1- random test, pick a clear glass perfume and hold a mobile torch underneath... do not shake the perfume, you'd see unfiltered precipitates of particles floating in the liquid.
2- absence or very low alcohol gives an oily texture to the liquid. Spray on your hand and blow air for 10 seconds... if its shiny and doesnt dry out then its SUPER fake. its just a perfume essence, doesnt matter if EDT or PARFUM...
3- EDT should last 8-10 hours, PARFUM should last 10-24 hours.. 1-2 hours perfumes arent perfumes they are body sprays! please know this fact and dont fall into grey areas of business
4- the stores are still legit as they fulfill import laws, local laws of selling and have all the paperwork. the government cares about the tax and duties. Fragrance isnt a patent thats why anyone can copy anyone!! the businesses are using loopholes of the market and hence selling fake stuff. they might not even know it.
5- the finishing of product, the spelling mistakes, the bad quality packaging all gives you a clue. the max drop in price is a huge clue. Best Sellers like Aqua Di gio will sell even if you make the price from 100 to 200 $. Why would anyone drop the price so much for best sellers. This is defiance of Supply Chain Principles.

Product Quality

wrong medication

bridgewater tas priceline have given me the wrong medication twice in a matter of months they just switched my medication to a cheaper brand did not even ask me. i argued about this to them was told the right medication would be there next time, it wasn't pharmacist say's ,oh that's too bad isn't it. sometime they don't even have medications in stock and you have to go back again when the floor stock which is mostly rubbish and always on discount tables never run out. All chemist are to ask customers if the want to change medications. complained to mainland have not heard back. The floor staff are fantastic at bridgewater

Wont even give 1 star if I could

Went to the Geelong Westfield store and bought 3 items. One of the item is marked down to $1 but I was being charged $1.85. When I asked for a refund, i was humiliated by the staff who shouted loudly to her colleague:”Hey, can I do a refund for JUST 85cents?” I ignored that and started filling the refund form, then she realised she charged me an extra $2 on another item I bought. She didn’t even apologize and just add another $2 into the refund. What a rude service! Will never go back again!

fed up

yes i placed order fri didn't leave till wed lfeeling sexy a vey good site for perfumes very quick friendly and organised I've used them three times now
ong wait got talk to customer care i only got two orders only because i couldn't get anywhere else so no choice

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo


I have shopped at Priceline Kippa-Ring for a number of years. The staff have always been wonderful. I come out of the shop thinking, “Gee, what great customer service!”.
Today(6/2/19), I walked in to purchase hair colour. With very little experience in the products I went looking for a staff member (which I have done on many occasions).
I found two staff chatting away in the beauty section. I waited patiently for them to finish. Even though one member saw me standing there and smiling, I did not get an acknowledgement from her. They kept on chatting (and it wasn’t about work), then started walking away. I politely stated, smiling, ”Excuse me, could I get a hand with a hair colour please “.
The mature staff member stated, “I can’t help you because I work in beauty. The girls that worked in that section have both left and I can’t help you.”
I stated that all I wanted her to do was match the sample colour to my hair as I couldn’t manage it.
Mature staff lady states, “You can do that yourself.”
I said thank you and walked away quite annoyed.
It only takes one bad apple to reduce your star rating.

Return Claim MadeNo

Paying for bags

The service I received was amazing an elderly lady from the campbelltown store. She went over the top to help me.
However the other lady charged me 20cents for a bag. I spent $150. Couldn't believe it. Great service but won't go back.
I think if you spend over $10 a bag should be free.

Postage times and customer care rubbish poor not worth waiting for

With online shopping generally being quick with pack and post unfortunately Priceline lags. Ordered on sat morning parcel was not despatched until Wednesday at 4.20pm!! So have been advised delivery probably next Tuesday . That is 11 days and when I wrote to customer care they made no apology just sent a standard letter stating don’t count the day someone actually deals with order so obviously I won’t shop with Priceline again

Good in rewards

Priceline is very good in rewarding the customers. Every $100 spent they will reward vouchers and top of that they give birthday vouchers. priceline points never expires.

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Questions & Answers

Does anybody know how long the shipping for Priceline takes?? I’ve been waiting 5 days now with still no email to say my parcel has been shippied.
2 answers
Roughly 7 days to receive a shipping email then an additional 2 days to ship... very slow! I’d call to confirm with them though.. once I called I finally received the trackingThankyou so much. I sent an email earlier but will definitely call to follow up

DO you have the digital scales that show your body fat?
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Why haven't I got any reward points for my card? I haven't received any.
1 answer
Hi there, Have you been presenting your Priceline card when you shop at Priceline? Everytime you shop at Priceline and spent more than $5.00 you need to flash the card, the sales assistant then process's it through the cash register and it should appear on the bottom of your receipt. It actually tells how much points you earned on your shop. I am not sure if you need to activate the card first ? I have had my card for many years now and they have changed the whole loyalty program ? have you tried calling priceline directly ? hope that helps