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Proteus Studio 2000 Home Gym

Proteus Studio 2000 Home Gym

4.5 from 2 reviews

Home GYm saved my life

After a close encounter with a barbell while doing bench press, I got a Studio 200. Great machine. Mine has the alignment slighty off so pulleys do not line up perfectly. Otherwise, a great machine. I habe now broken a cable for the second time (wear and tear) and am having trouble finding a supplier for a new cable in Alberta, Canada. Help!!


Excellent value for the price; a versatile home gym for the more serious enthusiast that does not take up a whole lot of space in the home environment. Beats the heck out of paying ever increasing Gym fees.
Very robust construction, with a good range of exercises. It is built to allow good exercise technique, and it is suitable for the bigger / heavier person.
None that I can pick

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This Gym machine is very good. i have one of them. but now the cable is going break, how do I find a cable for this in Doda.

Questions & Answers

I had to relocate my Proteus and am having trouble connecting the cable. Do you have a diagram online I could refer to?
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Actually my own cables are out for replacement. One broke, so I will replace both. I did draw on the machine with dry erase marke to show where the cables went. Not sure how to attach pics but id you email me I can do it. soharding at cbe dot ab dot ca with no spaces. I may also have drawings in the manual. I will find that. Cheers.

If I use 2 weights on the Proteus Studio , how much weight am I using?
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Every weight plate is 10 pounds but the connector stuff is 10 pounds, so no plate gives ten pounds, then every plate adds ten more pounds. Two plates gives thirty pounds. Four plates gives fifty pounds

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