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Profine Constructions

Profine Constructions

3.2 from 5 reviews

Like a Snail and unprofessional

We thought at first this builder is a gem. We build our house with them but took a long time. Supervisor is hard to contact, quality of jobs not even good. Incomplete jobs on turnover and up to now you have to chase them for the repairs. Once you paid everything for them they let you chase them. Hard to talk to them. We’ve met people they built with them we have the same issue with them. Very unprofessional. Will never recommend this to my friends.

Construction End DateJun 2018

Worst builder in melbourne

Really unprofessional builder, works only for money, have upgraded many items but they didn't upgrade, tried to hide under wall. When I catched, they refund some of that money. Never build for customers they built only for themselves. Full of lies, hundred of empty promises from different people. They not willing to do even what is in the contract. Took more than one year to complete, even after completion full of leaking everywhere and failed drainage system which upgraded with extra Aud 3000/ all weep holes being under the ground level. People who wants to build their dream home please stay away from this builder.

Construction End DateSep 2018

WOW - Delivers on Promise every time!

I have build with Profine 3 times and all 3 houses were built beautifully.
Great quality workmanship. I didn't even get any defects on all 3 houses at all.
Its been 18months - 24 months and the house is still without any defects.
Profine made it easy for us so we had no problem utilising their expertise every time to build a perfect house.
Its a family run business so they understand their customers well.
The sales team, office team and the site supervisor were excellent to deal with. Excellent communication and they listen.
Thanks Natalie and Tom.

Construction End DateAug 2016

New home review

Profine built our new house and we are very happy with the outcome. They were very flexible in the planning stage and enabling us access to do some small amounts ourselves throughout the build. They were very professional and the quality exceeded most builders. There were some things during the build that were an issue as with any construction project, most being resolved to our satisfaction. I would recommend them to anyone.
The access to the building site during construction
The painting was not of the standard as the rest of the trades.

a hidden gem

The big home buildres need to take lessons from this small family run business about customer care and quality control.
From the start, the sales team were opne to some negotiation- within reason.
At the colour selection- they were helpful without being over bearing.
At final inspection- they picked out numerous details that needed doing. They presented a clean house at hand over.
What I like is the fact that they seem to carryout quality control at every stage on construction and the director himself inspects the home before handover. They use tradesman they know and have been with them for a longtime.
Any faults are tended to in a timely fashion.
The completion time from start to end may be slightly longer than say with Porter Davis but knowing things are done properly is priceless.
I have compared Profines prices and standard inclusion list with the builders and have to say that they (Profine) is highly competitive
stress free building process,

Questions & Answers

Hello we are building with profine. we settled on our land and waiting for a buiilding permit. Does anyone know how long it take as its been a month and it still has mot come? Thanks
3 answers
Hi Eva, we are unsure what property you are so if you could so kindly email me i shall provide the necessary information to you. my email natalie@profine.com.au Thank youHi Eva, did Profine come back to you with a start date, have they started construction at your property?Hi my house under construction with profile builders.they have taken 6 months to get council permit.finally they got permit middle of January.but still that could not do anything after slab level.they struggling to move like snails.there are many genuine and reliable builders around .decision is yours. Thanks

We are building eitb profine and have purchased land with them. So thed house i s land and house package. The land does not settle until April but we found out from the land people its not settling till May. I'm annoyed because every time we call profine they never give us a call back when they say they will. Does not make me confident in them. Has that happen to anyone else? Just want to be kept in the loop and not forgotten since land doesn't settle until May
2 answers
Hi we brought our land privately and then had Profine build it for us. Check your contract carefully as it may be the land developer that is holding progression up not the builder. Also ring them in the morning when they aren’t swamped with other things. Many people get into trouble by signing contracts without reading all the details. With a house and land it’s one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make so it’s worth taking the time or have a professional go over it with you if you don’t understand anything. We found they were very professional and would highly recommend them. This is a very busy time in the building industry and they will be trying to meet Christmas deadlines. Be patient as the new year will give them more time and a build starting after may settlement won’t be high on their priority list at the moment so keep that in mind.Dear Eva. I understand you are frustrated in regards to the land delays and I would like to assist you however I cant without knowing all the information. please contact me directly on natalie@profine.com.au so I can assit you and give you a call in regards to your concerns, delays etc.

Hi, we're looking at Profine and SJD builders were pretty torn atm got any opinions/advise?
2 answers
I can't tell you what SJD are like but I do have a lot of experience in building being a cabinet maker for 18 years. Whoever you go with you will always have some problem because when you break it down there are many complex parts to building a house to what you want. Our experience with Profine was really good. I was able to have access to the property at all time and I found if there was a problem that was picked up early it would save money in the long run. Think carefully how you want things especially colours, tiles etc because any changes will incur a cost to you no matter who you choose. They were very professional and their trades were mostly excellent and high quality but this might mean a slightly higher cost but you get what you pay for. I hope this helps.Thanks so much for your imput i really appreciate it.

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