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When you find someone to rent your property, do you them manage it completely yourself? Setting up your own open inspections? If the tenants don’t pay for a few weeks what do you do?
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Hi Mariah, you will indeed be acting as property manager/private landlord. This will involve conducting inspections, signing of the lease and dealing directly with the tenant. When there is an issue during the tenancy that can't be resolved directly with the tenant, the process will be the same as what an agent would go through. There are governing bodies that handle disputes, depending on your state and situation. We recommend doing tenant checks before approving a tenant as a precaution (an optional add-on) as well as reference checks either with us or of your own accord to check out the rental history of any applicant before approving them to come into the property. You would also be wanting to collect payslips and bank statement where available. If there is an issue during the tenancy, staff are available to chat with you at any time and run through your best cause of action dependant upon your personal situation and state, as above. :) If you go to www.propertynow.com.au and scroll to the bottom of the page you should see state specific leasing information that will be useful to you. I hope this helps! If you have any further questions you can direct these here, call us on 1300 664 773 or email us at support@propertynow.com.au, 7 days a week. :)

what is included in the $694 cost
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Hi Marie, as you've mentioned our core cost is $694 inc GST until sold. With our sale package you'll get an until sold listing on Realestate.com.au, Domain and 7 other Real Estate portals, a professional for sale sign, access to printable brochures, instant forwarding of all enquiries, our 24/7 automated phone enquiry system, unlimited changes and full control over your listing via your account where you can edit at any time, a property value and market report where requested, access to forms and templates where available, online private inspection booking service for buyers and you as well as an offline offer submission form for buyers and the biggest and most important part of our package - advice/support 7 days a week from staff, inclusive of licensed real estate agents, whenever you need it. There's of course absolutely no commission once you do sell also. :) You can read more here: https://www.propertynow.com.au/selling-a-property-privately as well as see a range of our other available addons. We'd absolutely love to chat further and answer any questions you may have. You can email us at sales@propertynow.com.au or give us a ring on 1300 664 773 and press 1 to speak with someone between the hours of 9-6pm QLD time. :) I hope this helps.

Hi, there, heard about PropertyNow a minute ago. Could anyone tell me a rough success rate or whether it is suitable for 'young or family with teens'? What is the cost of selling through Property Now?
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Hi Liuxin, our core sale package cost is $694. You can read a list of inclusions here: https://www.propertynow.com.au/selling-a-property-privately - in regards to a success rate, you can view SOLD listings here: https://www.realestate.com.au/agency/property-now-logan-reserve-VFLTYD?activeSort=list-date Unfortunately, we don't have an exact success rate as it's very difficult to get an accurate percentage as we operate Australia wide and owners will sometimes withdraw their properties instead of marking as sold. Our SOLD listings also we're logged with Realestate.com.au when we first started our business. Success in a sale will also be based around how you price your property, the current market in your area and a range of other factors. Productreview, Trustpilot and our Facebook page is a good place to assess the level of success we have from our owners. We'd love to chat with you more or give you a call to chat. You can email us at sales@propertynow.com.au or call 1300 664 773 and press 1 to speak with us at any time. :)Thank you for your prompt reply. I shall use your email to ask a few more questions.Fantastic, thanks for chatting with us Liuxin :)

Hi. We are wanting to sell our home and have already spoken to a real estate agent. We have looked at your reviews about your company and are impressed. A little worried about legal side of doing it ourselves as we have never tried this before. Would we be better to talk to you and find out all the ins and outs? Regards Bev Breese
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Hi Beverley, it's wonderful to hear you're thinking of selling privately. To give you the most peace of mind, we would recommend giving us a call so we can go over everything with you. It's all really quite straight-forward, and much easier than you may expect, especially the legal side of it. You can give us a call 7-days a week on 1300 664 773. Kind regards, PropertyNow.

I have a place for rent at Lennox Head I’ve already registered Do I need to pay another $x to put an add up?
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Hi Bev, I can see you already have an active listing for a property at Brooklet. If you're wanting to list another property, unfortunately, there will be a new listing fee for a secondary property. You won't need to create another account, however, you'll be able to do this directly in your current PropertyNow account. Please contact us at sales@propertynow.com.au if you'd like to chat further. :)

Hi, We live in a reasonably remote/rural area of SA but it's only about half an hour from the Barossa and 20 minutes from Blanchetown (the river). It's a very unique property and I can't imagine there would be anything else quite like it in Australia. It has 4 acres and used to be a pioneer museum. It has 2 churches (the big one is the main home), the second is mostly self-contained, a huge, funky stand alone games room, an old school house that used to be used in the 30's and is now a separate room, many other buildings (a drapery shop, PO, carpenters shop etc, etc) and a cemetery. With it being such a unique place with nothing to compare it to, we would need to ask for people to put in their best offers rather than advertise with a price. Would this be a problem if using PropertyNow?
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sounds gorgeous. My property was in central victoria near small country towns and very quirky also and hard to describe to people as it was built in the 1860s. Take lots of photos and perhaps send interested clients and be prepared to shows lots of people through. I do feel that you have to put a rough guide on price even if you say that expressions of interest will be considered.Thanks Anne H. I definitely agree with taking lots of photos. Just so much to describe. Also think it's probably a good idea to put a rough price guide. People may think that on the description that it might be out of their price range but land is very cheap where the property is and won't sell for as much as it would in a better area. Thanks again for your suggestions.Hi there, We can definitely show the display price as “Best offer” but the system on Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au will need a back-end price. This is just the price that the system uses for searches (for instance, it needs to have a price so that it knows if it should show the property for a search of $500,000 - $600,000 listings) but it can be hidden so that people searching cannot see it. Does that make sense? Hope you have a fantastic day! Please let me know if I can assist you further.

Who confirms the sale price advised by the vendor themselves? What happens if a vendor exaggerates their property description?
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I am considering using your services. What is your experience in advertising and selling properties in the Sutherland Shire NSW?
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Hi Josh, I would need a more detailed list from you in relation to the suburbs in this area to do a more in-depth search for figures. What I can share are the figures for what we have sold to date in state form over the last 2 years. If you would like to direct any further questions to us please send them over to sales@propertynow.com.au and we will be happy to asssit 2017 SOLD = 801 LEASED = 1201 Breakdown of sales ACT = 9 NSW = 219 NT= 5 QLD= 281 SA= 60 TAS= 26 VIC=114 WA= 87 2018 SOLD = 320 LEASED= 671 Breakdown of sales ACT= 5 NSW= 87 NT= 3 QLD = 120 SA = 25 TAS = 15 VIC =38 WA = 27

Where do I get the offer and acceptance contract forms?
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Hi Cassie - All forms are available within your account, simply log in to www.propertynow.com.au and click Forms & Downloads from the left hand menu.

Are you very successful at selling houses central coast NSW?
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Hi Paul, Our model is an agency assisted sale. We assist with the marketing but you as a private seller actually sell the property yourself with the help of a conveyancer, solicitor or settlement agent for all legal paperwork and deposit dealings. In regards to our success, our private sellers sold over 780 properties Australia wide in 2017. In 2018 so far 59 have sold in NSW alone and 218 Australia wide. Please let us know if we can assist with any further questions. Have a wonderful weekend ahead :) Jasmyn PropertyNow

I’m thinking of using Property Now, I’m based in Perth and I haven’t seen this company around. Im just wondering if anyone from the same state has been successful and what their experience has been? I always read the reviews, however it always seems to be more Eastern States based.
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Hi Jo, we definitely operate nationwide and although our staff are based in the eastern states we maintain extended hours to ensure we're open your normal business hours. If you price your property correctly and are responsive to enquiries it will sell as well as any other property on the market in your local area (we like to think that it will sell better!). The average time on market in WA (across all agents and companies) is up to 100 days for houses currently so it can take a bit longer than you'll have seen in some of our reviews from the Eastern states however the commission saving may give you more room to move on price which in turn could potentially help you sell faster. We've actually helped sell a number of properties in WA over the years, I did a quick search and grabbed a couple of our Perth sold listings on realestate.com.au for you. https://www.realestate.com.au/sold/property-apartment-wa-south+perth-125475866 https://www.realestate.com.au/sold/property-townhouse-wa-north+perth-123534678 https://www.realestate.com.au/sold/property-residential+land-wa-north+perth-201602522 If you've any specific questions I can answer for you please don't hesitate to ask. - Coreyna, PropertyNowHi Jo, I also quickly logged in to check, all forms are available and you can tell how attentive they are as well as their service standard by prompt reply as above. I would definitely recommend it.

what is the cost for this?
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Hi Frank, our cost is just $694 to sell or $195 to lease your property. These prices include GST and are until sold/leased meaning no ongoing fees or commissions and no time limits.

How many photos can be loaded onto the Domain website? Can I make adjustments to my ad myself?
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Hi Gayney, You can upload as many photos as you wish to your account with us and we will send them to all sites however Domain will only display the first 28 images. You can make adjustments (including adding images) to your ad yourself at any time within your account at PropertyNow and the changes will reflect on all sites within 45 minutes of you hitting the Save button.

Where do I send a photo with the sold sign for the house we sold in July. email me on [email removed]
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Hi Shirl, ProductReview hides your email address automatically so we won't be able to email you but you can email your sold sign photo to us at sales@propertynow.coma.u or can post it on our facebook. Congratulations on your sale too!

We are not 100% ready to sell, will be in a few months. Ive seen so e properties listed on realistate.com as 'expressions of interest' can your companies share its thoughts on doing this? Thnkypu
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Hi Gracie, My personal thought is that most buyers are aware of their budget limit so by listing "Expression of Interest " you could possibly have a buyer overlook your listing because they feel it may be out of their price range or they prefer to look at what they know is within their budget. We listed our preferred selling price then negotiated with our buyers from that point. I hope this helps.Hi Gracie, When it comes to this term it is only something QLD, WA and TAS have the opportunity to use. Each state has specific price display regulations. This is a great way for someone to gauge what price people may be willing to spend on a property but also invites low ball offers as there is no benchmark set. It often results in a bunch of enquiry simply asking of what price you want to obtain. We advise being clear on what you would like for the property and if you do set your price as "Expressions of interest" having a set number or range in mind for your reply. Please let us know if we can assist further :) Jasmyn PropertyNow

Hi we have 4 apartments that we have built. They have been on the market now for around 9 months. I want to take on the sales for this now. Can you advise how do I begin?
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Hi Kelly, Firstly you would create an account using this link to get started - https://www.propertynow.com.au/signup You will be asked to select a package, options can be found here- https://www.propertynow.com.au/selling-a-property-privately Once you compile your advert you will see a preview and the last step will allow you to make payment. Once completed our admin staff will look over the listing and ensure that everything is professional to then launch you on to the sites within a 1-3 hour period. If you would like to discuss anything in further depth please give us a call on 1300 664 773. Jasmyn PropertyNow

Hi,we have a house in inner city Brisbane which we want to lease out. Are you able to tell me what percentage of landlords (who have paid your fee) have leased their property through you. We have always previously used an agent but are considering our options this time around.
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Hi Jacqueline, I hope you're having a lovely weekend. Unfortunately, we don't have any exact percentages available currently. I can say that it's exceptionally rare that a rental property won't lease and do so quickly, especially coming into the warmer months. Of course, there are variables, for example where the property is located, the rental price, what other properties are available in the area and how in demand that area is. We'd be happy to send you a free postcode and property report for your property to give you a better idea of what's currently happening in your area. We'd just need you to email the property address through to us at sales@propertynow.com.au and we can get that organised for you. We're also happy to give you a call 7 days a week to chat and see if our services would be beneficial to you; or you can pop any additional questions in an email if preferred. Let us know if we can assist further.

Hi Just curious about who supplies / arranges the paperwork for the offer and the contract of sale. I assume you then get a settlement agent to do the rest right ? Thanks
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Hi John, without knowing the state your property is located I can't give to in depth an answer but essentially, you're absolutely right. Once you have an offer you're ready to accept, all you need to do is phone your settlement agent so they can draw up the paperwork for you.

I have a commercial Property in Brisbane QLD . Shop 99m2 and Office 42 m2 . What do you offer for Leasing of commercial tenancies and Management? Rick
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Hi Rick, we can advertise you on realcommercial.com.au and commercialrealestate.com.au at a cost of $195 including GST. We don't offer commercial lease management services at this time I'm afraid.

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