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Poor cover and take 30 days to respond

We bought a Shar Pei, our intent was to get cover for our dog as know Shar Pei's often need eye surgery or have issues with their ears at some point in their life.

Having spoken to the call centre and then taken out insurance, our new dog arrived. Within the first week it needed eye surgery so we had the work done. I claimed (all by post which is a dated system), but 30 days post op we were told we were not covered due to a 30 waiting period. Fair enough.... if you ever read the fine print in the back of the booklet which states this special type of treatment (had we been vets and known what the treatment was called, we could have waited the 30 days and been covered..so its all little silly.)

End result, we are now never covered for the treatment of the condition and nor will any insurer now take us on and cover this. So we have chosen to cancel insurance as it is purely just another expense...that is of course unless you have the time to manipulate their system.

I wish I had listen to more reviews...

Insurance claim madeYes

Good most of the time

no excess and pay 80% for my dog who is 13 yrs old now. They monthly cost is getting to high and seems to go up at a crazy rate as each year renews and always the same reasons you get behind it every year. I have had trouble with some claims and the diagnosis has been changed from what the vet has diagnosed which surely is illegal. also had to chase them up a few times over mistakes being made.

Insurance claim madeYes

Absolutely a scam! Don't go with them.

Terrible experience. Life limit on cruciate ligament is a pain in the butt. Especially bad for owners of large breeds. They are also extremely rude and only want to avoid to pay what they should. Do you research before you sign up.

Insurance claim madeYes

Highly recommended

I have had no troubles with Prosure Pet Insurance. I took the insurance out when my dog was a puppy (4 years ago). I have unfortunately had to claim numerous times but there has never been a problem with payment. Highly recommended.

Insurance claim madeYes

Hard to contact by phone

For various reasons I have needed to contact Prosure by phone and it has always taken a long time to get through, even at 8.30am in the morning, just as they open! Very frustrating. Otherwise they have been fine and my cat visited the Vet last Saturday and the refund is already in my bank account, one week later.

Pros and Cons

When I purchased this insurance I got the top level plus wellness for my golden retriever who I got at 8 weeks - her first vet visit after I got her she had a ear infection which I tried to claim during the cooling off period which unfortunately means they now completely pre-exclude ear infections which for me is a big issue as my dog usually gets 2 or so a year that cost me upwards of $150 - apart from this they have been relatively decent. When my dog was 8 months old she had to have shoulder surgery which ended up costing $3,500 and thankfully I got 80% of that back. Fees for thought though, I was originally pay $25.45 a fortnight when I first got the insurance 4 years ago and now it is at $82 a month and is going up another $20 this roll over period. Unfortunately I do think that is overpriced however due to prosure being underwritten by Hollard Insurance it is quite hard to find another insurance that will cover as everything I have claimed up until this point will be pre-excluded - Make 100% sure this is the insurance company for you. As for people saying they have to wait for cheques - if you provide them with your bbs and account number or get it direct debited they will automatically put it in this account.

Efficient with phone inquiries and claim processing.

I don't know why people gave this 2 stars but Prosure worked for me. I have the Gold cover with maintenance bonus. All I had to do was to bring paperwork to vet on the day of treatment, mail the signed form, wait for 4 weeks and cheque was the mail (All together processing time was 4 weeks, but I got a touch-base SMS 3 days after mailing out the form to let me know my claim was received by them). I guess people who had hassle with this company did not read the PSI before submitting a claim. Accident and illness ONLY claimable AFTER 30 days of commencement of your cover. In addition, the phone queue was very short and I waited only 2 mins before my call was professionally answered. I have no issue with this company at all. NB: my pet cat is under 1 year and no claims for surgery was submitted for this claim so I cannot comment on surgery claims. My successful claims were maintenance claims and illness claims.

Satisfied Customer

EDIT 21/06/2014: They have just informed me that they are increasing my payments by more than $10 a month! They were already more expensive than other insurers at $43 per month (I pay $33 for my other Cavalier with another insurer, same underwriter), now it'll be over $53 a month! I have no choice but to stay because other insurers won't cover previous conditions, despite all being underwritten by the same insurer.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I've been with Prosure since my dog was about 5 months old. Just made my first claim after 2 years with them and there were no problems at all. It was a small claim, under $100. Sent in her history, claim form and invoice from vet and got a cheque back in the mail within 3 weeks. Very easy - just followed the process as per their instructions. I will certainly update Product Review of any future experiences, but this has made me confident with the process and their service.
Reasonable turnaround, no questions asked
HUGE increase in price for loyal customer, mail only claim form submission, only provides cheques (does not have the option to deposit in back account)

Another small claim made, again no problems. Got the cheque in 2 weeks. Decided not to insure my second dog with Prosure, however, because it was cheaper with Bow Wow and underwritten and processed by the same company (PetSure / Hollard). The premiums on my small, healthy dog went up from $44 to $55 per month too. I am currently discussing this with Prosure asking why such a substantial jump in premiums. I have written a letter & expecting a written reply back from them. My next step, if no satisfaction, is to approach the Ombudsman re this matter, as I feel the increase is so unjust.I have just received a letter from my insurer for my other dog, Bow Wow Meow Insurance. That has also jumped by more than $10 a month with the same explanation. It's my guess that the underwriter increased its fees. But gosh, if my insurance is going to jump up that much every year when I really need it when they are older I won't be able to afford it! Maybe that's the plan!


Last Month my French Bulldog got an ulcer on his eye that quickly went from not a problem to dangerous.
I took him to a specialist eye surgeon, where they had to give him a corneal gaft.
Beside myself and nearly in tears I had to leave him there.
It has been 2 weeks and he is back to his old self
4 vet visits and heaps of medications later #prosure has refunded close to $2000 of expenses!

If your pet has no preexisting medical conditions (Hank was 6weeks when I took out cover) There is no question in my mind this is worth every cent
instaram hanksome

I recently wrote a review singing the praises of #PROSURE PET INSURANCE - I still stand by it. This is the best thing i could have ever done. BUT be careful of the way your vet words or defines a treatment.
My dog had a cold, sneezed and snot everywhere, when I claimed I was ased to provide more information. Which I had the vet do. My vet put it down to #KENNELCOUGH.
Prosure DO NOT pay out on Kennel Cough
They paid - I didnt have to worry about anything more than my dog's health
Pay by cheque is a tiny bit annoying

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Prosure formerly Vets own

Ive been with this company for 5 years and they have never rejected a claim. My older Lab required complex surgery costing me over $11000 and they refunded 80% minus an excess of $50.They can take up to 10 days to process claims but Ive had no problems with this company and had to call them once and the operator was helpful.
They only accept claims by mail which slows things down a bit.
Efficient and they did exactly what the PDS stated
the excess

They do not pay

I selected silver cover, which doesnt cover everything but does cover surgery and hospitalization. Didn't get a cent back for anything after my dog had a seed removed from his ear, just a vague letter saying my level of cover was not enough. Asked them what level and they could not provide an answer.

A company to avoid.

Bad Company Not recommended.

I have had my policy for eighteen months. My dog had skin cancers (squamous cell carcinoma) which needed removing otherwise they would have spread to other organs and caused death. Prosure have knocked back my claim. Why? Don't know. I have Gold Cover. I haven't yet contacted them only receiving the letter today. Will update when I have spoken to them.
Nothing, wish i had chosen another company
see above

Slow service, good coverage

I have been with ProSure for over 3 years now and have had good rebate for all my claims - up to 80%!
Thought my only negative comment would be in relation to the service. They are very slow in replying to emails and rarely you will get through to someone on the phone.

They only accept claims through the post - get with the times ProSure!!
great rebates
only accept claims via post, then can take up to 2-3 weeks to process. Slow service all round

Buyer beware

If you want to cancel your Prosure pet insurance be aware that you will have to pay out the balance owing on your annual premium. This applies when you have made a claim, no matter how small, during the premium period. My policy was renewed in October 2012, I made a small claim for an insect bite in November 2012, want to now cancel the policy because I can get cheaper elsewhere and am told that I must pay out the policy to the next renewal date, October 2013. That will teach me to read the PDF a little more closely.

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Unfortunatley thats the same with all pet insurances even when ure pet dies you still have to pay out the policy.

Terrible service

In 8 months I had no claim, my dog and cat haven't seen a vet in 2 years except for regular vaccinations. 1 month after submission of the first claim and prosure still asks for vet history that has been already supplied. Prosure sends regular mail in order to delay the process and asks for a prompt reply within 14 days from the date of the mail. I have 500 dollars of unpaid claims and I've already thrown additional 500 in the bin for no inexistent service. Stay away from these thieves and liars.

Very pleased!

I've been with Prosure since getting my rescue dog almost 2 years ago. I've only ever had to provide her history once, with no questions as to the 18months before I got her. Aside from routine health checks, I'd had no real claims until she was bitten by another dog on Christmas day. I waited until she'd recovered before sending in the receipts, and was reimbursed within a few weeks (end of January), no questions asked. Seems I've been very lucky compared to others. I'll certainly be staying with them come renewal time!!
Claims accepted & finalised within a few weeks

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I've unfortunately had to use ProSure insurance again, after my dog got a paralysis tick (despite wearing a flea & tick collar!). Again, it was out of hours (midnight) but after reimbursement from ProSure it only ended up costing me $131. I submitting my claim on Dec 18, 2015, and had the cheque waiting for me when I returned home on Jan 6, 2016, no questions asked. I'm sorry that others have had problems with ProSure, but I really can't fault their service. I'll definitely stay with them!

Petsure refuse to pay

My dog was in quarantine for 6 months and passed many vet checks to be allowed into Australia. He developed heart disease 4 months later, and despite sending all the quarantine records and a full print out of vet notes they still refuse to pay. They even asked for a Stat Dec. Where to go from here I do not know. They have only just replied to a claim I made Last August!!! which they refused to pay

Bad Service, and refusal to pay a genuine claim

This does not surprise me at all. I have them with the ombudsman at the moment. However the finance ombudsman has limited powers compared to telecommunications ombudsman (for example). The ombudsman will deal with non-payment but not bad policies or bad customer service. Apparently we need to go to ASIC for that... that is my next port of call. Problem is they are all underwritten by Hollard and no matter which company you are with, they are all processed in the one call centre.Have just made a second claim for removal of skin cancers (squamous cell) and guess what, just received a letter to say they wont pay. I have Gold Cover. Will be taking this further. Wish I had chosen another company. The problem is that all the companies bar one are Petsure. Petplan is the only other company. They are underwritten by Alliance. But my vet has told me horror stories about them too - and they have a mandatory excess. So its a tough call. Prosure have just put up the premiums for my younger dog (who has never had a claim) by 30%. When I called to ask why they gave me a rubbish response. The younger dog now costs more than the nearly 11 year old who has had 3 cruciate surgeries (only paid for as I went to the Ombudsman and my vet wrote a strong letter!). I told them I could leave the company and rejoin and it would cost me half as much. But they still won't review the price. I have limited time to find another company to insure the younger dog - but they all look equally as unappealing. Unfortunately due to his age, the older dog is stuck with them. They don't recognise previous insurance with pet insurance (like they do with humans).

Not a Good Start

I have just signed up for Pet Insurance and instead of debiting my account with $43 they have take out $150!. Waited on the phone for 2 hours, then got cut off, cant get them on the phone today, and sent 2 emails, with no response. I will be calling the Insurance Ombudsman and see how I go.

Poor customer service

It's now the end of February and the debacle continues...unauthorized direct debits and still owed my original $ 150. The financial ombudsman is now involved...I'm taking my business elsewhere. I just posted above and am also with the ombudsman. You may find you need to lodge it with ASIC too as I have just found the ombudsman has very limited powers (in this case - different with telecommunications ombudsman). I also read on another forum that every pet insurance company is underwritten by Hollard and they are all administered in the same call centre and processing centre... So not much help for better service elsewhere I don't suspect.

Delay, delay, delay and poor customer service

I insured my two dogs with Prosure 12 months ago. Even with my routine care coverage I have to wait unreasonable amounts of time for them to even acknowledge receipt of the claim, then there is more than 10 days delay before it is processed.

They have no electronic submission of claims - so Aus Post can also be a problem. And rather than calling me to request more information (that they already had), they send a letter, that took 14 days to get to me (not all Aus Post).

I have requested to speak to supervisors but they were not available. I have had a customer service person call me back, but she was not able to resolve my concerns. I have sent emails and while I have received one response, when I advised they had not answered my question they failed to respond.

I had both dogs screened for cruciate ligament to avoid the waiting period. Because one was older strangely enough (not!) he has limped once in his life. The question on the cruciate screening form is something vague as 'has the owner ever reported lameness/limping' (or words to that effect). As the vet had to say yes (although they made it clear it was definitely not cruciate), they automatically would not waive the waiting period and when I sought reassurance that this would not affect it if there was a cruciate claim post the 6 month waiting period they would not commit.

I am highly unimpressed about the customer service, the time taken to process claims and the fact the claims cannot be claimed electronically (relying on snail mail is highly inefficient and archaic).
When they do eventually pay the cover is reasonably comprehensive
Bad service, slow service, slow to pay. Have to pay vet upfront.

Update on my post above. This is the most awful company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I have had my two dogs insured with them for 18 months and not once have I had a claim paid without it first being rejected (despite it being a genuine claim to be covered). My emails are never answered and I waited on hold for 1.5 hours waiting for my call to be answered. I have lodged them with the Financial Ombudsman Service - but unfortunately they have limited powers. I am waiting on a claim from over 6 weeks ago - they managed to reject one in less than 2 weeks, but the other in the same envelope has not been rejected or paid. I have emailed them asking whether they will cover a particular procedure my dog needs... 3 weeks later I have not had a response. The fastest claim turnaround time I have had is 5 weeks - and that was after 3 phone calls. This is despite their website and PDS advising that claims will be paid "without delay". I also now express post my claims to them. However despite the receipt of delivery from Australia Post, they still take at least a week to acknowledge they have even received the claim (let alone processed it). Every claim is disputed (even if it is meant to be covered)... it is just exhausting dealing with them. Avoid at all costs!same here...they are a cancer for society

They Couldn't Care less

Prosure, Petsure, Vetsown are all the same with Provet collecting 20% of premium. 1st claim took months to finally be told that the claim had been rejected with no reason as to why. We constantly had to contact them and supply a Stat Declaration for our insured rescue dog. They Finally advised that because his "illness" was within the 30 day waiting period that it is now also considered a Pre existing condition. This claim was an "accidental injury" which doesn't come under this 30 day waiting period but the claim was still rejected. Seems now, they don't have a particular invoice and want us now to supply original. They still haven't answered question as to how they could reject it without all relevant information.

Have put in 2nd claim and again after nearly 1month we've had to ring to see if it was received and told that we will not be advised until it gets to an assessor and they have no idea when that will be as they "have a big load and we are in a queue".

There are only 2 companies underwriting all these pet insurances - Allianz and Holland and Holland are not on my top 10 list. When writing a review you're asked to be objective - how can you when one is treated in this care less, unprofessional manner.

My comment is forget pet insurance and put money away each week you'll save in the long run as well as saving on the huge amount of angst and agitation. There also needs to be government intervention with regard to the proliferating pet insurance industry.

This sounds identical to my experience. It is just disgusting. The Ombudsman have told me that ASIC have more powers. I am considering lodging a claim with them... does anyone want to join me?same here , no claims in 8 months and now they try all the ways to avoid paying

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Questions & Answers

Which is the best bonafide pet insurance?
1 answer
There is none All of them are backed by Holland Capital and have almost identifical policies The only difference is the bonus and the customer service

I notice Prosure Pet Insurance and RSPCA Pet Insurance have the same mailing address, can anyone explain this to me I am a little confused, having opened a new policy with RSPCA pet Insurance after ceasing my policy with Prosure due to my dissatisfaction?
3 answers
they are the same thing: australia wide there is only 1 underwriter across all insurances....maybe only Allianz is independent...thus making the pet insurance world a mono/oligo-polyHi Judy, cannot answer your query about the mailing address, but I am looking to cancel my Prosure policy due to dissatisfaction. They have refused to pay my claims, despite letters from my vet etc. I hope you have more luck with the RSPCA insurance.All Pet Insurers eg RSPCA, Aust Post, Coles and more are under the umbrella of Holland Insures, Pet Sure is the company that looks after all the claims for all insurers and is based on commission. Pet Sure is offshore company in the Philippines . So your not dealing with Australian people, your dealing with Philippinos ggggrrrrr and any one considering pet insurance think again its a giant rip off as I've lost $2,500 aud and that's a lot of money

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