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Total Care Spot-On Flea Control for Dogs

Total Care Spot-On Flea Control for Dogs

For Medium Dogs and For Small Dogs & Puppies
1.9 from 18 reviews

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Worked well

Our dog had no ill effects after using this product. We used as instructed and he has had no issue with fleas since using. We’re pleased with results and cost.

Purchased in January 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Pet TypeDog

Absolute rubbish did not control fleas she was still covered in fleas 7 days after application waste of $19

Absolute rubbish did not control fleas she was still covered in fleas 7 days after application waste of $19
Purchased treatment to suit large dog
Treated as instructed to back of the neck I think tap water would have been more effective

Purchased in March 2019 for $19.00.

Side Effects None
Pet TypeDog

Zero Rating

The worst product I've purchased. Both dog and kitten got very sick and both still have fleas. For the cost, you think you're paying top dollar for something that does not work and makes your pets very sick. Zero rating.

Purchased in January 2019 for $35.00.

Value for Money
Side Effects Short-term illness

Didn’t work. Don’t buy!

Two days after treatment she is still biting herself and found a flea on her. Useless product, didn’t even kill the fleas she had on her to begin with, let alone giving a months protection.

Stay away!!

Brought for my dog and used it on him. Past few days since using it has had an outbreak on his skin all over his neck and back and itching more. Have had to buy more stuff to stop the outbreak. Save your money and buy a better product This does more harm than good.

Terrible to use product which didn’t work

Save your money and buy a better brand. This product is ineffective because of the cheap and absolutely pathetic pipette they provide the flea and tick treatment in. It is impossible to get the solution in the skin directly and my dog reacted poorly to the solution. He was itching and scratching at it. Not to mention he shook only once when it was applied and about 5 mins later I noticed droplets on my coffee table of the solution. I went to wipe it off and it stripped the lacquer off my table. I was in shock and immediately washed it off my dogs.
I contacted Purina about my experience and they were rude and didn’t even take my advice that they’re product needed a warning about not getting in furniture.
Do not buy this product.

Do not buy!!!

Cannot stress enough how much you should not buy this!!! we gave this to my dog and since then he has been hyperventilating, coughing and sneezing. It’s like he is choking! :(

Flea and tick

Treated my small dog with flea and tick 2 weeks ago he is currently in intensive care at vets from a tick bite he received 3 days ago. This product is useless DO NOT USE, its touch and go for my dog I’m devastated. I can’t stress enough not to trust or use this product like I did

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My little doggie pulled through, to save a little bit of money I bought this cheap product, $1,000 later and a very weak sick dog will never use there products again, vet said they are a waste of time and money

Never pay total care

Total care was a waste of money. I am never getting back my dog still has fleas. Waste of money.

Shampoo, spot-on and tasty chew

At 24 hour intervals using 3purina total care products, I flea shampooed, used spot-on and gave her the worming and flea control tasty chew hoping to provide relief (for my border collie.) Unfortunately 72 hours later theres no change at all. Fleas visible, scratching continues and she’s panting excessively. That was $50 I’ll never get back, won’t buy it again and wouldn’t recommend it. hope it doesn’t cost me vet bills.

I'm really Happy with this product!

I have used a couple of Flea and Tick Products on my dog Maggie...
One I used had an immediate allergic reaction I had to wash it off her immediately, she had swollen eyes, blotchy skin and was panting.... Now Ive never bought Flea killer from a supermarket before but I do buy Purina food for her. Anyways I tried it one week ago and I am very impressed.... she had no reaction and has no fleas at all.... I like the fact that its convient to buy it from the supermarket, I can by one month at a time so I'm not forking out three months worth from my pension..... yep definitly impressed!


We have used this product on our dog in past no problems, recently used it again and little did we know.... Expensive product that probably only good for killing your dog. Fleas eggs are still there didn't do anything except for burning her skin in large patches and she spent a whole night throwing up and shaking. if any body reads this review kindly do your dog a favour and spare it the agony, better off before with the fleas!

Is this even for fleas ???

I have washed both of my dogs and once they were completely dry applied the spot on flea treatment. Within 24 hours they now have more fleas then they did to begin with! How can you sell a product that does not even work.

It works, but doesn't protects against ticks

This product definitely works against fleas and I haven't seen any on my dog since using it. So all in all, I found it very effective. But it would be great if it would protect against ticks too. Because now I have to purchase a separate product which ends up being quite costly in the long run.


I purchased this as a last resort, after exhausting several natural methods of flea control. It worked immediately on my dog, with no adverse reaction. I live in the east bay of the San Francisco Bay Area (anecdotal evidence for someone concerned about possible flea resistance in this particular region). I really hope that I don't have to buy this again, but if it comes down to it, I would use Frontline again, making sure that I buy from a reputable retailer.


I put this on my dog, he had a terrrible reaction, very irritating and still sick a week later of food, skin break outs. If you love your dog. DON'T USE IT!!!!!


Don't buy this product as it is not very successful with flea control, i would love to have my money back each pack cost me $14.95 each at woolworths ingleburn
Great pricing compared to other products, such as advantix
Product did not work, my pets still had fleas 24hrs later i had to still go out to buy advantix, which inturn cost me more than it should have

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I put this on my dog last night and it was like he had a reaction to it. He started rolling and trying to rub the back of his neck. This went on for 2 hours. He seemed sad and quiet and irritated. I found out that the active ingredient of this product is Pyriproxyfen, which is a pesticide.... no wonder he had a reaction. i washed it off him immediately and he seemed happier. I will be sticking to getting Revolution from the vet from now on. I would not recommend this product!


It prevent a possible outbreak of fleas, but doesn't deal with the one already on your dog. It would be good to combine with the flea collar for maximum prevent as the collar keeps the adult fleas away, and this will kill any eggs and larvae that might some how makes it way onto your dog.
It kills larvae and eggs.
Doesn't kill adult fleas

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If dog eat what happened
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I gave my dog flea knockdown 11.4mg nitenpyram. Can I also use flea spray
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i purchased Purina totalcare flea & tick control, on the box for 1 month coverage, only to open it the paperwork inside the box states for parylasis ticks cover only last 2 weeks, im confused if i have to treat her every 2 weeks for ticks arent i overdosing for the flea coverage. and 2. it works out to be so expensive at 24.95$ per fortnight equating to $598.80 per year for tick cover. i am on a disabillity pension for Multiple Sclerosis, how on earth am i supposed to afford this. we had our male cattle dog nearly succum to tick paraylsis last week, his a miracle his pulled through. i purchase purina for my dogs nearly every week, if i am right with costing for tick protection for 2 dogs and one is a large dog 1 medium dog there is noway i can afford this product for them. so whilst i am paying off $3.000 vet bill for 1 and 1/2 years is there any chance purina could help me out with any pet food at all. thanking you, awaiting your reply. michele michelearfanisfleming@gmail.com
1 answer
Hi Michelle, put it this way, I would be looking for a much cheaper alternative..... What I love about this Purina Product is it's one month availability in a supermarket.... As far as your situation like me you should always look for the best prices..... This Purina Total care is for when I can't afford to buy my regular 3,6 or 12 month supply of frontline plus.... I am a pensioner and like you cannot afford so many things.... Go Online, type in Google or Duckduck go, flea and tick control and hit enter.... it will give you a list of sites to check out, look for best prices and then its your choice... Michele I made a comment on how impressed I am with Purina flea and tick control, I cannot help you with your financial situation, I too find ends hard to meet, my dogs eye had to be removed, it cost me $2,500 so I do understand..... as far as Purina helping you out with dog food you would have to contact them, I don't work for them.... Also try Red Cross maybe they can help, quite often your Doctor can give you some tips of who to seek.... Hope this helps you a little....

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