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Prime SK-D200 Kangaroo and Potato

Prime SK-D200 Kangaroo and Potato Questions & Answers

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Nearest stockist
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Hi. My ten year old Manchester Terrier is being fed the kangaroo and pumpkin roll which he loves. He weighs 12kg. His ideal weight is 13kg. In the first week he lost 1kg , down to 11kg. I've increased his quantity to 550gm per day spread over two meals. This is double the recommended quantity and it's still a struggle to keep weight on. Any feed back welcomed
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How much is it?
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Hi it depends where you buy it from..pet shops sell it . I buy from wholesaler in Fairfield. .its over 12 dollars in the shops. ..prime meat Arthur st fairfield vic...

Where can this food be bought in perth wa area or mandurah wa ? Thank you .
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Dont know. Their website tells you where you can buy it. Www.primepetfood.com.auHi I'm in Melbourne and purchase it from Pet store N more . Most pet shops stick the dog roll. Hope this helps .

Where can I purchase this?
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Pet stock sell it contact PRIME and ask them where and how you can get it www.primepetfood.com.au

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