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Yes I done my in August last year no money still police matter now trying to ring QTR and there not answering either
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We're is my money fraudsters

Quick tax has had my tax return since September $6500.00 Will not give it to me, what can I do ?
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I feel violated knowing I gave personal information to these frauds and would love to hear how you all are taking action. I have reported to ACORN and hope they are able to do something. Please add me to your messenger group Faanape Fainu thanks
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Can someone please add me to the group. Its been 3 months now and no luck yet. I'm international student and got no idea how this works atm.

Do you have a number for quick tax that ain't disconnected? please anyone? I ain't been able to contact them for few weeks now they wont even reply to my email I have contacted tpb but feels as if they no help at all complaint after complaints over it
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They've closed down...into liquidation.Hey dude. You have been another victim to this accounting firm. Most of us have not had contact with them as they purposely avoided contact. There is an investigation into this matter by TPB, acorn and consumer protection. We have a fb messenger group and would like to invite you if you give your fb name. There is many of us who have suffered and I'm currently owed $6000. Please join and scroll through the conversation to gain a better knowledge of what's been happening. You must file complaints but as I said score for the conversation to gain a better knowledge of what you must do to help yourself and us in order to prosecute this woman who has robbed usPlease do contact consumer affair western australia.. There is an officer name chad who is looking after that case..

Guys how do I get my return back of $6000. Is it possible? I've filed complaints but am worried I'm on a road to nowhere. I won't give up. My return was released by the ato 4-5 weeks ago
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Hi .. I sympathise with your situation .. I to have spoken with the ATO who are currently investing this for me .They said it would take up to 28 days before they would let me know what theyve come up with. The said I could file a class suit against the Quick Tax ... Ive spoken to my Lawyer and he is also looking into the company and their shonky dealings. Im also feeling very frustrated and upset .. Im almost wondering if it is worth going to A current affair or Today Tonight and get these scammers exposed so noboby else is disadvantaged. Maybe we could get a group together to do this .. i wish i could be more helpful let me know how you go. Ill keep you posted if i get anywhere with it. Regards LunaWhen I found the accountant who did my tax return through Facebook, he told me they have gone into liquidation owing around $1.1M in tax refunds!! He obviously knew that the company was fraudulent but was happy to do my tax in late August! There are so many in this company that could not care about anyone other than themselves. First and last time I will ever do my tax online. I also understand that they lost their tax license late August, but were still doing tax returns and telling clients that their money was going to be transferred in a few business days. They have deliberately misled more than myself by the sounds of it.I'm in the same boat as use filled a complaint through tpb we will have to see wat happens

I have noticed that a mobile number I was contacted on has been disconnected as well as lkn accouting number who is linked with this dodgy company! How did you get them to hand over your money? I’ve called and called and now their line says they are closed for staff training. I almost feel like flying to their Perth office from Sydney!
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I simply sent them screenshots of our conversations as well as told them ‘I’m sure the whole of Australia would be interested to know how you are ripping off hard working tax payers ‘ and promised i will take it A current affair as well as take legal action for false advertising and contacting the Ombudsman.... my money aas then in my account not even 24 hours later. I still however will follow through with all i said above. It is not professional and does not appear legitimate. Sounds like a class action law suit needs to take place. And I’m willing to lead itContact the Tax Practitioners Board. They were able to get us our refunds quickly. https://www.tpb.gov.auI had to go to the TPB, wa pol and a debt collection agency. Get everything in writing.

Did anyone get a result from reporting them to the accc?
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No still trying! If we all keep reporting them to the tax practitioner we can hopefully get thier licensed revoked for its bad practiceContact the Tax Practitioners Board. They were able to get us our refunds quickly. https://www.tpb.gov.auI had to contact TPB & received my money the next day.

Has anyone actually got their returns off this mob?
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No have not received a thing I think it is a scam they take their payment thoughYes, I have. It's not a scam they're just a disorganised slack business. I wouldnt go with them again, really not worth the time, trouble and fees. Wouldn't have got anything if I didn't chase them upHi guys if this helps you can lodge a complaint with the taxation practitioners board. [contact details removed] he has had several other complaints about this tax agent and is investigating them the more complaints lodged with him the better. What quick tax.net are actually doing is gaining money by decption without you knowing it by this I mean say quick tax.net received 10 tax returns from their clients and the avarage tax return was say $900 after their fes come out then if quick tax leave those 10 tax returns sitting in their bank account for a couple of months they would be gaining a nice lot of interest from those 10 tax returns so 10 times $900 sitting in their bank account well yeh there you have it quick tax are laughing at you so the interest on $9000 for a couple of months they think is theirs but in reality its your money and your tax return not quick tax ,net money so if you are wondering why you have not got your tax return back then its earning them interest . . very very deceptive company they wouldn't know the truth even if it bit them on the rump. Hope this helps someone but avoid them and stay away.

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