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Had an accident a month ago, made a claim, bike was assessed to be a write off. Had to call the claims department multiple times, each time was told to leave my details and someone would get back to me the next day which never happened. Finally got a hold of someone and they said they still needed paperwork which I then gave them. Said it could still take up to a month. I need to use my bike everyday to get to work and travel expenses are building up.

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Hi Tyrell, sorry to hear about your experience. We will PM you for some details and look into this ~BLS

Pathetic and Too Hard to Deal With

My neighbour reversed into my bike, upon calling QBE I was told to take it to Advanced Motorcyle Repairs@2/3369 Pacific Highway, Springwood QLD 4127 (These guys were awesome)

I took it into be accessed which took around 2 hours, no probs. Was walked through all the damge and their recommendations.

Now sit back and wait for no information (3 weeks) and when you call you get aggressive personnel other end so I call back later and get another who informs you that you need to take your bike back their to be accessed and you have to leave it for 5-7 days and no you can't wait for them to be able to contact you when they are in the area to assess claims.

Each time I rang I had to be prepared to get in a fight or be bullied by their staff, not a fun encounter. So I delayed calling (now was 3 months since bike damaged)

Finally called to be put on hold (thought games are starting) only to be informed that the claim had been approved and just need to contact AMR.

No email or any contact unless it was me contacting them.

The complaints process has taken 4 months and waste of time, take your money else where.

Plus my neighbour insurer was picking up the tab.

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We're sorry to hear about your experience. We will PM you for some details and look into this ~BLSWaste of time lodging complaint as 4 months on and all that has occurred is a talk fest(apparently one of the people has left) and nothing else seems to have transpired. I will have another insurer by the end of the week

Getting screwed around

I had a motorcycle accident two months ago, and although my PDS said i could receive some funds for emergency repairs so my vehicle could be ridden until it was inspected, they did not get back to me for ONE MONTH. Now that the vehicle has been inspected and declared a write-off, I am supposed to be sending in documents after contacting QBE, however upon contacting my name apparently gets put on a list and nobody gets back to me. It's been three weeks.

Basically, if you are okay with taking a year to sort out an insurance claim, QBE is for you! if you want decent service, I would strongly recommend RAC whom I know people made car insurance claims with, and they have incredible service.

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Hi Kalem, sorry to hear about your experience. We will PM you for some details and look into this for you ~BLS

Claims Department, what Claims Department

I just want to mirror the other reviews here with my experience. Called on the 22/5 to be told by someone that claims are busy and i would get a call back that afternoon. No call. Called on 23/5 to see why no one called, i was told then that the policy sales dept (who answers the transferred calls) had no way to contact the claims dept except by email, they did say there would be a 2-3 day delay before someone would call back.

Fast forward to 28/5 still no call so I called again, only to be answer by someone in sales. Isn't it nice that i could buy a new policy in an instant but have no way to use the one I have. The operator told me he was surprised no one had contacted as he had heard of others receiving a response in the 2-3 day period.

It is now the 2/6 and considering (apparently) your motorcycle claims dept is available Mon-Sat, that is 10 working days without contact.

Totally unacceptable, my bike is off the road and my insurance company is nowhere to be found.

Also, tried the online claims form, this is another one of QBE's funny jokes "For motorcycle policies starting with an X, you will still need to call us on 1300 365 354 while we work to enable these claims to be lodged online". Funny that's the number i've been calling.

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Hi Jon, we're sorry to hear about your experience. Online claims for Motorcycle is now available through the claims form, if you need to lodge. We will also reply to your PM ~BLSDid you actually read the review? I tried the online claim form and it does not apply to policies starting with an X.This functionality has only become available within the last week ~BLS

Incompetent and Useless: I can't even make a claim

I have called dozens of times and have been directed to a call center where I am asked to leave my details so I can be called back to make the claim. It has been more than one month now and zero calls. The party that is at fault has already had their insurer (RACQ) call me. I will be looking to get back months on insurance payments from QBE as my insurance with them is doing nothing clearly. I mean, I cant even make the claim for a start.

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Hi Nizwe, please private message us your best contact details and policy number. We also have recently introduced online claiming for our motorcycle customers. Please visit: https://www.qbe.com.au/personal/claim/online. ~SS

slow response if at all...

I have been trying to contact claims for 2 weeks now. Each call gets routed to customer service team who dutifuly take my name and policy number and promise me a claims officer will call me back because of their sever work load. Have called 4 times over 14 days and still no response.
it is hardly helping my situation. I bought the platinum coverage for better service and cover which wouldnt do much good if i was stranded somewhere and needing to use some of the extended coverage. I pay on time every month. I receive nothing in return and when I need it, it's dismally below expectation.

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Hi EdH, sorry to hear about your experience. We will PM you for some details and take a look into this ~BLSthanks for your quick response and link to your new online claim lodgement process.Glad we could help Ed! ~BLS

Worst insurance DON'T use

QBE is the worst insurance that I have ever had to deal with. It has being 3 weeks since I first call to try and put in a claim i called on 30th April then i was told i would be called back in 24 to 48hr it is now 16th and nothing has changed my details get taken down get told i will be called back. It is not my problem or my fault you under stuff i pay qbe to make my life less stressful. But qbe have made my life harder and more stressful. I do not like to make bad reviews but I feel like nobody is listening to me at QBE so I'm hoping other motorcycle riders will see this and not buy QBE Insurance because nobody deserve to be treated this way from insurance company. Insurance companies I meant to make your life easy not hard I repeat do not use QBE for your motorcycle.

July 30th 2018 Update: Warning to all motorcycle owners don't use

Ok so here are again i feel this very necessary to do.
My accident happened on April 28 i call qbe on 30th April. The bike was made a right off. I given qbe everything there need. Qbe has everything they need to finalise claim with me. It is now 30th July it is absolute joke how long this has taken. I have called qbe every week keep getting told that are really busy and can't do anything. It is just not good enough. Don't know about you qbe but i can't afford keep throwing money on something i can't use anymore. Don't use QBE for anything.

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Hi Timothy, sorry to hear about your experience. We have sent you a private message where you can provide more details so we can look into this. ~SS

Reporting an accident

Had an accident that wasn’t my fault. A car cut me off and left my amalculate bike damaged. As per QBE terms and conditions I tried to report it within their stated time schedule. It happened on Sunday and it’s now Friday. Called them Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, every time the phone gets routed from claims to customer service who tells me they are too busy and some one will call me back. I was also injured and stressed and needed support from my insurance company that they were onto it. I have now had to liaise with the other insurance company who initially denied the events and denied liability. I then had to confront the guy that cut me off and demand that he admit liability to his insurance company... talk about stress and unnecessary follow ups because your own insurance company is to busy to take the details and witnesses names and numbers.. I so annoyed I not going to bother talking to QBE.

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Hi Gary, we're sorry to hear about your experience. We will PM you for some details and look into this ~BLS

Bad experience turn to Good Experience

The team has been really helpful after communication breakdown. Very happy with the resolution.
Yes, they are working with the small team, however small doesn't mean bad.

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Had a small accident (wet tram tracks and high sided the bike). Bike was sent to their approved repairer - Turnone motorcycles in Flemington. Their repairer then tried to get me to pay for other "repairs" as my bike was faulty. Had been working perfectly before the accident. Contacted QBE and told them the story, they wanted me to go back to Turnone - I said given the problems I'd had with Turnone currently and previously, I wanted the bike taken elsewhere. QBE wouldn't listen and this caused long delays with numerous other problems later.

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Hi Jeff, we're sorry to hear about your experience. We will send you a PM for some details and look into this ~BLS

Don't expect the to care about your claim

The entire QBE motorcycle insurance division is 5 people, of which only one person can deal with total loss claims. I have spent several hours waiting on hold and several weeks waiting for settlement with little luck so far. Anything they required I provided almost instantaneously yet here I am still waiting. The people I have dealt with have always been nice, and it isn't their fault they don't have more staff and not everyone is trained, however I wouldn't recommend QBE just for having 5 friendly staff.
Like all insurance companies their number one goal is to take in money and avoid giving money back, but all I would say is if a prompt claim is important then avoid QBE, if a lower rate of premium is more important then they could be a contender - just don't crash whether it's your fault or not!

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Hi Alex, sorry to hear about your experience. We will send you a private message where you can provide your claim number and contact details and we can look into this.

Beware of Cancellation Rip off

Apparently we have to keep track off their cooling period with the bank, etc. otherwise you pay $30 cancellation fee. I just can't believe these people still can do business in 2017. Giving me the excuse that they mention this in PDS.

Perfect customer orientation so I must pay, I must keep track off your cooling period and I must read each of your PDS. I am sure you also expect people to fix their motorcycles after a crash as well.

I can understand $5 or so but $30? I guess they send their employees to the bank via taxi to fix deposit issues. Unbelievable!!!

Insurance claim madeNo

Very happy

Initially I was disappointed with the lack of communication, but at the end of the day QBE did a good job. Pretty fast settlement, so I would use them again.

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Hi Gary, we're glad to hear you got your claim settled. Thanks for choosing QBE ~BLS

QBE motorcycle insurance

I have been with QBE for the past 7 years. Initially went with QBE as they gave 2 year replacement on new bikes. Every renewal, i get a quote (lower) from another insurer and QBE match it. Not the best process, would rather QBE give me the best price up front but they do not know where to draw the line so to speak so they base their best price on another insurer. They are (so far) OK with this process, as am i.

2 years ago i dropped my bike (doh!) with some minor damage done but enough to justify a claim and pay the excess. The claim process was painless. I went to my local motorbike dealer (MotoAdelaide) who did a quote on the required repairs and between them & QBE, managed the whole process with me just paying the excess.
That's the way it should be done imo. Credit to both parties.

AND, QBE advise that i can have one (1) at fault claim per year and it does not affect my next annual premium.

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Hi Paul, thanks for the great feedback! ~BLS

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Questions & Answers

What is happening with QBE... had an accident 5 April... now the 20th... customer service is a joke... constant calls sent to overseas... and they have no clue.. will get some to call you back... my goodness 15 days to call me back... disgusting..... what can I do.... please help...
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Hi Rob, sorry to hear you're having issues. Please email us at socialmedia@qbe.com with your claim, contact number and full name and we can escalate this ~BLSHello all. I've just spent about an hour reading through all of the above reviews and am really concerned that I did take out a QBE Motorcycle Insurance Policy earlier this year I am a Ulysses member and understand that QBE is a sponsor of the Club. I asked someone in admin at the Club who informed me that the Club hadn't heard of any adverse reports about QBE so I felt comfortable insuring with them as they support/sponsor the Club. Now, having read all of the above I'm not sure I've made the right choice. I've no idea how many policies QBE Motorcycle Insurance writes nor how many claims they handle - it is my understanding now that they have a staff of five? - yes five? I thought QBE was an enormous company - but five staff handling motorcycle insurance? Perhaps that's why claims take so long to get sorted? Or is QBE MotorCycle Insurance a small franchised operation? And if so - who stands behind claims if they need to be made? To me this is worrying and should concern anyone considering insuring a motorcycle. Lawrie Mitchell Mob: 0402389501 PS And who is BLS? (sounds like something unpleasant)

Will QBE cover my motorcycle for fire damage?
1 answer
Hi Brian, this depends on the type of policy you have and the type of bike you drive. Our Comprehensive Cover and our Legal Liability, Fire and Theft cover includes cover for damage caused by fire. For more information visit: https://www.qbe.com.au/motorcycle-insurance and refer to the product disclosure statement.

I have a current policy with insure my ride and am now thinking this is not worth the paper its printed on as they will cease to exist next year. Would it be possible to reinsure with another company such as yourselves and then try and cancel with insure my ride? They appear to be uncontactable.
1 answer
Hi David, yes, this is possible. Please contact our sales centre for a quote - 1800 243 464 ~BLS

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