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Total Care Spot-On Flea Control for Cats

Total Care Spot-On Flea Control for Cats

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This product should be banned!

I always buy advantage but was short on cash and went to woolies and bought Purina on the spot flea control. Last night I noticed my 13 year old female cat really itching and biting her fur looking very agitated so I found all of these reviews and couldn’t believe how many people have had the same experience! I washed it off with a face towel but this morning I’ve noticed my 15 year old male cat shaking his head and all weak and lopsided! I called the vet and she told me to wash it off immediately and stay well away from this product that it causes seizures!!!! I’m beside myself and so upset I cannot believe Woolworths sells this product and that’s it allowed to be sold!!!! My poor babies!!! I am going to contact consumers affairs this is bad.

Purchased in May 2019 at Woolworths for $30.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects Short-term illness
Pet TypeCat

Use this on my 2 cats

I have used this on my 2 adult cats, it works well to keep fleas away. Will not work if you cats are outside or in a filthy inside environment. Never seen a single flea on my babies. Use in conjunction with a adult flea knockdown tablet and what do you know, no fleas. Its not rocket science people, yes the more expensive stuff works better, but this works just as well when you look after your let's properly.

Not good enough! False advertising!

THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT KILL LIVE FLEAS. It treats ONLY eggs and larvae (preventative only), if your cat already has fleas this product will do NOTHING. I did not know this until two days after using the treatment on my seven cats, and seeing live adult fleas still crawling all over them, therefore a waste of $120. It does not say in the instructions nor on the packaging that is only kills eggs and larvae and I only found this out after viewing the website, which I searched for because I was wondering why on earth the fleas were not dead. I am now required to spend another $100+ on another flea treatment that will kill every life cycle of the flea. Now my cats must suffer another night of being bitten. Extremely disappointed about that. It's misleading packaging and overall its not good enough.

Toxic Product Avoid At All Cost

I agree with all these reviews about the product being toxic and harmful. I recently used it on my 5 year old cat. After some time he started acting out and being very lethargic. I also notice him still scratching and itching. After about a week of me applying the treatment, i noticed chunks of his fur all around the floor, he was acting out of sorts. I had a look closely around his neck where he was itching himself and noticed a scab exactly where i applied the treatment, in exactly the shape that i applied it in. I took him to the vet and they advised me to apply an ointment to soothe the skin because it was essentially a chemical burn. I won't buy Purina products anymore, as i don't think they have the pets care in mind when developing products.

Get something else recommended from your vet, this doesn't work

Followed the directions + extra measures such as vacuuming every day, bathing my cat weekly, after weeks we were still finding new fleas. Went to vet, she recommended another brand and advised us that this one is terrible and a waste of money, avoid.

Doesn't work

It Doesn't work at all. Total waste of money. what a scam. Advantage is more expensive but it actually works.

If you care about your pet, spend a little extra, don't buy this dangerous rubbish.

This product should be banned. Why did I buy it? I don't know, but I did. My cat's skin became oily/wet and because he kept licking it he got sick. It may well have done the job of killing flea larvae, but it also had a massive effect on the cat. My thoughts are that as this is a "treats all" dose, it it is far too much. Do yourself a favour, spend a little extra on a named brand, don't buy this garbage.

Dangerous chemical

Just used this product on my two 9 week old kittens the other day. They both started foaming at the mouth and became weak and lethargic. Luckily they both survived but I can't understand why this product is still available after reading other reviews of similar side effects. Will never use it again.

Sorry! Review is on the wrong page - it's for Purina Total Care Flea Collar for Cats

My apologies, I looked at other reviews and realised after writing this that I ended up on the wrong review page.Tried to cut and paste to the correct page but couldn't. I just bought a Purina flea collar for a stray cat I'm looking after. I intended to get a better quality liquid topical treatment soon to replace the collar but got this in the meantime to get things started. Should have researched before a spur of the moment buy because after now reading reviews about cats getting sick and some even dying very quickly after use it worried me so I've removed it from him immediately. I looked up the substance used which is DIAZINON and found out that these exact Purina collars and 75 other products that use the substance have been BANNED in France. USA has banned Diazinon for residential use but still allows it for agricultural use. Britain is now calling for bans and some stores are removing them from shelves. The substance is an organophosphate that was developed as a NERVE GAS for World War 2! Apparently in France the packet advises people not to sleep in a bed that you share with an animal wearing the collar but there is no such warning on my packet sold in Australia (made in France). The Australian packaging only warns that children shouldn't play with it, that it shouldn't be used on sick or convalescing animals or kittens under 6 months old. Also to wash hands after handling the collar. I am disgusted yet again at a company continuing to sell and promote products that appear to be causing serious harm to animals and also people. The bans were called for after scientists investigated 3 children who appeared to have absorbed Diazinon into thier bloodstream after sleeping next to their pets in bed. Symptoms can include blurred vision, headaches, vomiting, loss of coordination, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness and muscle twitching. It interferes with transmission of nerve signals so can have widespread effects. Australia has taken some Diazinon pet products (those without a stabiliser) off the market but has allowed others to remain (we have many dangerous chemicals allowed here that are banned in most other countries). SHAME ON YOU PURINA for continuing to sell and promote these cat and dog collars knowing the very real risks and that they are already banned elsewhere. How about you include that info in your promotions? It may be legal here for now but it's certainly not ethical especially WITHOUT very strong warnings including all possible side effects. Even though the collar's been used for 1 day I will be calling to ask for a refund from Purina. I will be informing Coles where I bought them and ask that they remove these products from the shelves, if you feel the same please contact any stockists you find to let them know. Purina pet food also has a shocking reputation, if I had remembered I wouldn't have bought the collar. I had forgotten but when I looked up the collar I was reminded about the complaints about their pet food and looked into again. Proof is starting to emerge. In recent years the company has received many thousands of complaints about their Beneful dry pet food and other products causing serious illnesses and deaths in animals and the complaints are rising. Class action lawsuits in the U.S have dropped some of the charges due to the previous difficulty of proving the deaths were from Beneful - there was evidence of poisoning and severe symptoms or death but it was difficult to definitively prove it was solely from the food.That may change though with the release this year of FDA documents (details below). Consistent symptoms are occurring in thousands of dogs, often those newly introduced to it. Symptoms include internal bleeding, liver and kidney failure, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea and also cases of deaths. Weight loss, dehydration and bloat are also symptoms. I have looked into this before but just found new information on the website truthaboutpetfood.com stating that the FDA in USA tested Beneful in 2013 and only released the information in 2016 after multiple requests from the public about what substances could be causing the deaths and found ABOVE ALLOWED levels of cyanuric acid, melamine and ethoxyquin. These were not stated in the ingredients list as required by law and they are NOT APPROVED for pet food anyway. Cyanuric acid is a compound of melamine and both were involved "in the deadliest and largest recall of pet food in 2007" in the USA yet these Purina products were not recalled! I checked the FDA website and in 2009 they said the combination of those two substances appears to be more toxic than when used on their own and cause crystals in urine that can lead to kidney failure and were looking into further testing at the time. Why wasn't the evidence that these same substances were found in Purina's Beneful released by the FDA to the public until this year? FDA gave more warnings to Purina in 2014 but why no recalls? I will look further into it to see if I can confirm if all the information is correct but the truthaboutpetfood site says in 2013 Purina refused to provide the FDA copies of various documents detailing their testing methods without their legal counsel's approval although they ended up letting them view some.They refused completely to even give an ingredients list for one suspect product and wouldn't reveal their testing method for contaminants either. There's more inormation available on the FDA website too. And all this time they've been defending themselves and accusing people of lying or being mistaken that Purina food caused the symptoms and deaths. I found other warnings from the FDA in 2014 about lack of temperature control with wet foods and inadequate protection on conveyor belts that allowed raw food to be sent out in tins so could be filled with bacteria and again Purina did not cooperate with documentation in various areas. They should be shutdown and some issues should be considered criminal offences in my opinion when they are aware of deadly issues and just deny and try to ignore them.
Interestingly enough they have just changed ingredients in some of their products to include more meat and other changes but claim it's not to do with the lawsuits or sick dogs and that they began planning for the changes 2 years ago, before the lawsuits began and before the latest FDA info was released. Yeah, sure.I would never trust their products regardless of what they do now.


Very misleading. A day after I gave this to my cat, she became very weak and ill, shaking and lethargic, though she does have marks from allergies to the flea bites. She seems to have pulled through, but please don't risk giving this to your pets, especially if they have affected skin, and especially since I've seen other reviews saying the Purina spot treatment has made their pets ill the same way.

Read the destructions before using

How many bad reviewists actually read the instructions before using total care spot on flea control????
It clearly states on the packaging that it DOES NOT KILL ADULT FLEAS.
It stops the eggs and larvae from developing into adult fleas so you need to combine this product with something to kill the adult fleas as well.
I use Capstar tablets to kill the adult fleas and then use the spot on to stop the eggs hatching and the larvae growing into adults. I also regularly vacuum the carpets to keep them down.
Once again for those in the back, this product DOES NOT KILL ADULT FLEAS.
It kills the eggs.
Read the damned instructions people.

It's okay but for the price you can get better.

Okay here's the truth I get sick of Vet Snobs trashing a product.
Because it from the supermarket it's the same as food snobs trash the food.
Truth is this product which no one verified they actually bought it.
Is okay it did a decent job but for the price your better off getting something with more value too it.
It's great if you can't afford to get the higher priced options or if you can't get the usual.
I've never seen anyone who's cat/dog was killed by it.
My sister uses it all the time as she can't spend Upwards of a hundred dollars on flea treatment.
I've used it twice it was okay not brilliant but ok.


We have used this product on our dog in past no problems, recently used it again and little did we know.... Expensive product that probably only good for killing your dog. Fleas eggs are still there didn't do anything except for burning her skin in large patches and she spent a whole night throwing up and shaking. if any body reads this review kindly do your dog or cat a favour and spare it the agony, better off before with the fleas!

Do not use this product on Cats It is highly toxic and will kill

We used this product on our cat and within 40 minutes he was weak and dying. We took it to the vet and she said it was a very close call and the cat survived on a drip and antivenene all night. Unless you want your beloved cat to die or have it convulsing in your arms, I warn you this product is highly dangerous and toxic. It should be removed from the shelves of stores. We are very upset about this and this is the 1st time I have ever written a complaint about anything. Its just not who we are as people. All I ask is you look at further comments on here and just save your cats life. Our little girl was so upset now we are so relieved. I only wish I had read this review beforehand and in the future I will for all products I use.

Waste Of Money

We have lived here for 12 years and NEVER had a flea problem until a month or so ago. I used this product on my dogs. It has done absolutely nothing. Now my poor little girl has a skin condition from the fleas. Why are they allowed to market a product that doesn't work?

Thank you, everyone for your reviews, as I bought more of this product and was looking online to buy it in bulk when I found this page. You have saved me a lot of money and saved my pets a lot of grief, and maybe even their lives.

Purina Total care spot on Flea control

I used this product on both of my dogs, about two weeks ago, they have been scratching all the time, their skin has broken out, one around his neck and not where his collar is, and the other around his backside. I found 1 flee on one of them. Yes it has stopped any more flee's but how come he has one still on him. I bathed them both and they still have the itchy skin. I am going back to revolution. My lesson has been learnt. My poor stressful boys...

Does not work

Simply a waste of money, if you are looking for a cheap way to treat fleas this will end up costing you more in the long run and it simply is not effective. Buy Comfortis to start with.

Waste of money

It hasn't done anything to get rid of the fleas. Although I have used the product as described I am still finding fleas on my cat.

Absolutely Useless !

Have used this for several months and the fleas have never been happier ! Very expensive product and has no effect on fleas ! Have been using a flea comb to monitor activity and have seen constant flea activity even immediately after treatment. Would not recommend this product and have since started trialling other brands....


We have applied it twice to our dog and every day he still has live fleas. We have treated his bedding and coat with flea powder, sprayed surface spray around all the areas where he spends time, but the poor chap is still scratching. Waste of money. For $30 I expected better results.
It simply is ineffective in killing fleas

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Is it okay for 14yo cat with kidney disease?
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Hi was wondering if I can still use Purina spot on flea control as its 4mths out of date, Oct 2017? Thank you.
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I bought the flea control for my cats and can it kill the flea or just keep the flea away from my cats ?
1 answer
It doesn't prevent fleas no treatment does any that claim this are lying it kills them the fleas get on the dog/cat they bite then die All treatments work that way regardless of brand

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