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Weak and perfumed

I like beers in this range but Pure Blonde does not flick my switch. Its appears to be a wanna be beer with a perfumed taste that put me off from sip one. It didnt pack any punch either so I am afraid its not the beer for me.

Very disappointing and uninspired beer

I'd rather drink water than this beer. It tastes too artificial and has no malt or hop profile at all. It would be so much easier to make this beer taste decent and I don't know why they don't just do that. Avoid drinking this beer and spend your money on something much better because this is not worth it.

So Disappointed

I liked the original taste heaps better, do not like this new one at all, so disappointing...Don't know why they had to change it.

pure blonde ultra low carb beer

Well the worst beer ever,bought this to try for new years eve and went home sober,utter revolting hoppy crap and will never buy this again.


Bring back the premiums. The ultra tastes soapy. Shocker decision. Another case of change sake. You have converted me to a Superdry drinker.

Ruined a good beer

Another magical marketing stroke of genius to change a great beer into an absolute shocker.

Have moved on but should CUB admit their mistake and revert back to the old brew like they did with VB, would give it another chance.

New Pure Blonde is bad

BIG mistake changing Pure Blonde formula C.U.B, You've lost a long term customer. Have gone over to Cape Cyan Natural Blonde, 4.6% much cheaper and tastes exactly the same as the old stuff.

Never buying it again

All ways drunk the original, but after trying the new recipe.. Never buying that rubbish again... Spewing.... Looking for a new beer now...

OMG they destroyed our favourite beer

My husband usually drinks Pure Blonde and every now and then I have one. I had my first Pure Blonde since the recipe change this afternoon on an extremely hot day and immediately I noticed the change in taste and think it tastes terrible. Before it was a nice refreshing taste and now it tastes bitter. Why on earth did they change a beer that was so popular. Don't tinker with a recipe that works.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The original Blonde was perfect. Whoever the moron is that decided to change this excellent brew needs to be sacked. Bring back the real thing.

A great beer ruined!

I have enjoyed Pure Blonde from the time it was first released, but the "new improved" version is like dishwater and I simply cannot stand it. Like other reviewers, I too am now looking for a new tipple.

When is a beer not a beer

The Pure Blonde before the change was a great beer for me. I liked the flavor, the aroma and the calories in it. But the marketing guy in the Sales Group always knows better. Lets change the flavor - "Be a market Leader" and go that one step further than everyone else. Ye reap what thou sow.

I too have stopped buying it and now am trialing other beers.

This reminds me of a time when the Swan Brewery in WA took a very popular mid-strength beer off the market (Swan Gold) and relaunched a new brand of lite beers. It never worked and they were changing the recipe again after 3 months.

The lost market share from that decision was never regained and the Brewery closed its doors a few years later.

As they say - "If it ain't broke don't fix it."


Ruined a great beer. I won't buy it again until they go back to the original. 10 years of a carton a week was brand loyalty. No more. Back to Tooheys New

Looks & Tastes like Plain Brand rubbish

My Local bottleshop owner said to me "they've changed your beer"
I said "oh, that's ok, they won't have done much- CUB wouldn't be so stupid to muck with a good thing"
It's such a disappointment to drink now. Like others have, I emailed the brand manager & got the same watery reply (like the beer) about a healthy beer option.
That's what water's for & it's free from the tap.
If it's any consolation, the Blonde Mid is as close as I can find to the real thing, but as soon as I find a non-CUB alternative, I'm swapping.
Stupid, stupid move CUB.

No Longer Drinking Since The Recipe Change

I used to drink Pure Blonde at least once in every 2 carton purchases. I never bought it for the low carbs, I just liked the light but still hoppy lager taste. It was a lighter and slightly cheaper version of the Boags Premium lager that is my other standard drink. Since the change I just drink Boags Premium now. Not a bad thing really.

Very watery compared to old style

It has gone from enjoyable to just acceptable flavour seems to have suffered immensely
Very strange flavour now. The fourth bottle started to taste a bit like carbonated squeezed lemon

why change a good thing

I,ve drank pure blondes for years in preferance to db export33. The new version has lost its crispness and tastes like a very average low alcahol beer.I have diabetes and the old variety was certainly low enough in carbs for me. Looks like it'll be the nz stuff from now on

The Death of Pure Blonde.......

Brewed carbonated water.....we too started drinking pure blonde at its launch back around 2004. We rolled with the few minor changes until now. I emailed CUB to provide feedback expressing disappointment that after all these years of enjoyment, we would now have to find an alternative beer. I received a courteous reply advising the new Pure Blonde is gluten free & extremely popular, with little acknowledgement of what we considered "Constructive Feedback". Very disappointing.

They have killed a good beer.

If blonde means colorless, that is exactly what my once favorite beer has become in its newest form. No flavor whatsoever. It's like drinking carbonated water. I wish I had only bought a six pack instead of a carton like I always did with Pure Blonde. The rest will go to waste as, after many years of enjoying Pure Blonde, I now start searching for new favorite beer. A shame really. Take a good product and stuff it up.

I will be looking for a new beer

I have been drinking Pure Blonde since the day it was released, and I've loved it the whole time. The new Pure Blonde is watery, tasteless, unmemorable rubbish. I will never purchase it again.

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