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Pure Design PR6

Pure Design PR6

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PR6 Rower owned since Aug 2017

Sold as a mid range rower, my 45 kg wife uses the rower from 2 weeks of owning it the rower had a click in the drum, the ribbon is short compared to other rowers,

Repair agent looked at rower and fixed it on site, 2 weeks later the same thing happens, they suspected a design fault, fast forward to April 2018 and the ribbon will not retract.

Just waiting for the repair agent to look at to day

I want my money back and will be telling water rowers this.

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The bungy that recoils the rowing ribbon had broken - 45kg lady using the rower and it breaks after 8 months IMO a lemon. Returned the rower to where we purchased it today 20180506, at first we were going to be given a store credit which we were happy with, until using the Store credit was restricted on what we were could buy. After advising the store we were entitled to a refund IAW the consumer laws they agreed we could spend the store credit on anything. At the end of the day we are happy with the new Concept 2 Rower.

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