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Pure Blonde Naked

Pure Blonde Naked

2.0 from 3 reviews

Taste shocking,after 4 stubbs i gave up,

Not very nice beer sorry and the green bottle grrrr lol definitely wouldn't buy this product again ,too expensive, for a locally produced beer

Terrible flowery beer

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tastes like dishwashing liquid

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tastes nice!


This would be in my opinion the best low carb,low Alcohol mid strength beer on the market, do your self a favor and try some. Enjoy.
That fresh crisp flavor and only 3.5%a great excuse to down more than one at the BBQ or with your favorite squeeze, she'll love it too
A bit pricy but hey any thing with quality and flavor is

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I agree totally. I'd give it a f star.

Questions & Answers

Who stocks naked?
1 answer
Dan Murphy use to, looks like its no longer available, pity Good drop to drink now if you can find any is Coopers Vintage , a meal inits self , exy but

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