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134 reviews
GlendaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC2 posts

Quality WPC at a great price!

Great WPC powder - I have been using it every day for the last 18 months.

Neutral taste so I add decaf coffee, vanilla or vital greens powder for flavour.

It's worth buying in bulk for the savings. I order online and deliver is prompt - usually next day service in Brisbane.

TIP: It can get a bit frothy when mixed with water only, but if you add a dash of milk or oil it reduces the froth factor considerably.

MaggiMayPeel, WA27 posts

The Best

I have been buying my Protein Powder (WPC) from Professional Whey for a couple of years and haven't been able to find a comparable price or service elsewhere, no matter how hard I look.

Delivery to Perth is very quick and tracking is provided. I love the product, too. Great taste, and mixes very quickly - which is essential for me.


Excellent service

Ordered a 20kg bag of WPC on Monday and it arrived at my house in Brisbane the next day.

Excellent service!

Susie2 posts

Vanilla smoothies are my treat!!

I have been using USA WPI i think for 3 years now. Very fast delivery and i am in regional NSW. The vanilla is of a thicker consistency and blends well with almond milk, cream or just water. I also add avocado, berries or pineapple and it is sooo good. I look forward to it post workout. 5 stars for sure!!

SusanCanberra29 posts

Excellent products and service

I have been ordering protein powder, dextrose, creatine and BCAAs from Professional Whey for many years. Their products are first-rate, with no fillers or unnecessary ingredients, which means that they are also excellent value for money.

A few years ago, I switched to eggwhite protein powder which I understand Professional Whey imports from Belgium. After several clients said they would prefer cruelty-free eggwhite protein powder, Professional Whey sourced this and started providing it. You can't beat that for service!

I highly recommend Professional Whey for all your supplement needs.

Brent S
Brent S

Top service, top product

I am using the Usa organic cacao mint WPI at the moment. I find it tastes great and works well in a shake after a gym session. It is a cheaper but still an effective product if your trying to save a bit of coin. A class service, A class product. PW do a great job.


WPC - quality, service and ' bang for buck' :-)

I'm a PT of 15 years experience in Sydney and recently purchased WPC to add to my smoothies.

I was specifically looking for a healthy protein powder, as most on the market (despite their claims) are not good. This one has some big plusses : comes from pasture fed cows (like all our meat should be too!), and it has no added artificial anything, sticking to my philosophy of the fewer ingredients, the better. Also reasonably priced.

On top of that, the service was excellent - easy ordering system and quick, inexpensive shipping from Tassie. loved the follow up email when the product was being shipped - you guys sound like a cool crew.

i will be re-ordering, and recommending to my clients too.

Cheers :-)

Nathan W
Nathan W

Organic Cacao - The best protein I have had!!!

The Organic Cacao WPI is the first protein powder that doesn't upset my stomach. I eat 90% paleo and consume minimal dairy products. This meant that if I wanted to consume any WPI I had to put up with a stomach ache after every shake. With Professional Whey I can consume this without any problems at all. It also tastes delicious but not super sweet like most of the other protein powders on the market.

Greg A.
Greg A.

Organic Maca Powder

I first tried Maca Powder from the PW team about 18 months ago, and to be brutally honest I couldn't stand the taste and even smell. However, I had a chat to one of the team and worked it into my protein shakes and cereal in small but increasing doses and now I can't go without it! I see a massive difference in mood and for this alone, it's worth every penny. The only side effect that I've noticed is that it definitely does increase your libido as well. It's a great product, but for some will take a little getting used to.

KarenSydney Surrounds, NSW2 posts

Fantastic service and great product

The WPI mixes easily and has no after taste or smell. Its nutritional benefits and high protein content are reassuring as I have it in the morning in a smoothie. I have immune problems so the undenatured whey will also help boost my immune system. It is also very well priced.

BruceHunter Region, NSW81 posts

Top quality and affordable

I'm no specialist in protein powders but have had my fair share of experience in trying out different kinds. I have tried both the AUS and the NZ WPC and have been very satisfied with both. The customer service has been excellent with each oder I have made and delivery has always been speedy. If you are looking for a high quality, pure protein powder for an affordable price I don't think you can do much better than Professional Whey.

bj4052 posts

High quality products at a good price

I buy the Pea and Egg proteins, as well as the flavourings. I couldn't fault the products at all (pea protein is the nicest one i've found). The egg protein is even free-range now.

Service is great. Website is easy to use. Shipping is prompt.Great company!

KatSydney2 posts

Love it

Great product, I prefer unflavoured protein and this is perfect to put into anything. Also the service is great, I get notifications when the product has been shipped and it gets to me super fast. And the price is great compared to other protein powders out in the market.

I can't recommend this product and Professional Whey highly enough.

Thank you !

ZedCanberra2 posts

Best products best service

One of the best protein powders I've personally used and the Professional Whey team are professionals. I feel great after having their protein powder. The team have always answered all my queries and are very responsive, they've definitely won me as a customer.

Aaron3 posts

Best protien powder on the market!!

My girlfriend put me onto the NZ whey, and holy wow! Best tasting, great mixing and great recovery! This is by far the best powder I've had. Super natural and no nasties. Great for post gym workouts, post swimming or after a long surf session. Cant rate this stuff highly enough! Well done Professional Whey!

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Best Whey on the market

This whey is perfect and tastes great for an unflavoured product. i don't eat red meat so this is a great alternative for a protein hit. I have one whey drink a day after breakfast and I find that it carries me throughout the day not only for protein and energy needs, but also stabilises my blood sugar level longer as I am a type 2 diabetic. My first bag is nearly empty, so I am here to get more. Great product, would recommend to anyone. Thanks

Veronica Harrold-Carter
Veronica Harrold-Carter

Excellent products matched by great customer service

Both my teenage son and I have been using a variety of products from Professional Whey for over 12 months now. I have been more than satisfied with the products and the service I have received from this company. I live in a small rural community and the goods are delivered within a couple of days of me placing our order. The products are of the highest quality and have really assisted us both to meet our nutritional needs whilst training for two completely different sports.

Tom K
Tom KSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

The best online health store available

I have just received my first order from professional whey. To say I'm impressed is an understatement. From the initial email communication through to the 24 hour delivery time, this company knows exactly what the customer wants. After all that - the products are also incredible! Organic Cinnamon WPI is one of the tastiest proteins I have had! Could not recommend more highly! 10/10

Adam Coops
Adam CoopsLara 3212

Fantastic discovering your product! Thanks

Love the protein concentrate now in my diet. What an improvement! By choosing the natural flavour I can add my own flavours of fruit and feel great. I can improve and maintain the muscle mass without feeling like I am wasting away. I can excercise with more confidence and know I am improving my overall health and keep my wait under control.

Bruce C
Bruce C

Great Products - Good Service

I have been using Professional Whey products for 2.5 years now and I am very happy with the products and the company. At 63 years of age sufficient protein in my diet is essential for good health. I have used several products and I find Elite 3.0 Protein Blend suits me the best in maintaining muscle mass, and assisting in weight control.

m c
m c3 posts

top seller

thankyou for the dextrose i highly recommend this product i mix it with my protein all the time im all so impressed with how fast it was shipped too highly recommend professional whey thanx heaps

Nik.EAU26 posts

Awesome Store!

Love My friend referred me to them but I can't recommend them enough. I only really buy the NZ or USA whey isolate from them but I literally will not purchase from anywhere else... Good prices, good quality products, and they usually deliver in just a few days. The ability to get an eevn better buy if you buy multiple items is a great way to save (and also get me to spend alot more money than I would normally haha).
Low cost, high quality, better deals if you buy in bulk
Sam W.
Sam W.Sydney

Pea Protein Isolate

I have been using this product for over a year and a half now and I couldn't be happier with the results. Due to food sensitivity and persistent facial acne I refrain from consuming dariy products. Pea Protein Isolate allows me to avoid a dairy based whey protein, while still getting a quality dose of protein in my pre and post workout. Highly recommended and tastes great with stevia extract.
Affordable, simple, no fuss, quality
Barb Bessant
Barb BessantSydney Surrounds, NSW6 posts

Organic Ceylon cinnamon powder

I recently made the change to the organic Ceylon cinnamon powder because of nutritional benefit claims. Compared to the supermarket Cassia cinnamon powder, the level of coumarin is much lower, thus reducing risk of liver damage with overuse. The taste is much softer and oh so good!! I am recommending it to my friends who were unaware there were cinnamon powders and cinnamon powders. You can immediately see the difference in colour and the quills are quite different to theCassia sticks. I love to use cinnamon in so many ways. So is may cost a bit more. How much better value both healthwise, and flavourwise. Won't be going back to the Cassia powder - ever.

Lacey Blackman
Lacey BlackmanSouth East Queensland, QLD

Beyond impressed

I placed a large order on a Friday afternoon, and my package arrive promptly on Tuesday at lunchtime! Beyond impressed with the quick delivery. Happy chappy! Cannot wait to try the products, which I'm sure are just as impressive :) Thanks guys, keep up the great work! *two thumbs up*

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s.o.lAdelaide4 posts

Just want to reduce this rating from 5 to 1, because it's not matching with my opinion. I wrote earlier as well but didnt get any reply. Thanks

Elli Gregory
Elli GregoryBrisbane, Queensland

Best protein I've tried

NZ whey protein is by far the best and most affordable option I have come across. I've tried all of the flavors and my favorite would have to be the Cacao Mint, it's delicious! I live in Brisbane and have found that the turn around time between ordering and receiving my order is amazing, no more than 2 days. It's great value for money too, and I love being able to order the 1kg bags so I can mix up my flavors. Such a great product!
Reasonsably priced, great flavor, short turn around between ordering and receiving

Great Product

This is my first time trying this product. I've purchase the chocolate flavour & I've to say it taste amazing & the mixing is great. Delivery was quick as well and the order was correct, would definitely purchase more in the future. Overall, the NZ WPI is a great product & would recommended it to others.
Taste amazing

Top notch service

I've been using PW for almost a year now and their service has been faultless. Orders are correct and delivered promptly, for a paltry $12, so I buy in bulk. Products are excellent quality and value for money. I'm pleased with the sourcing of free range eggs for their protein powder - where else can you find that? Industry leader. Couldn't be happier.
Reliable, value for money, healthy products, minimal packaging
Plastic sealing on packs are weak - you must be very gentle when opening if you want the seal to last.
Viviane Buzzi
Viviane BuzziMelbourne


I've been using the NZ WPI (unflavoured) for a number of years now and, while I love the other products, this is the one I would never want to be without. It is consistently the best product of its kind on the market.

I think so highly of it, I use it exclusively to make my own range of protein bars and have recommended it on my own blog and to my customers. All of which have been blown away by the quality and customer service. Keep up the great work and keep bringing out great products.

Thank you Stephen and team for also being great supporters for Proton Bars. They would not be half so popular were it not for the top notch whey key ingredient!
Quality, consistency, value for money, purity

Tanya Cox

Awesome products

I am extremely happy I've found a perfect protein powder that doesn't break the bank and tastes great too, especially when I add the organic cinnamon I also purchased - Yum!

Also, I know there is nothing artificial added - no gums, sweeteners, colours or flavours.

So I know exactly what goes into my smoothies.



Just ordered my second 20kg bag of WPC and very happy with the first. Value of money and good quality. The best thing about this product is that is not full if all that artificial ingredient that you find in protein powders these days. Stick to the basics,trust me they are just trying to take your money.


Affordable healthy whey

It's simple, I was looking for an affordable whey protein without all the loaded artificial rubbish put into products these days. Its hard to find no soy and no artificial sweeteners but professional whey does not contain either, it also tastes great. Combine good prices and reliable delivery and you really do have a great product. Thanks guys!
Reliable, affordable and effective

Products and service second to none!

I probably buy NZ Whey Iso and Creapure from Professional Whey once every 2 months, every time I do I'm always given a great product which helps me while I try to reach my goals. But apart from this I'm always amazed at their customer service and shipping speed!! Just when I start to scrape the bottom of my last packet, I order that same day and have the products here pretty much the next day!!

The protein and creatine themselves are of excellent quality also!
High quality, Fast postage and great customer service
A little expensive for some products but you really do get exactly what you pay for!

Binkz85Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC4 posts

Om nom nom!!

I ordered the sample packs to try it out based on a recommendation from a friend. I love how quickly it arrived (the emails made my day!) and best of all they all taste amazing! I haven't had such a good quality whey that tastes so good and mixes so easily even in water! I am definitely converted :) The only thing that could make this little birdy happier would be if they added a coffee flavour too :-D
Inexpensive, mixes easily, fast postage
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Ruth Turner
Ruth TurnerSydney

A great all rounder protein source

Aus Whey Protein Concentrate is my core protein source. It provides the ideal quick and easy post workout protein hit and periodic recovery meals. It is easily prepared, and can be used in a wide variety of ways: in smoothies and shakes; added to yoghurt, cereals, porridge and desserts; and as a key ingredient in making high protein treats. I have found it especially effective during the ‘under-eating’ phase of my dietary format as it is easily digested, stabilizes my blood sugar, keeps my energy levels high and my hunger under control. All this at a very reasonable cost.

Brad Marsh
Brad Marsh

Top quality, cheap and fast delivery!

I've been buying NZ WPC for about 2 years and love the quality, price and fast delivery time. I also just ordered a cacao and mint sample pack and it was one of the best things I have ever tasted. It was like baby jesus himself was pouring it into my mouth.
Top quality, cheap and fast delivery

Great products and service

Ordered my supplements at 2a.m yesterday morning, then today at 2p.m my package arrived! Amazing delivery time and great pure supplements that are easy to digest, great prices too!

I also loved the sense of humor that they apply In their emails, made me have a good laugh!

Will certainly be a return customer!


Rod Berryman
Rod BerrymanWoori Yallock

Can"t go past the value of the wpc

Have been a long term customer of Professional Whey & have purchased a number of 20 KG bags of both the WPC & WPI (unflavoured). For my money you can't beat the WPC good great protein source, easily mixed & tastes good considering there is no flavour added - great value & the service has always been great as well.

I have even recommended it to a number of people from the gym & all have said the same.

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