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Primus Mammoth DualZone 65L

Primus Mammoth DualZone 65L

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Cannot be regased So unrepairable

My dual zone worked well for 2.5 years No use for 3 months. All packed ready to go away for 3 months. Fridge won,t freeze so had to rush down and buy another (different brand) Away for 4 months . Take fridge to repair center where told it is irreparable because it had lost gas and there was no way of finding the leak because of the insulation. Out of warranrty


Had a problem with the unit and after negotiation with the retailer and manufacturer was able to reach an agreed outcome and the matter has been successfully resolved.
Next time will look more carefully at the range of fridges available and their suitability for offroad use
mnatter is now closed

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great Fridge for the Tough Teardrop Camper

We have had this 65lt dual zone Primus fridge for the last 2 years. It is fitted to the front box of our #toughteardrop offroad camper and has been reliable and efficient since. The fridge is powered by a 130 AGM battery in the camper which is charged by a Rolasolar flexible solar panel kit.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Absolute rubbish

This fridge did 6 trips away. On our 7th trip it would not get cold. Took it to the recommended repairer paid $110 deposit only to be told it was out of gas so it had a leak. All the tubes are encased in the insulation so could not locate the leak. UNREPAIRABLE. This fridge is absolute rubbish. Only the Engel and Evacool are able to be repaired because their cooling tubes are accessible.
Do not buy this fridge.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

Didn't work properly Day 1

It arrived on Friday plugged it into the car (duel battery system) and set both sides to 4c the left hand side went down to -14 freezing all the bottles of water (lucky not beer!!) and the right hand side doesn't get below 14 what a joke
Going to try and get my money back on Monday.
I will let you know what happens.
bite the bullet pay the money and buy an ENGEL

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Well done

We are full time travellers and have used our primus mammoth 65litre dual zone full time for 2 1/2 Years in that time we have had 2 problems But can not fault the after sales service. We are Very happy and Would definitely recommend this product thank you very much.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Trouble with it all the time had 2 under warranty and now I'm with out as the new one not working

Not happy with the way as keep on braking down had 2 under warranty and now I'm with out as the new one not working send back to Queensland 4 repairs and maintenance of the new one and only just waiting for the results I am thinking about demanding my money back so see what happens when the fridge freezer comes back

Date PurchasedSep 2015

I bought the 65litre fridge from BBC, $1350 and had it 18 months and now it doesn’t work.

Transportable yes but mine stopped working after only 18 months. I had it hard wired and ran it all the time as I have plenty of solar and twin batteries. I actually only used it a few times. Very dissatisfied and wish I’d kept my waco. It was 9 years old & going great. I downsized from the 110 litre to the primus 65 litre.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Pick it up next week 65lt

I pick up a 65lt pimus next week for a 20 day kimberley moon trip from perth
Hope it is $1299.00 well spent will add to reviews when back
It is very well priced compared to other fridges in its class
I run 2x 100A/h batteries they are charged from car,solar,gen set or 240 should last the distance

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Waiting for a reply from Primus

My primus 65L dual zone fridge worked perfectly and continuously for three and a half years, Unfortunatly two weeks ago it stopped working on the right compartment. After a $75.00 service fee at the primus recommended repairer I received a call to say it is unrepairable, they did however say they would ring Companion and see what they would do, I am waiting for their reply. this might be the best add primus will ever get, OR it could be the worst.

May 12th 2017 Update: I received a brand new fridge

Well folks today I received a brand new fridge to replace the previous one that I did a review on here a month ago.
The only trouble is IT DOESN'T WORK AT ALL. One side worked until it got to -5c then it climbed back to ambient temp.
At first I was very grateful for the replacement but now I am plain disappointed, How long is this stuff around going to go on for, it is a half hour each way to the repairers but I am not going to give up on this, being retired I have all the time in the world to stay on this until it gets resolved.
Stay tuned for the next episode.

Date PurchasedOct 2013
Further to the Primus saga Gday Folks I received the THIRD replacement Primus 65L dual Zone Fridge on the 29th May, I was reluctant to give an update on this one until I have had it running for a while> Well I am happy to inform everyone that this THIRD fridge has worked well so far, with a trip to Winton via Quilpi, Windora and some back roads on to Winton. I must give the Primus warranty policy a big plug here though the whole thing was a PIA, it seems to have been resolved, thanks to Barry the man in Melbourne that I dealt with.Hopefully this will be the last post on this issue. Signed one finally satisfied customer GUSThe final reply, Hopefully. Well folks last Wednesday (26/7/17) I received a new fridge cover from Primus in Melbourne, this cover was on back order as there were none in stock when they replaced my fridge back in May. So far the 3rd replacement fridge is working fine, but with a 4deg temp variation, not 1 + or - as originally stated in the specs. I can live with this small temp variation and my faith in humanity has been somewhat restored. Thanks to Barry at primus for the replacement of my fridge, though not with out a few hicups. THE END i hope GUS

Waste of money

We never got to use our unit as the first time we went to use it, the fridge temperature would not get the set temperature. Instead of the unit getting replaced by Primus, a replacement part was reinstalled into a brand new unit. We really are not happy with both customer services and the fridge itself.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

So Far So Good

Purchased the 65ltr dual zone January 2016 is now a year old. So far has worked like a dream, even when we had no access to power of any kind it kept food frozen and cold for 3 days on houseboat as it is so well insulated. (kept opening lids to a minimum) Have had no problems running on 240 or 12 volt as use both. Very handy being able select either side for fridge or freezer and having a lid for each side. We have been running our unit constantly as we also use it as spare beer fridge/freezer. Is heavy but extremely well built and solid. Hopefully it keeps running as well as it has and at this stage cant recommend enough.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Primus Mammoth DualZone 65litre

The Primus has been great had 12mths no problems, could not go away without this unit as you can fit alot of food and drink, the daul zone settings are great. I set this up on 225kilo drawer runner this makes light work sliding out to access compartments this also reduces lifting around when full as the unit can be quite heavy when full
Fridge and freezer work great as you can set seprately to desired temp also energy efficent

chill out

I recently purchased a primus mammoth dual zone 65l fridge/freezer after two friends completed a trouble free simpson desert crossing with two of them trouble free. I have had it in the back of my truck in a closed canopy parked in the open running off a 75ah gel battery during days when the temperatures as i left work at 3pm were in the low 30's. The freezer and fridge (with bag) were within a degree of the settings I had left them at. The battery had run them for about 11 hours on eco mode. A great test with them being near empty so more readily affected by the temperature. Big trip due soon so it will get a test when full and on the road. It is a heavy beast so you will need to have mechanical means to lift it out of the truck when full.
strong capable and efficient
weight, especially when full

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Questions & Answers

afternoon all i have a 65l flexi zone but the larger compartment just wont cool at at all all gauges says its working the other side (smaller side ) works fine on fridge or freezer anyone can help me ?
2 answers
Had the same problem with failure on 12 Volt, purchased an Engelyeh might have to do you know where I can get a copy of the user manual , searched everywhere and no luck ?

what is the warranty period? it just died used 3 Jan perfect 20 Jan would not cool fan and controls work but would not cool
No answers

Hi I have got a mammoth 65l dual zone fridge freezer, have owned for 1 year tomorrow has been great , but one problem I am having now is when on 12volt temps on both sides seem to keep rising to about 12 degrees both sides are set to 3 degrees but just doesn't seem to get down but when I'm 240volt works perfectly ? Would any one have one ideas? cheers
1 answer
It's sounds like the controller. I have the same fridge and my temperatures were slow to cool and in my case one side would cool first and the other side not drop until one side was cold. Very random, but a new controller fixed it (that was about 14 months ago). Changing the controller is really easy too, so you could probably save a few bucks changing it yourself. That being said I just went to use my fridge last weekend and it had lost all its gas. Once I found out it was unrepairable I pulled it apart to find all the coils around the containers were all badly rusted (I have photos but can't share it here), so make sure you keep the inside as dry as possible or you'll probably get the same issue in the future as me.


Primus Mammoth DualZone 65L
CategoryPortable Fridges / Freezers
Price (RRP) $1,599
Type Dual Zone Fridge + Freezer
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
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