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Saved over $16,000 in commission

We were selling two blocks of land and we had done our research on price. We were sure we could get a result quickly without the services of a real estate agent, even though we are on an extended holiday overseas. We wrote our own advertisement, we took our own photos and uploaded to the PropertyNow website.
Using PropertyNow the blocks had plenty of interest, even before the old house was demolished. Within two weeks we were fielding offers and both properties went to contract in 3 weeks.
In this case there was no service that a real estate agent could have performed that would have justified the commission. We saved about $16,000.
Very happy with the PropertyNow option of listing and advertising. I would not hesitate to use them again in similar circumstances.

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Hi Penang, Thank you so much for leaving such a truthful review :) We really appreciate your feedback! Saving $16,000 must be a terrific feeling, you can now go on another holiday! Thank you for choosing the better way to sell. From all of us here at PropertyNow, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

great service at an affordable price

the team was very helpful. they got my house listed on all the main housing sites very fast. i found it very easy. selling my house was stress free and i would use property now again. cheers

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Hi Russ, Thank you very much for leaving us some feedback :) We are glad to hear you found the process easy and stress free, we believe that's how it should be! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Kind Regards, PropertyNow :)

Thanks Property Now

Property Now gave us the opportunity to sell our home without stress. Their processes are straightforward, uploading photos and filling in details is easy, and they have no hidden fees. We are very happy to recommend them.

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Hi Fran, Thank you so much for leaving us a review :) We are very happy to hear your experience with selling your own home was stress free, that's how it should be! :P We would like to offer our personal congratulations for this wonderful achievement. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Kind Regards, PropertyNow

Offers selling control

They are a great team very friendly and helpful. Property now offers a range of services to assist you in selling so you can be in control of your own property. Then there is the bonus of no commission. A great way to sell.

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Hi Gloria, we're delighted to hear that you're so happy with our team, and our product. We're very happy that you've had success with us, and really hope to work with you again in the future! Have a great day! Kind regards, PropertyNow.

Success again!

This the 4th time I have had success with propertynow, Can’t recommend them highly enough. Easy and streamlined and so much cheaper than using an agent!

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Hi Sky, Awesome! Thank you so much for using PropertyNow. We appreciate your continued business and would like to personally congratulate you on your continued success! Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours :) Kind Regards, PropertyNow

Great way to sell

PropertyNow have been very helpful throughout our whole sale process. It has been so much more peaceful without going through a Real Estate Agent and we have felt so much more in control throughout the whole process. It was also great to get to actually talk to the people buying our house. We would definitely go through you again for any future house sales and have recommended you to our friends, who have been equally impressed with you. Thanks PropertyNow.

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Hi Gecko, Thank you so much for leaving us such an awesome review, we really appreciate such positive feedback :) We are glad we were helpful throughout the whole process and it was peaceful compared to a traditional real estate agent! Thank you so much again for leaving us a review and recommending us to your friends! Kind Regards, PropertyNow

So easy. I'm going to buy a boat with the $20k I saved on commission

After trying unsuccessfully for 4 months to sell through an agent we decided to give PropertyNow a try. We sold our place within 2 weeks and saved $20k in commission. We were nervous in the beginning, but the online process was so simple and dealing directly with the buyers took away all the second guessing and mistrust both parties are used to when communicating via an agent.

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Hi Bernie, thanks a million for taking the time to leave us a review of your experience. We're so happy to hear of your success and wish you the biggest congratulations from the entire team. Thanks again for letting us know and definitely send us a photo of that boat after you buy it! ;)

Hassle free selling your home !

Excellent website and service, really easy to use, and i would definitely use this service again.
we achieved a price equivalent or more than what any other agent could have achieved.
very happy

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Hi Martin, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us such a positive review :) We really appreciate your contributions and wish you all the best with future endeavours! Kind Regards, PropertyNow

A genuinely easy way to sell your property

We have just sold a country property for the full asking price. For those of you who don't know, country properties, especially those on dirt roads, can take six months or more to sell, this property sold in four months ... from first online advert to settlement today.
This is the second country property we have sold with Property Now, and quite frankly, would do exactly the same if another opportunity arose. I am a strong believer in the owner of a property being the best person to sell their place, especially country properties.
The process of selling through Property Now is simple and you have the added bonus of help from them at any stage. I am in my seventies and found it a doddle.
If I can do this, so can anyone.
Kaye Norman.

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Hi Kaye, thank you so much for your wonderful review. How awesome that you've sold not one but two properties with this method. Well done you! We've absolutely loved having you as a client and hope to have you back at some point in the future. Thanks for taking the time to leave some feedback. All the best with your future endeavours :)

So quick, easy and inexpensive.

PropertyNow has access to advertising on sites restricted to agents. I had advertised for some weeks on other sites, but as soon as I listed with PropertyNow and they advertised on the agent restricted sites a flood of enquiries were received. The property was rented to a group who came through on the first open for inspection.

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Hi Marie, thank you for taking the time to review our company. We appreciate and are pleased to hear you had such a positive experience using our services. All the best with your future endeavours :) Kind Regards, Corey - PropertyNow

Great service

So easy to list and update, property was leased quickly and the whole process was seamless from start to finish.

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Hi David, we're so glad you found the process easy and leased quickly. Congrats! :)

An overpriced and inferior service

At $694 for a standard listing, PropertyNow are one of the most expensive ‘for sale by owner’ websites. Yet they offer an inferior product to similar sites which are $300 less. Instead of prospective buyers being able to contact the seller direct, they are forced to contact PropertyNow first and provide a code number. This is both annoying and time consuming for buyers. PropertyNow claim that realestate.com.au rules will not allow them to provide the sellers phone number. This is false! Just look at any conventional real estate agency listing and somewhere on the webpage will be the agent’s mobile number. I also found the licensees attitude left much to be desired. Instead of listening to my complaints, [name removed] shouted at me and was extremely belligerent. I urge you to save your money and to go with another company.

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Hi Graham, it's disappointing to see your review. We're sorry that you weren't happy with our services. In regards to Realestate.com.au, it's actually correct that they don't allow us to list owner details on the listing. This is by no means a false claim. We follow their terms of service strictly to ensure the listings of our clients are safe, failure to follow terms can result in the removal of listings or a suspension/deletion of the account. You can contact them directly to confirm their policy on contact information on listings, via: customercare@realestate.com.au or 1300 134 174 - this may help clarify things for you. We aren't allowed to input any references to private sales or contact details in the listings directly, however, we are allowed just one account (or agency) number as you've mentioned above - this is where you'd see a traditional agents contact number and would usually contact the agent for information. As our model is different and we have over 2,000 properties Australia wide (that are handled by the owner,) we have a 1300 line that when enquirers call they hear a recording with the name and phone number of the property owner. Contact details of our clients are given out 24 hours a day, the same will also apply via email. We do also have a 'direct connect' service available where the property owners phone will ring when someone enquirers, instead of the automated message, In relation to other companies being cheaper, this is absolutely true. They also have outdated systems, outdated enquiry systems, limited support and limited user functionality - as well as other costs that may not be listed. We're very sorry to hear that you weren't happy with your chat with Andrew. We'd absolutely love to discuss this further with you if you'd like to have another chat with someone else. Wishing you all the best with your future sale. With sincerity, Shiloh

Perfect way to sell your property

Great site and the staff are excellent. From my experience the public are really pleased that they are speaking to the owner of the property and not just an agent. Thoroughly recommend this type of selling.

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Hi Anne, naturally we completely agree! We think that people do prefer simply dealing with the owners directly - we also believe that with a little bit of time and effort, it is also more effective. We're very glad to read your endorsement, and thank you for taking the time to write us a review! Have a great day! Kind regards, PropertyNow

Loving the cost and simplicity of Property Now

If you have the time to do the Opens yourself, Property Now does all the heavy lifting as far as marketing. Open 1 day = Leased.
This is my 3rd time using Property Now with quick success each time.

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Hi Rogan, it's wonderful to hear that you're having consistent success with PropertyNow. We'd love to take all the credit, but we firmly believe that private-selling/leasing really is the way to go. All the best, Rogan - we hope we get to work with you again in the future! Kind regards, PropertyNow.

Recommend PropertyNow

I was very happy with the service I received from the PropertyNow team. Access to the current REIQ documents was especially useful.

Myra, Brisbane

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Hi Myra, Thank you for your review. We are pleased to hear you had a great experience. Wishing you all the best for your future endeaours :) Corey - PropertyNow

A great low-cost alternative to a traditional real estate agent.

Property Now are great to deal with; the director (Andrew) answered my phone call at 7:30pm at night. He did not need to convince me that Property Now provide good value for money; I had just tried to advertise my property myself on Domain.com.au ($660 for 8 weeks) and Realestate.com.au (not possible if you are not a licenced real estate agent). Property Now charge under $700 to advertise on both of these websites, plus several more real estate websites, with no time limit. Property Now is very responsive too; my house was listed online less than 2 hours after I created my Property Now account (with photos). A professional-looking advertising sign was delivered to my door step the very next business day. The sign looked like it was from a real estate agency (not a cheap-looking "For Sale By Owner" sign); some buyers were pleasantly surprised to find my house was being sold by the owner.

Property Now provided an information guide which was really helpful. They also have several informative YouTube videos. I found the after-sales support was quite good, with my emailed questions being answered within a few hours. I photographed the property myself using an iPhone 7 (a 12 megapixel camera). I also measured the house interior and created my own floor plan (for advertising purposes) using floorplanner (dot) com - you don't have to go through this effort if you don't want to; Property Now provide this service for a reasonable price.

I got enquiries from 18 different parties in the space of 2 1/2 months, before I finally found a buyer. I liked being in control of the entire process, and not at the mercy of a real estate agent whom only has his/her own interests at heart. Dealing with buyers myself meant that I could get feedback on what they thought about the property; it was also reassuring to know that buyers enquiring about my property were not being directed towards other properties in some agents portfolio. I was also able to respond to online enquiries (with a phone call) from buyers in a very timely manner (in the past, I have found some local agents to be quite poor at responding to online enquiries). Each time my property received an enquiry online, a text message would be sent to my phone immediately; this feature is one of many different upgrades available (at small cost) from Property Now. There is also no time limit to Property Now's advertising; simply pay a one-off fee, and you can advertise your property for as long as you want until it is eventually sold. It is much better than having some agent put pressure on you to lower the price so that he can make a sale before the exclusive-agreement period ends.

I've saved over $6,000 in agents fees. In total, I have only spent about 15 to 20 hours of my time dealing with the sale (taking photographs, erecting the sale sign, creating a floor plan, showing buyers the property). Sometimes, it could be a little bit inconvenient (for example, a buyer would phone me and state that he was standing outside the property right now, and would like to be shown it immediately). However, the amount of work involved in selling a property hardly justifies the fees that agents charge.

Just as Uber disrupted the taxi industry by providing a more efficient, more customer-friendly service at a better price, the Property Now business model is likely to one day disrupt the real estate industry.

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Hi Geoff, Wow! Firstly, thank you so much for such a glowing endorsement. It's absolutely wonderful that you've enjoyed your experience with PropertyNow, and achieved success as well. Naturally, we agree with all of your points - the part that really resonates with us is how you mention that the amount of work simply doesn't justify the agents' charges. It's a cost that is completely unnecessary if people are willing to put in just a bit of time and effort in order to do it for themselves. We've been saying for over a decade that houses, for the most part, sell themselves! We really are thrilled that you're so happy with the service and thank you again for taking the time to write such a great review. Thankfully, more and more people are becoming aware that they can sell privately, and we're absolutely determined to change Australian real estate just as you've described! Have a wonderful day, Geoff and thank you once again. Kind regards, PropertyNow

Easy and Affordable - Perfect way to sell a house!

What an Amazing experience.

Propertynow was such an easy way to sell property in QLD, the process of listing the house on Realestate websites, to having a sign board and professional photos taken made the sale of the house very professional and easy. We had one open day with 31 groups of people through the house and 6 offer documents by the end of the day, and sold for greater than our expectations!

When we told everyone that we were the owners and selling it ourselves you could almost here the gasp of relief from the buyers - they knew they weren't going to be dealing with sneaky agents or any tricks, it was a downright easy and affordable process. And we saved a SIGNIFICANT amount of money selling it ourselves.

I would recommend anyone that is willing to put in a bit of effort on hosting the open home - use PropertyNow, so easy and so affordable (and more money in your pocket at the end of the day)

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Hi Carl, thanks so much for your review! Everything you've said is SO TRUE and what we continue to hear from successful sellers over and over. Congratulations to you for taking your property sale into your own hands and saving yourself thousands, we're super proud to have you as a client. Wishing you nothing but the best.

Another easy sale

Another sale done and saving heaps. Best option to sell a house as long as you are prepared to be professional.

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Hi Mandy, Fantastic news! Thanks so much for your review, we're thrilled for you. Congratulations on your success and we look forward to having you back again. :)

Great portal

Wonderful service and affordable prices. My property was leased very quickly for a friction of costs that other portals charge.

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Hi Anna, thanks so much for taking the time to tell us about your experience. We look forward to having you as a returning client and would like to congratulate you on leasing so fast! :)

Great online Real Estate Company (PropertyNow) - that helps you sell your home without agents!

It has been a great experience using Property Now. Their service has been great and the package they offered worked for my needs and was very cost effective. If you have the time and the patience to sell your own home I would highly recommend Property Now. Many thanks to the phone service provided and the smooth online support to in setting up the sale of my home.

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Hi Daniel, We're so glad that you've had a positive experience with PropertyNow! It's wonderful that more people are waking up to the idea that they're entirely capable of selling their own homes, and saving a small fortune in the process. We'd like to thank you for your positive review, and also congratulate you on the sale of your property! Have a great day, Daniel. Regards, PropertyNow.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, there, heard about PropertyNow a minute ago. Could anyone tell me a rough success rate or whether it is suitable for 'young or family with teens'? What is the cost of selling through Property Now?
3 answers
Hi Liuxin, our core sale package cost is $694. You can read a list of inclusions here: https://www.propertynow.com.au/selling-a-property-privately - in regards to a success rate, you can view SOLD listings here: https://www.realestate.com.au/agency/property-now-logan-reserve-VFLTYD?activeSort=list-date Unfortunately, we don't have an exact success rate as it's very difficult to get an accurate percentage as we operate Australia wide and owners will sometimes withdraw their properties instead of marking as sold. Our SOLD listings also we're logged with Realestate.com.au when we first started our business. Success in a sale will also be based around how you price your property, the current market in your area and a range of other factors. Productreview, Trustpilot and our Facebook page is a good place to assess the level of success we have from our owners. We'd love to chat with you more or give you a call to chat. You can email us at sales@propertynow.com.au or call 1300 664 773 and press 1 to speak with us at any time. :)Thank you for your prompt reply. I shall use your email to ask a few more questions.Fantastic, thanks for chatting with us Liuxin :)

Hi, Can you confirm what exactly websites the property will advertised? What's a level of success of sale the rural property? thank you Natalie
2 answers
Hi Natalie - our property was advertised on Realestate.com and on Domain.com and a number of other sites which I didn't recognise and can't remember, but those are the two key ones as far as I know. We sold our house on the first open day but I think it is highly individual and you cannot generalise about how long it would take other properties to sell. Hope that answers your question.Hi Natalie, we're terribly sorry we missed your question. The notification somewhow slipped passed us or didn't arrive at all. Our core package is $694 and includes marketing on Realestate.com.au, Domain and several other smaller portals. A list of inclusions can be found here: https://www.propertynow.com.au/selling-a-property-privately In regards to a success rate, you can view SOLD listings here: https://www.realestate.com.au/agency/property-now-logan-reserve-VFLTYD?activeSort=list-date Unfortunately, we don't have an exact success rate as it's very difficult to get an accurate percentage as we operate Australia wide and owners will sometimes withdraw their properties instead of marking as sold. Our SOLD listings also we're logged with Realestate.com.au when we first started our business. Success in a sale will also be based around how you price your property, the current market in your area and a range of other factors. Productreview, Trustpilot and our Facebook page is a good place to assess the level of success we have from our owners. It's true that Rural properties can sometimes take longer to sell as there can be fewerbuyers/interest in the area or for that particular property type. In saying this, we've also had clients with rural properties sell in a flash. We'd love to chat with you more or give you a call to chat. You can email us at sales@propertynow.com.au or call 1300 664 773 and press 1 to speak with us at any time. :)

Hi. We are wanting to sell our home and have already spoken to a real estate agent. We have looked at your reviews about your company and are impressed. A little worried about legal side of doing it ourselves as we have never tried this before. Would we be better to talk to you and find out all the ins and outs? Regards Bev Breese
1 answer
Hi Beverley, it's wonderful to hear you're thinking of selling privately. To give you the most peace of mind, we would recommend giving us a call so we can go over everything with you. It's all really quite straight-forward, and much easier than you may expect, especially the legal side of it. You can give us a call 7-days a week on 1300 664 773. Kind regards, PropertyNow.

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