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Puri eBike XL Series

Puri eBike XL Series

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Puri Ebike XL

travelled at 35klms per hour with faultless performance plenty of storage at the rear with a large topbox and under the seat storage great for work gear to be carried to and from. the battery range was said to be 100klms on one charge although i did not test its capacity i was never without power it was awesome. i upgraded to a scooter from this Puri beast great commuter transportation.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

what an amazing bike

i purchased one recently in melbourne, people at the warehouse were a little secretive which made me wary i also emailed them after to ask a question but no reply but if you want to buy one they answer in minutes. the bike is amazing quiet good up slight hills comfortable and easy to ride cannot fault it. just cannot rely on any after sales service we got your money see you later.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Not a Power Assisted Pedal Cycle ..beware the importers/dealers claims

I refer to your application ADDEND3898 for 32 2016 Ningbo A-OK ES-020A and
ADDEND3899 for 17 2016 Ningbo A-OK ES-020 lodged on 6 September 2016.
Due to a number of enquiries from other jurisdictions, the Department has recently
reviewed the assessment of power assisted pedal cycles, as defined in the Australian
Design Rules (ADR) vehicle categories. For a vehicle to be determined a power
assisted pedal cycle (AB) category vehicle and be eligible for importation under the
Non Road Vehicle import option it must be a pedal cycle to which one or more
auxiliary propulsion motors are attached and must not exceed a 200watt power output.
The only exception to this requirement is for a “Pedalec” which may have a 250watt
power output, so long as it is fully compliant with European Standard EN:15194.
Evidence of compliance will be required for all vehicles.
For a vehicle to be considered a power assisted pedal cycle (AB) it should also have
the following design features:
" have a total weight (including batteries) less than 35kg;
" have a gearing mechanism between the pedals/crank and the driven wheel;
" have a parallel centre-to-centre length of the crank arms not less than 160mm;
" the distance between the outer of the pedal attachment points on the crank arms,
when measured parallel to the bottom bracket axle, does not exceed 250mm;
" have a seat capable of being height adjustable;
" the distance from top of seat to crank centre is greater than 450mm when the seat
is at the lowest position;
" have no alternative place (other than the pedals) on the vehicle for the rider to rest
their feet on whilst the rider is not propelling the vehicle;
" the vehicle is rendered inoperable by removal of the pedals and cranks;
" the vehicle is not equipped with integrated lighting, such as headlamp(s), front
and/or rear position lamps, stop lamps and/or direction indicators;
" the vehicle is not equipped with a speedometer;
" the tyre section width is not greater than 50mm;
" the vehicle is not equipped with mirrors and/or a horn; and
" the vehicle is not equipped with integrated passenger seating.
The vehicles that you have applied to import do not meet these design features. As
noted in the approval document issued to you on this occasion, I have considered your
particular circumstances and I decided to grant a vehicle import approval under
Section 19 of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (discretion). It is unlikely that future import approvals will be granted to these or similar types of vehicles without
evidence showing the vehicles meet the appropriate national standards for road
vehicles, in particular LA category vehicles (2 wheeled mopeds).
If you would like to discuss this matter further, please contact Dr Linda Rasmussen,
Section Head, Vehicle Imports on 1800 815 272 or via email at:
<linda.rasmussen@infrastructure.gov.au >.
Yours sincerely

June 9th 2017 Update: or a 2-wheeled motor vehicle with a power source other than a piston engine and a ‘Maximum Motor Cyc

LA - MOPED - 2 Wheels - A 2-wheeled motor vehicle, not being a power-assisted pedal cycle, with an engine cylinder capacity not exceeding 50 ml and a ‘Maximum Motor Cycle Speed‘ not exceeding 50 km/h; or a 2-wheeled motor vehicle with a power source other than a piston engine and a ‘Maximum Motor Cycle Speed‘ not exceeding 50 km/h.

Date PurchasedJun 2017
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BENDIGO police are warning unlicensed drivers to ditch their electric scooters or motorised bicycles or risk hefty fines.Sergeant Geoff Annand of the Bendigo Traffic Management Unit said motorised bicycles with engines of more than 200 watts were classified as motorcycles, which meant people needed a valid driver’s licence to be able to ride them.However, he said people were buying 200 watt motorised bicycles and riding them at speeds up to 30kmh or more without pedalling. “A lot of disqualified drivers and drink-drivers are using them to get around the law,” Sergeant Annand said.The warning comes after a Kangaroo Flat woman was convicted and sentenced to one month behind bars for driving an unregistered motorised scooter and not wearing a helmet.The 40-year-old woman, who pleaded guilty to the charges in the Bendigo Magistrates Court earlier this month, was also a disqualified driver.Sergeant Annand said the issue was that the woman had removed the bike’s pedals.“The issue that we have around Bendigo is that people are buying bicycles with 200 watt motors and they are riding them without pedalling,” he said.“A case law in NSW found that if you’re not pedalling and relying solely on the motor it becomes a motorbike.”Sergeant Annand said anyone wanting to go out and buy an electric scooter or bike should consider a “true auxiliary motor” which means the motor only powers the bike when you pedal.For more information about the laws contact the Bendigo police on 5448 1300 or your local police station.

What year and km and distance range

Why want to know ???? More information on XL classic series because the booklet I got don't match up with bike feeling a little disappointed like to know what year ect ect ?? Love the scooter just want the peace of mind about it it's got a digital display too if that helps

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Puri Ebike, Are they legal?

A great Ebike and great value, but can we ride them? Unfortunately claims by the company that the Ebike does not require a licence or registration is somewhat misleading, as senior traffic police in Victoria clearly disagree, asserting that the Ebike is a motorbike. Police have issued tickets for Puri Ebike Users, for unlicensed, unregistered and fail to wear a motorcycle helmet, on numerous occasions. Puri claim on their website and management will verbally tell you that the Ebikes are legally classified as pushbikes etc. However, when pressed they will then tell you that you must peddle at all times when riding in Victoria to be classified as a bicycle. Police however are arguing that the Ebikes cannot be ridden primarily by solely peddling, therefore when being operated, the electric motor is the primary source of power and therefore a motorbike. Again, the courts will tend to accept the police officers assertions that the Ebikes are motorbikes, even though the law is quite ambigious and needs to be challenged in the Supreme Court for legal interpretation and clarification of the legal definition of a bicycle.
DON'T BUY THESE BIKES WITHOUT A WRITTEN GUARANTEE that they are legal, etc. from Puri.
Most police don't worry about policing the Ebike, the exception is officers from the Victorian State Highway Patrol, previously known as the State Highway Patrol.
IF YOU ARE EVER INTERCEPTED BY POLICE FOR RIDING AN EBIKE, IMMEDIATELY START RECORDING THE CONVERATION ON YOUR PHONE. EVEN IN 2016, some police officers will lie and perjure themselves to try and sustain a charge/s. Sadly, magistrates still ACCEPT police evidence, when it's only your word versus the police.
In NSW, the Puri Ebikes and other similar electric Ebikes are not legal, as the bicycle seat on a bike must be adjustable. DO NOT BUY AN EBIKE TO RIDE ON NSW PUBLIC ROADS.
The Puri Ebikes are a great bike, great value and a lot of fun to ride, however don't think you are legally guaranteed to lawfully ride them on a public road in Victoria.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Update to above matter. I appeared in county court to fight changes of unregistered motorcycle, unlicensed driving and fail to wear a motorbike helmet. All charges were dismissed, with Judge John Carmody stating that clearly the argument of the bikes being legally a scooter was clearly wrong. I have since made a complaint against both police officers for perjury, disgraceful conduct and attempting to pervert the course of justice. Unfortunately, such complaints normally are covered up as the coppers normally band together.

fantstic bike love it

Had my bike delivered a week ago, i am so impressed with the quality of the bike. I did have a problem with the pedals and rang cherry, graeme came out the next day to fix a loose screw. All good now, best service ever. I love riding this bike and i did alot of research before i bought my XL and kept coming back to Puri bikes. Graeme is a great bloke and im so glad i bought from puri.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Use it to commute from Essendon to Docklands furthest trip was Essendon to Brighton return

In the first year returned it 3 times for battery problems. Stranded many times as battery lasted nowhere long enough to return home, they replaced ^faulty^ batteries relunctantly n only bcos I threatened legal action. My bike has been out of action since I called the police after the mechanic assaulted me throwing me out bcos i would not accept another makdshift battery which all have failed leaving me stranded. They only guaratee the battery now for 3 mnths w a replacement costing THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Batteries are dreadful expensive and fail completely. The company refused to finally give me a battery at all saying they didnt have any. Dreadful dishonest service decord they are a shonky business the bikes look n ride well but lites fail often n getting repairs involves taxis back n forth to outer suburb Heidelberg w no repairs being completed. Do not buy one if you plan to use it more than once a week for max distance of 30km trip it w die on you.
Reported them to consmer affairs for bad service and exhorbitant charges etc, if u get a puncture a tyre n tube costs ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS AUSTRALIAN. No companies stock their tyre wheel sizes in Australia so 18 mnths later i still cannot get a new battery.
Do not trust their male mechanic, the manager is lovely n honest but he is a crook n violent n dishonest horrible experience

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new expensive battery great >its called a Lithium Iron Phosphate from ping.com its approx. cost US700 A$1000

not bad

great for getting about locally..home- work- shopping- home.. but I wouldnt plan a trip around Aus...you'd need a real long extension cord for that..'not an impossible task...but pretty close to it!' When you DO get your 'hog'... go around..check the nuts n bolts...etc..I would buy a decent cover for it..in a bit of a breeze the cover comes off...aside from that...pedaling is a pain in the AR...rear!..it would be easier if it had more that ONE speed!!

updated!..worked out how to speed up the 'hog'.. faster now..all good!Just further note...plan to buy new tyres...good heavy duty tyres..dont depend on purie bikes to give a @#@= about after sales care..they dont care.. they have your money. Soon as Im back on road..Im pissing this POS off and going REAL scooter

Great service, loved it.

Graeme and Cherry from Puri eBike XL Series, Bulleen, couldn't have done more. I have had mine for 26 months. I ordered and paid for it over the phone on a Wednesday and they delivered it to me in Ballarat on Sunday, all good to go. I had trouble with some of the LED lights, which they came and replaced, no charge. I had a couple of punctures, after taking the bike down to them, they again fixed at no charge. I would advise to put some green goo in your tyres to puncture proof them. I'm currently considering purchasing a new battery, the first one is starting to want charging more often than I'd like, still 26 months, not bad. I still get around 30/40 klms between charges, again OK considering the hills around Ballarat. I haven't had any trouble with the bike mechanical wise, runs beautifully. I took out a 3 year additional warranty. A couple of reasons I chose Puri, 1. A bit more protection if involved in a car/bike collision. 2. More visible to other road users, good lights, blinkers, horn. 3. Good storage space for your shi...sorry, stuff. 4. Better protection from road spray. 5. The cost.

Just a few issues.

prior to buying my Puri, I had an Asiko mid engine driving through the crank. Great to be able use the gears going up hill Orin traffic. It died early this year, After lengthy conversation, all very polite. Cherry was the lady at melb Puri warehouse. we discussed it's performance, what sort of helmet I required, I had a bike helmet, that was all It required. we discussed where I! as going to be using it. we discussed the logistics and cost of delivery. N.S.W. Ballina...I loved it, I had been riding it all around town for a good solid4 months, had been ordered on a number of occasions with no interest at all from the police..
Don't get me wrong , I loved my PURI. BUT THEY. ARE ILLEGAL IN N.S.W. THE BIKE COST JUST UNDER 1500. DELIVERED. THE FINES I Was given , unregistered motor cycle. not wearing the correct helmet, I had my bike helmet on , should have been a motor bike. the full tally of fines exceeded $1650. I'm only receive the disability pension. it costs me $95 per fortnight, my disability prevents me from walking any distance. I'm only 56yrs old and am not ready to be on a mobility bike. ANYWAY,,IF YOUR CONSIDERING A PURI DIG DEEP INTO THE LAWS REGARDING YOUR PARTICULAR STATE.....NOW IM OUT OF POCKET $3140. SHOPPING IS HELL...WALKING IS HELL AND I AM THE VICTIM OF A VERY SMOOTH SALES PITCHES AND MISINFORMATION. SO PLEASE BUYER BE WARE...

Victoria Police Vs "Puri EBIKE"

Dennis xxxxxx xxxxx, xx, of xxxx xxx, South Melbourne, appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court as Defendant on 18th November. 2015 charged by the Informant, Leading Senior Constable PETER BRADLEY HENRY of STATE HIGHWAY PATROL - CENTRAL 1011 Nepean Highway, Moorabbin VICTORIA 3189 with:



The Case was heard by Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg, who dismissed all three charges based on the MERITS OF THE CASE.

A “bicycle” is defined in the RR dictionary as:
a vehicle with two or more wheels that is built to be propelled partly or wholly by human power through a belt, chain or gears (whether or not it has an auxiliary motor), and
b. includes a power-assisted pedal cycle within the meaning of vehicle standards, as amended from time to time, determined under section 7 of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 of the Commonwealth;

Perfect for around town and in tandem with V/line

I also found the lady a little/cagey, but I put it down to her limited command of English. When I went to the warehouse she couldn't help me enough in choosing the right bike for my needs. Where I live there are some steep hilly roads as well as flat roads, the hilly roads do require pedalling but with the motor assisting it's easy going considering the mass of the bike and rider.

Appalling Customer Service/advice etc

I wouldn't buy from this company at all, when I went to look at purchasing their bikes, the woman was really cagey about giving me much information, was pretty dismissive/rude and left me feeling no confidence if anything was to go wrong. Other reviews have said that they've had problems with communicating & getting parts. Do your homework people, there are other models out there. I've just been to ME bikes in Port Melbourne - customer service outstanding and I"m already looking at purchasing from them!

That's disturbing news re the guys in warnabool ,So what is the legal issue in victoria re the puri

Re the puri bike legal issues in victoria,,, can we ride them legally unlicensed and unregistered, or is this just another police grab for money

Check Your States Rules On These

Matthew Thomson, 26, of Lipook Court, Warrnambool, appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court charged with unlicensed driving and driving of an unregistered vehicle.
Matthew Thomson, 26, of Lipook Court, Warrnambool, appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court charged with unlicensed driving and driving of an unregistered vehicle.
See your ad here
Electric scooter owners are on notice after two riders faced court on police charges.

Police believe a number of people caught drink-driving have bought the electric scooters/motorbikes and are illegally using them for transport.

Matthew Thomson, 26, of Lipook Court, Warrnambool, appeared in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court charged with unlicensed driving and driving of an unregistered vehicle.

A medical issue means Thomson can’t get a licence and his charges were proven and dismissed.

Brian Mitchell, 45, of Mott Street, Warrnambool, received two tickets from police for unlicensed driving and having an unregistered vehicle.

He paid the ticket for $144 unlicensed driving but took the other matter to court after receiving a $722 fine for driving an unregistered vehicle.

Mitchell was not convicted and placed on a six-month good behaviour bond with the condition he pay $200 to the court fund.

Both men were pulled over by police on November 28 last year.

Thomson was intercepted at 2.24pm riding an electric Puri eBike east along Koroit Street near Hyland Street.

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His speed was checked at 21km/h and he was not pedalling, police said.

The policeman alleged that Thomson was not using pedals to power the motorbike and because the 200-watt motor was the vehicle’s sole source of propulsion it should be registered.

Police claimed that under government legislation a motorised scooter/motorcycle capable of more than 10km/h is defined as a motorcycle and has to be registered and the rider licensed.

Thomson told police he said he had been riding the scooter for three years. He told the court VicRoads had told him he did not have to be licensed to ride it. Both From Vic

Can not fault it

Best invesment i have ever made and i reckon everyone should have one and we should have more of them in Australia.

This is perfect can't live without it!!!

I bought my 15 year old daughter a XL ebike to ride down the main street and ride to school. It was one of the best decisions that i have made. No more "can you drive me here and there" she just packs her stuff pops it in the top box and off she goes. Its absolutely perfect!!! could not complain. :) highly recommended

Y Series Value for money

These are a great value for money unit .29 KPH . Over 40 KLM range (easily).We are just over 60ish we use them all over local area , shopping , kite flying and just local cruising .We ( 4 of us ) joke about being the electric OMCG .Whilst riding to be legal in Victoria, pedals must be turned to appear to be primary pedal power . To easy .In Victoria , legal on the road , legal on bicycle shared walking tracks etc as long as pedals are turned .29.4 KPH on my GPS . In Europe they are switched to 35KPH . Too many people looking for negatives . At this price , there aren,t any .
Light weight , range , looks ( we get a lot of comments on how good they look )
Must be left on charger when not in use .( This costs very little as it is a float charger )

Loving it

I just brought a puri e bike XL 2nd hand yesterday and rode it around a car park at first since I have never owned one before.... Then rode it to my ses unit shed and back best thing ever compared to getting a taxi all the time and paying $20 each time I do
Runs well up hills
Having not own one before it's a bit to get used to esp on a turn

Puri xl

Its a fine looking bike enough power to get me up steep hills l live in boronia vic and we have up and down hills. once on the straight roads l get 35 plus kph l am a 98 kilo man and l just love the handling lots of fun very reliable. l love it so much l use the bike even on the shortest runs plenty of space to store groceries. believe me l thought l was buying a lemon but it turns out l ride this more than my motorbike its fun a delight love it get one recomended adaults and school kinds.
Design looks very nice well made brakes are drum but work well, battery lasts a long time and does not loose speed.
Some how lost a hindge bolt on upper boot lid but replace it

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I want to buy a new battery type 550W + 12 Ah Silicon Gel input Voltage 110 V- 240 V Where I can buy it or You can it for me let me know at my E mail [details removed]? Thanks
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Speed governor removal
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Where can I get a manual for puri xl series ebike?
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hi there i had one i downloaded if i can find the link i will post itdo you know what the power supply is i have ebike xl series but no power supply trying to find out what the power supply is

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