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Do not use it killed my cat!


If i could give 0 stars I would, am absolutely disgusted this product still on the market. I had a lively healthy cat that I put this product on as a preventative medicine. 30 mins I no longer have a cat. This medicine is pure evil poison. I didn't even get the chance to get him to a vet to counteract the poison before he was gone.

Do not use this product it murdered my cat!!!

Certainly NOT recommended!!!


I have a semi-feral puss and as tablet giving is an issue I bought this product from the vet and used it 2 days ago. Thankfully my cat did not lick the site of application but he has extensive hair loss. The back of his head and where the product dripped down his neck is now bald down to the skin. Too early to say if he has suffered further but I do not recommend using this product at all.



Do not use--has hurt our cats

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Never had a problem with my cat


Have never had a problem with my cats & this product. One of my cats was adopted as an adult and when we tried to worm him it became quite apparent he was NOT used to the procedure at all.. even the vet couldn’t get the tablets down his throat.. profender to the rescue!! Cats WILL froth at the mouth if they are able to lick ANY topical treatment (flea or worming).. you MUST apply high up on the neck where the cat can not reach!



Poison do not use!


How I wish I had read the reviews on this site before I used this dangerous product. Within 10 minutes of applying my cat Neo was vomiting and frothing at the mouth. Terrified I gave him a bath and washed it off. He seemed to recover ok but today I discover that it has burnt all the fur off the application site at the back of the neck! I am so furious and praying that it has not caused any other damage that is yet to reveal itself.

I will not use again on Buddy or Black Kitty

Zoo Keeper

Zoo KeeperRutland

This worked great for our cats


I have used profender for a few years now and have had no issues. Works and no side efffects! Ive used it on my own cats plus the strays i feed.

The Vet Prescribed it, it's excellent- cat gained wieght, normal poops


People who write their opinions are turd brains, they must be doing something different to the cat. My cat was never de-wormed, 9 yrs old. Must be people who work for the competitor. contact me,

Bad news


It's easy alright. Easy to harm your cat! I used it a few years ago and out of 4 cats, it removed the hair from the application site and left the skin red and inflamed. Called the Bayer rep, and what a waste of time. Totally unresponsive, just said "oh we haven't had that problem". Sure they haven't. Don't like Bayer for anything but an aspirin.

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If you want to slowly watch your cat die..then get this. what a joke!


This is the worst drug ever made. an otherwise healthy cat has been poisoned terribly. She wont eat at all. pooping just blood, twitches her poor little head. she can hardly walk. and we probably have to euthanize after spending $300.00 to try to fix this. She was given profender 15 days ago. & she is getting worse & worse-I am disgusted. I just pray I know when the right time is to end her suffering. I keep just saying we will give it another day.......

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Well we just had to euthanize this poor baby. Absolutely killed her. NO QUESTION! Just put her down 3 hours ago. PLEASE do not ever use this vial of death. Praying to God for all animals.

Profender - Cat worming pipettes


My sweet Oliver hasn't been the same since applying Profender!


Never Use This Product


KitKatSalmon arm bc

This is disgusting!!!!


Vet gave this to my cat three months ago. She said is still suffering. Ripping her hair out. So sad!

Sue M.

Sue M.Mead, WA

My Cat Died...

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Bad side effects and didn't work


For the amount of neurological side effects this med gave my kitten, it didn't even rid him of round worm. He is still infected the poor thing. Really Bayer? More aggravation for all of our pets, and my kids. I've told my pet owning friends and family to NEVER allow profender on their animal, and getting my money back from vet. Ridiculous!

Sad ending

Cat Lafy

Cat LafyGatlinburg

Do not use this product!


I used this on my cat! He immediately started foaming at the mouth running around the room, going crazy. I threw him in the bath tub and washed him off several times.

He was better the next day but still traumatized!!

Very scary side effects.


My cat is very jumpy, she isn't walking straight, her eyes are displayed, and she is hissing at everyone. She is very angry and it is hard to see her like this. I hope it goes away and fixes her tapeworm problem. It's only been four hours since I applied it. She licked at it a lot.

Laura M.

Laura M.Sydney, NSW

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No bad reaction


Used this for the first time 2 weeks ago. My cat didn't lose any hair or get sick after application. It is horrendously sticky though, her fur felt matted in that spot for almost a week.

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Bella Sue

Bella Sueasked

I adopted a cat that was treated with profender. The cat seems okay, but i get breathing problems and itching hands when I pet her!! I've had cats for 30 years, am not allergic to cats. In fact I already had another cat - no problems. How do I get this stuff off my new cat?

No answers


Is this really that bad?My vet just gave me this now I am so scared to put it on her. What should I do?

2 answers

I’ve been using it on mine with no trouble. Every cat is different. Just make sure the dosage is correct and pay close attention to any side effects or reactions.

Bella Sue
Bella Sue

YES, read reviews at other sites.

Angela B.

Angela B.asked

I applied this to my cat and didn't get it on the back of her neck, will it still work even if i applied it and it got more towards the side of her shoulder?

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It just needs to be on the skin (not the fur) to be absorbed. They recommend putting it on the back of the neck so the cat can’t scratch or lick it.

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