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Quantum Quartz WK

Quantum Quartz WK

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17 reviews
    Meg S
    Meg SNarrabeen

    Shows marks easily and some can't be remembered ved


    Had quantum quartz benchop (white) for about 2 months now. Overwhelming majority of marks, including water glass rings and even food scraps such as broccoli cannot be removed with water and some not even with the special quantum quartz surface spray intended for the purpose. I now have marks that even the quantum quartz cream cleaner won't move. Soooo disappointed. My understanding was this benchtop would look great and be easy to keep clean. I am a single woman who is conscious of cleaning spillages when they happen and thought this product would give many years of satisfaction. While it looks great it's functionality is disappointing and would love to hear from Quantum Quartz representative for suggestions.

    R J
    R J
    • 2 reviews

    Chipped and dull


    I had Quantum Quartz Ultra White benchtops installed in my kitchen 6 months ago and I already have two small chips on the island bench. One was caused by a metal utensil being accidentally dropped from a height of about 10cm and the other appeared after no notable incident. I had noted the installer polishing with Gumption so I tried to polish the chips out myself, but I now have two dull patches surrounding the chips and it looks terrible. I have emailed WK to ask for a solution and received absolutely no response.
    I have had Ceasarstone benchtops in other houses for years and never had any problem, despite much tougher treatment.
    I would not use or recommend Quantum Quartz ever again.

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    My name is Yvonne. I have had the Carbon Matte benchtops from WK Quantum Quartz installed as part of my reno. Like the other reviewers on this site, my feedback is less than positive. I am currently in dispute with them, arguing that what I was shown in the showroom (full sized kitchen) and what I've had installed, is not the same product (completely different finish which stains terribly - even water).

    Could you please give me some further detail, about how you were treated by this company, concerning your complaint? I would be very interested to know.

    Thank you kindly,

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    Brad V.
    Brad V.

    Very interesting. I'm currently in a dispute with the local distributor regarding a matte finish product for a client. It looks like it has stains embedded in the countertop. He admitted he had a shipment of that quartz damaged by Salt Water while on its way to him. He sent the bad stuff to our installer twice trying to get rid of it. It was sent back to him both times. The third time it appeared to be okay but after install there was a problem. He sent a rep to the house twice to clean in. It wasn't until the second time that he told us we should "seal" the quartz. Everyone I have spoken to says quartz doesn't need sealing! Good Luck.


    I have a carbon matte bench top and am experiencing the same issues reported above, it never looks clean. Rings from glasses, streaky after cleaning, dull spots. I have tried different cleaning products and different kinds of cloths and haven't found a solution. Has anyone else got any ideas?
    Best solution I have found so far it wd40 but it smells. Is there a similar product on the market with a lemon or lavender scent?
    I have also found a polishing cloth works better than microfiber but still looks a bit streaky in the corners.

    2 answers

    Hi Melly, are you trying to get a matte surface to look shiny (wd40) or streak free? I have found 1 part methylated spirits with 9 parts water works, wipe in circular motions with very damp microfibre then dry with polishing cloth. (I have white matte though not black) and the ring marks on mine always show as a dulled area as they are suction cup ones. another great product for streak free cleaning is windex ammonia free, I use this on matte graphite cupboard surfaces and it is the only thing that works really well. maybe give it a try on the your matte black counter. your ring marks if these have always been there, may be suction cup marks made during transport, even if they aren't and you want to get rid of them the only way seems to be a resurface, which is a light grind back and buff and polish. The marble man can do this apparently.

    Have used everything ourselves and the only thing that make the surface great, no streaks etc is Stone Power Cleaner. Removes every mark and leaves the surface that does not finger print. Smells great as well. I would not use WD40 as it is a petroleum product and not food safe at all. Same with window cleaner or windex its not food safe and is highly caustic. Just check the MSDS on a google search.

    This is the product and works fantastically well, the supplied cloth makes it much much easier to keep the surface clean and can be washed.


    Can you put hot pans and dishes on quantum quartz?

    1 answer

    No you can't. It isn't like granite which could very likely cope with heat but you really shouldn't do it with any stone counter top. There are very specific methods for cleaning QQ also. I keep cork boards and silicon mats near my stove for this reason.

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