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Total Care Pyrethrins Flea Powder

Total Care Pyrethrins Flea Powder

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Keep Your Cats Away!

Followed the directions exactly as on the packaging in applying this to my kitten. Not only did he completely stop eating or drinking, but began shaking uncontrollably and nearly died. Judging by the rest of these reviews, were just lucky to have him on prescription food and appetite pills. As soon as I called the vet, they knew straight away that it was going to be an issue with flea powder, as it contains a substance called pyrethrin known to be TOXIC to cats. Ridiculous to say this product is safe for cats use, my kitten nearly died today!

Doesn't work

Fleas keeps returning on my cats every 2 weeks. Plus you have to comb their hair and use a wet cloth when applying this flea powder so it gets messy .


Dusted the cat and all bedding had no effect tried three times the fleas love it it's useless don't bother


My friend rang me at 11.30pm Friday night frantic because the cat was convulsing - we found an after hours vet and the cat is in TOXIC SHOCK and in an INDUCED COMA caused by using this flea powder on the carpet in the areas the cat uses. This flea power wasn't even put on the cat - just the carpet. The vet said he had seen this several times and that the Total Care flea powder should not be on the market. I spoke to my vet the next day and she said much the same thing. The cat is on a drip and coming round and hopefully will be home tomorrow. Just need to wait and see if there is any brain damage. My friend had to go out and buy a carpet shampooer to clean all the carpets in her house. Fortunately, these people can afford to do all this for their cat. I wouldn't be able to afford it. Do not buy this product.

so far so good

use the powder about a week ago now and not noticing fleas on my cats there are still a few here and there but mostly they are in the carpet now so just have to get them out of the carpet lol

Does not work.

I would of loved for there to be a review for myself to read so to everyone else out there who would like some honesty! Do not waste your money, doesn't work at all!! I'm so very disappointed but hey least I can tell everyone else it sucks, don't even bother with it:-)

Questions & Answers

Is this bad for your cats??? I used this product on my cats and wanted to see if it will actually work but have discovered that some comments say it is toxic. Does this product make your cat ill??
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It can make some cats very sick. My friend sprinkled it on the carpet in one corner of one room and her cat later went into that room and later started to fit and collapse. $2000 plus later at the vets after 2 days in hospital the vet told her that he had seen this before and recommended his patients didn't use this product under any circumstances. Luckily my friend hadn't put this powder on the cat or it would probably have died.

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