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Bayer Profender

Bayer Profender

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Profender Cat Dewormer


After I gave my cat Profender (which I do not believe the cat needed; but vet said it would be a good idea), my cat started biting it's stomach. Cat has almost bitten off his nipples. WT is in this stuff?! To anyone wondering if they should give their cat Profender, consider something safe like diatomaceous earth instead. (I gave the rating of one star because I couldn't proceed otherwise, however honestly minus 5 stars is an appropriate rating).

Purchased in June 2020.

Side Effects Long-term illness


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I used Profender spot on worm treatment on my Siamese cat two weeks ago and he's had diarrhea ever since. I have not changed his food and he's not prone to diarrhea he's a very robust seven year old. Everytime he goes on the litter tray it's diarrhea and he is distressed by it. I will not give it to him again I hope the diarrhea clears up soon he is still eating and drinking.

Purchased in April 2020 at Pet Circle for A$20.00.

Side Effects Long-term illness
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My Siamese cat still has diarrhea after using Profender spot on worm treatment. I hope it dosnt last the whole three months never again he's an inside cat but I feed him some raw cat food.

Cat not the same


A vet used this on my cat months ago, but I swear he does not seem like the same cat anymore. I think this has caused long-term side effects on him. New vet thinks it's his liver and pancreas. I am forking out money for an ultrasound now to see whats wrong. I am devastated. If I would have known, I would have asked for the pill form to administer myself in a pill pocket. He struggled to pill him, so thats why he used the profender. Do not use this!! See another vet if you have to and get milbemax instead.

My cat was lethargic for days, had a fever, and would barely eat. He still seems lethargic off and on after eating ever since.

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Side Effects Long-term illness
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Cat on deaths door


My beautiful 11 1/2 yr old Winnie is deathly sick after an application of pro fender. Within 24 hrs, she stopped eating, drinking, copious amounts of drool, already losing weight. Been to emergency vet once and heading to her vet in the a.m. This poison should be taken off the market. I only pray that my girl makes it. I have read the statistics on this medication and to say 1 cat died is certainly an understatement. I have read of several on this website alone. Absolutely do not use this product unless you want to risk losing your beloved pet.

Purchased in November 2019 for A$36.00.

Side Effects Long-term illness
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Update-my beautiful girl passed today. Full blown heart failure, kidneys started shutting down, horrible, horrible experience. This loss is more difficult because it should not have happened. Will be contacting Bayer.

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Questions & Answers

Bella Sue

Bella Sueasked

I adopted a cat that was treated with profender. The cat seems okay, but i get breathing problems and itching hands when I pet her!! I've had cats for 30 years, am not allergic to cats. In fact I already had another cat - no problems. How do I get this stuff off my new cat?

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Is this really that bad?My vet just gave me this now I am so scared to put it on her. What should I do?

2 answers

I’ve been using it on mine with no trouble. Every cat is different. Just make sure the dosage is correct and pay close attention to any side effects or reactions.

Bella Sue
Bella Sue

YES, read reviews at other sites.

Angela B.

Angela B.asked

I applied this to my cat and didn't get it on the back of her neck, will it still work even if i applied it and it got more towards the side of her shoulder?

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It just needs to be on the skin (not the fur) to be absorbed. They recommend putting it on the back of the neck so the cat can’t scratch or lick it.

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