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Pulse Fitness

Pulse Fitness

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Beware of this so called therapist / trainer

I called Sam Bastawros for advice on my ongoing health issues and he confidently advised me that he could help me
but after seven days of excrutiating "remedial ' service, I'm now worse off than before and now seeking proper physio threrapy from a Qualified therapist. Please be aware of your choices for therapy, I do not recommend this person whatsoever

Shonky operator with no knowledge of physio therapy whatsoever

I went to [name removed] not expecting miracles but looking for professional advice on a long term management and exercise program to help me help myself maintain and repair a bad posture. Unfortunately after a week of intense pain and $750 removed from my savings, I was in more pain and suffering than I have ever been. I read the information on [name removed]'s website and expected to be guided by a professional therapist but am now receiving substantial physiotherapy to repair the damage [name removed] has caused, I do not recommend this business at all.

Questions & Answers

Thanks for your review. Can you please explain specifically the programs prescribed what proof you have from either a physiotherapist, chiropractor and or related therapist to confirm your allegation of said injury and finally please furnish me with said invoice for the amount aforementioned amount of $750. Which is incidentally less than my current hourly rate. Can you please tell me what my hourly rate is?
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