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why is the water in the system hot. but not hot coming out not even luke warm
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I hear a loud buzzing every 10-15 minutes. What would cause this?
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Hi, my late father had one of these units put in in 2013. My mum is concerned that the unit seems to be running for longer than usual lately. I've just started taking an interest in it, after a 5 minute shower it seems to run for around 4 hrs. We are in nz and the climate is cooling down after summer, but can anyone tell me what an average run time is? Our unit is a 340-11AC4-134. My elderly mum is concerned the thing will get too hot and burn the place down! Our unit doesn't seem to have the red alert indicator on the outside, so I guess I have to take the cover off the top of the cylinder and see if the control box is showing any error codes. Any advice appreciated, thanks, Jeff
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How to adjust water temperature
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I have an AC6. As far as I know you shouldn't be able to adjust the temperature on storage HWS of any kind. Australian standards say it must be fixed at that temperature (60c, I think) to avoid Legionaires disease.

How do I change my unit to run in the daytime instead of nighttime?
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I have an AC6 model, which is a bit more efficient. It has a programmable timer, albeit in an inconvenient place underneath the condenser cover. There's a video on Youtube showing how to set the timing. I believe that the AC4 has the same or a similar timer with the battery backup. It's a bit fiddly to set but it works well. Running it in the day only means that (1) you use less power (the air is warmer) and (2) you can run it off your solar for free, if you have it.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTyPFSRiucYThe Quantum timers are not set from factory, its possible your power supply for the unit is on night rate

How long do they last? Mine is starting to make loud compressor like noises.
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My compressor lasted just over 2yrs and needed replacing and warranty is onky a very minimal one of 2yrs for such an expensive product.

How to ajust thermostat?
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i have a Quantum it has a leak in it who can I call N10078?
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Feel free to call me if i can help you with your quantum 0430 506 860 sunny

We have a Quantum Hot Water Heater in a home we purchased 2 years ago which may be about 18 years old..it has the number N10078 on the side - not sure how many litres...still produces hot water but off peak and when heating at night is very noisy..seems to be getting noisier..any ideas??
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i am assuming that the Quantum Heat pump is 18 years old. If so, 18 years is not too bad. These heat pumps do require regular servicing by a Quantum Technician. I would get it checked out, but if it is noisy it could be compressor problems and if so a replacement compressor would be more expensive than a new hot water system. I replaced our Quantum with a standard "on demand LPG gas water heater", cost installed was less than $1,000, including extra fittings. Works well for us in the bush. A lot cheaper and more efficient than the Quantum. Good luck with it. GraemeIt may have air in it. You should have two relief valves on it. Open both of them in turn, and let a some water drain. It may help. Our Quantum rubbish lasted a little over six years, so if you have one thats over 18 years, thank your lucky stars and start thinking about a new system,, but definitely NOT a quantum, if you want after sales service.Agree with Graeme, 18 years would be a very good life for the Quantum, my original system lasted 12 years. I have no idea what N10078 refers to. I would suggest you contact Quantum direct to get advice on the source of the noise and to discuss options/price to repair or replace. We do not have gas so need an electrical heating device and I just replaced my original installation with a new one as I was happy with the performance, eg low running cost. Our system does make a bit of noise, but as it is installed inside, have located it in a laundry cupboard so that mutes the noise sufficiently that we don't really notice it. I would suggest that all Quantum and probably all heat pump systems do make noise from the compressor.

Can you change the water temperature?
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I think a technician may be able to do it by removing the top cover and adjusting the readout.. please contact a technician. other than a quantum that is!. I don't fancy your chances of getting a reply from Quantum though. They are the most unhelpful people I have ever had dealings with..On the left of the unit is an orange circular cover. There should also be a triangular key attached to the side of the unit. Under the orange cap is a brass triangular screw. Use the key to adjust this brass screw. You only need to turn this screw about one quarter of a turn. If you have heating problem it may be loss of refrigerant gas in which case it should be topped up by a licensed refrigeration technician..

The hot water bilnk E 03, what that mean, please?
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Hi, The unit we had was a heat pump model number270-11ac3-134. It leaked within one year of it being installed. We were assured "if it persisted they would replace it".That never happened. They also assured us that we would get at least TEN to FIFTEEN years usage. We got less than six years. Quantum took seven weeks to to contact us after we complained. Some person from Quantum told me he was ringing to tell me they would not do anything about it. I haven't got the means or the patience to go after the ignorant no hopers.. All I can advise is to DOT NOT DEAL with this company in any shape or form. They are, by far, the worse Company I have ever had the misfortune to come across. It was the biggest waste of over four thousand dollars I have ever spent..faulty Evaporator/de-ice sensor

Stops working when the temperature is too hot. Any ideas?
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The outside air temperature? Man, that's weird...I wish I could help, that sounds like a temp sensor issue but don't quote me on it, sorry.perhaps it is the temp sensor? you could try shading the unit and make sure it is well ventilated. You should try the q and a on the quantum web site.

How noisy are they?
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The noise level was ok,No noisier than a split system air conditioner. From inside we can't hear it. Outside can hear a low hum if it's a quiet nightplanning to install on bedrooms external wall ,I had heard noisy split air conditioners , so I am not convinced about the noise ?

How much is a 340L supply and fitted?
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Hello Sarah, You are best to check with Quantum direct for the current price. quantumenergy.com.au/ cheers Paul

I bought a Quantum electric heat pump hot water system just over twelve months ago. There has been no discernable difference in my electricity bills in that time which is contrary to Quantum's claims. I have phoned them three times with the promise of follow-up, but have not heard back. I have since written to them and enclosed copies of my electricity bills over the last12 months, but no response. I'm seeking a plausible explanation which is not forthcoming and given that the system is rebated by the Australian taxpayer, I believe I have the right to ask and be given a reasonable explanation even if that requires Quantum checking whether the system maybe faulty. Has anyone else had a similar experience?
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try as you may i am not sure they will answer I do think that there is most definite savings for you while using a heat pump hot water unit whatever brand you choose to buy. question for you is your compressor running all the time or does it run then switch off ????Hi Julie, Still no bill as yet, so no good info for you. There should be a saving as I understand it. Instead of the element with a big current draw immersed in the water doing the heating, there is now a compressor and fan with a much reduced need for electricity doing the job. Possibly your unit was wired into daytime rate rather than off-peak. cheers PaulThank you Paul and Leo for your replies. I have no idea about off peak settings or whether the compressor is running all the time or not (I'm a real girl)!! Should I ask the plumber who installed the unit those questions or should I try and find that info in the owner's manual?

We have a quantum hot water system has been operating well, noise doesn't bother us but as from yesterday we don't have hot water it stopped working. Any help?
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How old is the heater ,I had to replace my at 6 years old , could also be no power to unit ,what area are you in , I could do a service call to check itThank you Joe but we have found somebody to look at it this afternoon.

What to do if water continuously flows from the pressure limiting valve (which is next to) non return isolating valve in the plumbing section of the pipe? Thanks. Cassian.
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Call a plumber to check it and replace if neccessarypurchase a new unit and installI have posted my review about how bad the noise and service from this company is. There are very few people that are qualified to repair it and I recently paid a QUANTUM service repair person to repair it at a cost of $460 and he carried out the five year service. The unit now continuously leaks hot water. I am not throwing any more money away by calling a Quantum repair person.

Hi I have a 9year old 250ltr quantum heat pump. Replaced solenoid(white round cylinder) 3years ago but having issues now with no hot water just luke warm at best. We are on off peak 1 so it can run any time (did have off peak 2 & just wouldn't heat up when we needed it too) & seems to be running fine. Is this a thermostat issue or something else? I don't find it noisy as its under located our back deck but if it was near a bedroom it would be a noise problem as it does run for couple hours (same noise level as inverter type aircond). We have very low electricity bills with this heat pump & usually lots of hot water Can anyone help??
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Call a plumberThere may be a small gas leak. If that's the case, I'd ring the Quantum no and they'll likely give you the number of a local refrigeration mechanic to come out and test it and top up the gas.Got a fridgy to come look at the Quantum heat pump coils & pipes were all frozen over...no gas leak but T-ex valve had failed/blocked flow...so to remove & replace the gas plus new T-ex valve was $880 to fix + new pressure valve so $1100 inc gst. There was a bit of corrosion around other pipes etc so we decided to put the $1100 towards a new Bosch Compress heat pump of $1898 Delivered + fitting Cheers

I have a 134-ACW-134-C,and a 340-17ACW-134 Quantum Energy Heat Pump. After using for 3 years, the relay coil burnt and there are 2 wires 51 and 52, but they arent connected to anything. The display panel says 'low pressure protection-press F4' but nothing happens when F4 is pressed. One part of the system is working, one pump is not. it starts if the switch is tripped manually, but its not getting the signal from the control unit or the solenoid. Maybe the CPU might have a problem.Can anyone help me with what to do? I have contacted the agency from whom I have purchased it , but they have not been able to help me as yet.
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Crickey, sounds serious, do a lot of googling, maybe a repair quote, good luck and be careful.I don't work for them have you tried Quantum energy phone numbers on http://quantumenergy.com.au/

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