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Something fishy in Denmark

No discs received for over 3 weeks now and when I complained I got a terse reply that they were sorry and the reason was that the disc folders had not arrived from China. However, I was offered an extra DVD for my troubles. Will it ever arrive? I'm not holding my breath. Is this a good business gone bad, if so it's a shame but if I get charged a monthly fee for Zero discs I'll be straight on to Consumer Affairs. I can sympathize with QF if they are having problems with their supplier but they ethically should have told their customers and made fair compensation, not waited till I complained.

Another Lost Customer

Like many that have reviewed I have been a client for many years since I was transferred across from BigPond Movies. I have just realised that I've been overcharged ($22.99 a month vs current $20 a month plan) as there was a plan change I was never notified about. Their response? - They cannot automatically change plans for an account - My response was that notifying the client of the change would be normal business practice. They have been doing this at least since Jan 2017 - 15 months. between that and the slow mail turnaround and the lack of sent discs over several weeks despite a queue of 30+ movies means what was once an excellent 5 star service has descended into a chaos. I will miss it (remembering the good days) but clearly it's no longer worth the price I've been paying.I'll use the money to buy premium bluray titles and use Netflix for the rest.

Latest Seasons of DVD Series not available

New Seasons of DVD Series are not available. Quickflix's new owners are not growing the DVD library with the latest seasons of DVD series. Sadly, Quickflix is dying - it's just a matter of time before they quit the DVD mail outs and only do streaming and then go into liquidation AGAIN. A great example of Accountants destroying a business by cost cutting. Luckily my local Library has many of the latest seasons of DVD series that are unavailable at Quickflix and these can be borrowed for 3 weeks at a time for free. Examples are "Suits", "Call the Midwife", "Game of Thrones", "Modern Family" etc etc. I'm wondering why I am paying Quickflix for this rapidly declining level of service.

I've had to update my previous review.... these guys are going down hill, fast :(.

Last reviewed 2015. Back then I note I gave them 4 stars, with small delays in fulfillment the minor issue.

Now? Very bad and a major issue. It's now 2-3 weeks to change over ONE disc, from day 1 notification that a disc is being sent (which in itself is now a long wait to get something on your queue), to receiving it, to sending it back the day after, and for them to acknowledge receipt and send another one. By the time that second disc arrives in your mail box, it's been weeks. The absolute most number of discs you'll get in a month is 3. MAXIMUM. You used to be able to swap over movies pretty quick, and get about 5 movies a month.

It's a sad state of affairs unfortunately. I am old school. I still prefer discs and I dont have an internet service fast enough to stream, but I DO live in a major metropolitan area (so postage shouldnt be the issue).

Just like all the more recent comments here, I'll be pulling the plug on my long running subscription :(. I've tried to persist through their "restructure", but honestly folks its horrendous. Don't sign up, let them die.

Was a member for 6+ years & somethings gone BAD!!!

I used QuickFlix constantly for 5+ years, but due to moving and life situations, my account was on "hold" for the past year. Suddenly last month, without my permission, it was taken off hold, I was BILLED, and a disk - that wasn't even in my 'queue' - was sent to me. They used to have a phone number, but it's gone so I used their email system, and sent the disk straight back. Three weeks later, and three unanswered email complaints later, no reply!!?? The system says yet another disk has been sent to me 2 weeks ago - but I never got it. It won't let me hold or cancel the account as it says I have a disk, which never arrived?!?! Absolutely disgusting. Be warned - obviously in the year I was not using them it's lost all it's benefits and customer service skills, and decided to start robbing people.

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FYI After complaining on their Facebook wall and messaging them through FB I finally got a return contact - the money will apparently be refunded, and I've closed my account. Sad to see this system go downhill.

Don't know what this means !!

I've updated my credit card details as you requested . But still getting a message saying I haven't done this !! Have you got a phone number ??


I was with Quickflix for 6 years + They changed to not accepting phone calls and emails ONLY.The service went to the ' toilet ' and however I tried to contact them, they just did not reply or attempt to fix the problem. I see it as a company that just didn't move with the times, lost to the likes of Bigpond and Netflix..SAD that the management just plain ignored the customer..An old saying " a customer is NOT and interruption to your job, they are the reason you have one" ..was lost and forgotten. Quickflix, will become "quickbroke" ..

Horrible! Cancelled but keep taking money.

Absolutely appalled by this company. I had canceled my subscription over 6 months ago yet they still are taking monthly fees out. I have tried calling. Number is disconnected. And I have tried emailing. All I get is a response saying please confirm your details. I have done this on many occasions yet that's as far as I get with them. I've called my bank multiple times. Now I've had to cancel and block my current card and have a new one sent out.

What is happening with Quickflix?!

I have been a member for many years, but feel Quickflix is about to go?
Definitely not worth the money anymore.
Only 2 subscriptions offered now!
But service and content has reached its lowest!
The biggest thing for me has always been the Dvd mail rental.
It is now taking a week and half for movies. Especially when they are returned. And is supported be priority mail!
To counter this you should be offering ore than 2 movies out at a time, but those plans no longer exist!
Now for streaming!
No new content for months.
Wonder Woman, pirates, guardians were available amongst other new releases. But mysteriously these all disappeared a month ago and since then they have not been added, these or any others.
Big alarm bells ringing here!!

scammed me

Resently noticed that something called 'Quickflix' has been taking money from my account on a monthly basis, I search my emails to see if I had ever received anything from 'Quickflix' but there was nothing. So after finding their website I contacted them with my queries and concerns I immediately received an automated email saying I'll hear back soon. Roughly a day later, I received a response requesting some details. Details were sent but I also had some very specific queries as in regards to how this happened in the first place which I included with my reply. The response I received once again felt automated stating the date I apparently signed up (turns out I have been paying them for a yr and half) and also the account will now be cancelled. Was unimpressed that not one of my other valid and what I feel are serious matters were answered nor even acknowledged. Feeling scammed.

A Total Scam.

I tried to sign up for a free trial thinking I would test the streaming app that was pre-installed on my new TV. The website deemed me ineligible but before long, DVDs began to arrive. I made sure there was no active subscription and removed my payment details but then to my surprise, my CC was charged $24.99. Didn't stream a thing. I requested a refund and was refused. Incredible. I will be disputing the charge and complaining to ACCC.

So sad to see this company bee so bad lately.

Their streaming service has a really small library (unfortunately they don't have rights to a lot of new titles ) Their DVD library potentially could be great, but very hard to get a hold of non main stream titles anymore and the popular ones take weeks to arrive and it's quite expensive in today's competitive market.

Terrible Service

I have been with Quickflix for over 5 years. There services is shocking, you never receive the allotted Discs you pay for anymore. I feel I am being ripped off.

Quickflix What a scam!!

I have just recently found out quickflix has been charging me $9.99 for as long as I've had my PlayStation 4 and I haven't even used it in close to two years. I think they've been taking that amount for 2 years.

Very limited device support (no Android TV apps!?!), flakey Android app, charged me for the trial

No Android TV app (seriously?). Android app crashes every time I try and cast a movie via ChromeCast/GoogleCast. DRM errors on playback (at least these are transient, unlike all the above issues).

The trial was a schmozzle: the Google Play promo code didn't work, and when I signed up for the general "free" trial anyway, they charged me. I see from the reviews here that they've a track record of doing this. I currently have a support ticket open to get that reversed, then I'm cancelling.

Do not waste your money subscribing

I have been a member for over 5 years on the two disc at a time deal. It was fantastic service in the beginning when they had offices in each capital city & the waiting time for discs was only a 2-3 days. This meant we had a disc on hand most of the time when we wanted to watch a movie. The selection was good and it worked out to about $2 to $3 per movie. Now they have centralised their operation in Sydney & the service is shocking. It takes up to 5 days for them to despatch a disc. Add to that Australia Post's 3-5 days Sydney to Adelaide. Add to that 14 of the 19 discs currently in my queue are currently shown as "Long Wait". Add to that their "New Releases" are getting longer and longer after movie house initial screening. We like watching Blu-ray discs Vs streaming but afraid we will have to change .... pity!!!

Website won't allow you to cancel

Quickflix's appalling service has got steadily worse since they went into administration last year. No call center service, very slow deliveries. So I've decided to cancel ... only to find that I can't access my account details! You have to wonder how much of this is deliberate attempts to desperately hang on to customers and keep revenues trickling in. It's a pity - my blue ray home theater will now be partly redundant, but I will not continue with this nonsense. Yes, next steps are complaints to ACCC and checking for a class action lawsuit for commercial malpractice.

Does not work

I signed up to start the trial and it did not work. I was however allowed to watch the movie trailers. What a joke!

Quickflix Scamming me - contacting ACCC today to complain!

Quickflix started charging me $9.99 after my free trial ended in around Nov 2015, even though I was under the impression that I had cancelled my membership. Once I became aware of them charging me in January 2016, I not only emailed them but also spoke to them on the phone asking they stop the charges and issue me with a refund. Regardless of any previous charges being refunded to me or not, they should not have continued to keep charging me for a service I clearly said I was not interested in continuing and asked them to stop charging me. They said yes they would, and that they would refund me at least 1-2 months worth of charges. Not only did this not happen, but when I checked my bank account today, I noticed I am still being charged $9.99 a month and this is now January 2017! Your business ethic is despicable QUICKFLIX and you deserve to go Bankrupt. I'm reporting you to ACCC today.

Awful service, waste of money

Small selection of movies, multiple errors, one was asking me to pay when i had credits available, another was after paying for a movie it asked me to pay again, another was not playing subscription movies. ..never ending problems and customer service replies after 6 days adressing one issue and ignoring others. Never again.

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Questions & Answers

Looks like quickflix website is down again - This time even the help.quickflix.com.au site is down. For the technically savvy the entire "quickflix.com.au" domain is not registered with DNS. Lets hope its a change of website hosting providers and not the company going bust without notice.
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...and the phone number for Quickflix Limited (1300 138 644) is disconnected...I cancelled my subscription months ago and informed my bank not to pay any more funds to them. I suspect they have money problems but to my knowledge they have not made any announcements!! I do know their movies were getting older and older and I suspected trouble long ago what with competing with newer streaming companies. When you cannot contact a company they do not deserve any business!

Why are you uncontactable???? No phone numbers, website unavailable .... I intend to cancel my debit card on Monday to prevent any more monthly payments being taken out until I know what's going on
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sorry Jude I do not know, it looked ok then it died maybe they are trying to fix it, I hope so.By "trying to fix it" I assume you're referring to the website? That's only a symptom of the real issue, which is why is Quickflix suddenly uncontactable, usually a sign a business is folding. Is there anyone who can actually front up to their offices in Perth and find out what is going on? It seems to me that Quickflix are continuing to take members' monthly payments when in fact they may not be trading any longer.It looks like it working fine today, just sign out each time you visit the site

Not sure what is going on, Website went down monday/tuesday this week, sent messages via their online help portal (which still seems to be working), but to date only received the automated reply that someone will get back to you, a little worried about payments still coming out of my credit card. Might have to cancel the card to stop that if i don't get a reply.
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Yep it looks like they're gone read my review above.Good luck , I’m after 2 years of money but looks like it’s lost .Website is now back up and running but I have cancelled my subscription. Just don't trust them after this episode.

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