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Bring Back the Original Version

The new Blonde is poor substitute for the original Blonde. The new one is a bottle blonde whereas the old one was a Pure Blonde. Seriously, why did you change a good beer for a reduced alcohol, bad tasting one! I will now be changing to another beer from another brewer. CUB, listen to the market and bring the old one back.


been drinking blondies for years and now it's like soda water, moved to boags premium.

Why change

The old pure blonde was great. Why get rid of it? The new one tastes very different & not in a good way. Will look at other options now which is dissapointing!

Pure Blonde is ruined

I'm really disappointed with the new flavour of this beer. The dramatic change is disgusting. It was my favourite but now I, along with many of my friends will never buy this product again.
Highly disappointing.

Flavour is gone from the ultra low carb pure blondes

I drank pure blondes just for the taste, now to make it ultra low carb they have ditched that, It was in the only beer that I drank. Now what do I drink. Nothing compares..

new flavour is gross

Pure blonde was the first beer i really liked. Now the flavour is terrible. Bring back the good stuff so i dont have to stock pile it whenever i can find it in a bottle shop

Good Beer RUINED

Tried the low carb. Had no satisfying taste plus a lower alcohol level. Might as well drink water. Bring back the good Beer. Bad decision guys

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Have found a great alternative which leaves Pure Blonde for dead. It's Gage Roads Small Batch Larger. Has a great taste even above the pure blond and is a great WA product

Why change a good thing!!!

I am a long term pure blonde lover until now after buying the new pure blonde ultra low carb. This beer does not taste the same as the original so now you have lost a customer.


When It comes to beer it is always going to be very personal as it comes down to a taste and we all have different tastes.
I dont mind the pure blond beer as it is a nice lighter type of taste. Maybe refreshing..
Not too sure about the low carb side of things. This does not draw me in as really if I was trying to be real healthy I guess I would not have a beer at all. But I guess some people might like the whole low carb thing as well.
Nice taste

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