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Complete bull

Wish my dad read all your reviews before signing up with them! Has anyone been able to go to someone else and get there tax refund from them?


We have reported this company and LKN ACCOUNTING to the Tax Board. We received notification they are being closed down. We were advised if they are still operating to notify police. Please call the police guys so they can act immediately.


It's been more then 3 months since I did my tax returns with them and no refund till date. After all the emails and promises and I have still not received my refund.

Dont use them as they seem to be a fraudulent business.

2018. Thieves and Crooks

They are absolutely a joke and they’ll take advantage of you. They don’t care about you they will steal from you and then laugh at you. Be careful. They did not complete the task I requested of them, they claimed only the largest amounts from the my most abundant return and did not release the funds to me. They are red flagged within the Australian Tax Office and anyone who does a return with them will be scrutinised by the ato as a method of tax fraud prevention. They will request your identification to act on your behalf and again, they will take advantage of you.

This’s the most dishonest and a thief

This quick tax company did my tax return for 2016-2017 but took my tax return money and never return my phone call or my email ,basically stealing my tax return money.

Quick Tax Perth LKN Accounting Group

Do not use this Tax Agent Quick Tax Perth. They received my refund from ATO in Feb 2018. It’s now July 25th 2018. Ignoring my emails, not returning my calls. Girl making excuses big fat lies. The worst of the worst, no stars for these scammers. Handcuffs would be better.

Bunch of crooks

Absolute bunch of crooks, get fed with lie after lie. I never write reviews but I’m so fed up with this trash excuse of a company enough is enough. I even agreed to a $300 advance fee and have the process hurried along yet still no sign of money. They bank with commonwealth as do I and I was informed the transfer was made a week ago which is clearly a lie because nothing as entered my account. A 20l drum of gasoline and a stray cigarette would be my ideal solution for appalling company


Lodged a tax return with them in 2016 charged me $329 in fees.
Estimated return was 3260-
They gave me roughly 29! To me honestly I was happy with my outcome! BUT

Today 22.7.2018 I made me a myGov account only to find out the ato paid them 4600 for me that year!
I wasn’t advised at all! Do not use them not only did I wait a month for my return but I am now learning that they robbed me a good 1700! Dodgy I’m a fool yes so please wait use etax or something well known you wouldn’t want the same thing happening to you.
Thanks for reading don’t be a fool like me

Do not use this provider

After 9 weeks and alot of research. Things i have learnt are they are known to the ATO as fraudulent. They will scam you. You will have to fight to get your refund. They frequently submit false information under your name after adjusting numbers so they can defraud the ATO. Took calls to the TPB, WA POL counter fraud and a debt collection agency to find out they have pocketed 1300 in fraud. Currently seeking legal advice on how to fix the problems they have caused.

Do not use

I went through months waiting for Quick Tax to return my money. I had to threaten them with me going to “A Current Affair” to receive what was rightfully mine.
Worst Company ever and should be exposed and shut down immediately.

Charged me $500 for a standard return

I've used quick tax the last 3 years 2 years has been really good BUT this year they charged me $500 to just lodge my return where other companies charge $100 this is a rediculous amount of money for 20mins work! They gave me no information about they raised there price!!

Use with caution.

Bunch of morons

Bunch of thieving morons. Withholding money from people for months on end. A current affair is already involved, had a phone interview with them today. More to come. These guys will be shut down in the next little while. EADC

A bunch of lowlife liars - there here to rip off hard working Australians

I would give these ignorant - professional con-artists a big fat zero star if possible!
Do not ever go to these people!
Still awaiting my money 3 months on! Refuse to answer my calls and place me on hold for 45+ minutes plus if I ever get through. Horrendous customer service, literally no progress with these ignorant fools!
Threatened them with formal legal action, the TPB and still nothing!
A comment from [name removed] today as i questioned the whereabouts of my invoice, and I asked if they would falsify the invoice. [name removed] - ' why would I give you a fake invoice, its against the law'. WOW [name removed], you're surely right there!
Bunch of pathetic losers, scamming hardworking Australians of there money and time. Taking there money, holding it in accounts and letting it gain interest. WOW!
Formal legal action needs to be taken against these individuals - it would be a landmark case!
I'll step up and take these con-artists on! Bring it on!

Worst company ever

I lodged my tax return with quick tax early May the ato give them the money 4 days later I give them 2 weeks then called when I had heard nothing,they told me they would return it in 8 weeks when I asked why as they have my money in their account they said that is policy outside tax time I told them I was never told them when I lodged my tax return otherwise I would off went elsewhere the girl just didn’t care. I have caller every week with no luck sometimes they answer and return emails but always the same excuses that they have just moved office I am on the priority list it’s up to finance now,do not use them,I contacted the tpb who told me they can do nothing.


Do never ever EVER use this company it took over 3 months to get my return. I had to threaten accurant affair to get my return even the TPB threat never worked on them. My advice never use or go near this agency.

No good

Suppose to be quick but nothing quick here its been 2 months did my tax still waiting and no response

Do not use these guys!!!!

Decided to do my tax threw these guys. Didn't recieve a cent back although ATO released my return months ago.Trying to get in contact with this company is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE. I have since found out that the registered company "LKN Accounting Group" has sanctions in force on them but still are in bussiness. If you too have been swindled by these guys as well go to the Tax Practioners Board and file a complaint. These guys are stealing hard working australians money. They need to be held accountable.
Don't forget the company is called Quicktax , do not deal with these guys under any circumstances.

Under no circumstance use Quicktax

Why oh why didn’t I read the reviews before using Quicktax. Like everyone else I m’ve had a terrible experience using them. Was told I would receive over $700 only to receive my tax return $200 short. When I contacted them they apologised and said they’d send the out standing amount with in the week but nothing. The next time I contacted them the girl I spoke to was less than useless. I was told that i might get the rest of my money up to six weeks later, (Yep you guessed it, still nothing). When I asked to speak to her manager she said “the accountant” worked from home and can’t take calls. I’m sorry what?!

Absolute cowboys. Spare yourself the grief, go else where.

Should be shut down

DO NOT use this business ever, they are total scammers and have stolen our tax return refusing to pay it into our accounts after over charging us for their service. We have been arguing back and forth with them for months now trying to get our money but they either don’t answer or make excuses or hang up on us when we call!! We have reported them to the Taxation Board but unfortunately are being left thousands of dollars out of pocket, I hope they are shut down soon so no one else goes through this!!!! Can’t understand how they are still operating.

Beware, Quicktax Withold Your Tax Return Indefinately

Do NOT Use this Company. They only want to communicate with you whilst they are obtaining all your personal information to lodge your tax return. Once the ATO forwards your return, they withold it indefinately. They do not return phone calls or emails, and it is impossible to talk to anyone to find out when you will recieve your money. If you are ever lucky enough to get to talk to the Receptionist, she cannot put you through to anyone. Money is always with Finance, but she can't put you through. She can't put you through to the Accountants. No-one is EVER there to answer any of your concerns about WHERE your tax return is. They lie and tell you the money is being released, but it NEVER arrives in your bank account. Do not even muck around with these people. Their customer service post-lodgement is atrocious, disrespectful to their clients, disgusting and probably illegal. My son has been waiting two months for a return that the ATO processed within 2 days of lodgement. REPORT REPORT REPORT to ALL relative authorities. The Australian TAX Practitioners Board, Claims Tribunals, the POLICE, This company has NO SHAME whatsoever. Do your own tax return on the ATO website. It's free, and at least you will get your return. Also be sure that the ATO has blocked any further access to your future returns from this company.

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Yes I done my in August last year no money still police matter now trying to ring QTR and there not answering either
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We're is my money fraudsters

Quick tax has had my tax return since September $6500.00 Will not give it to me, what can I do ?
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I feel violated knowing I gave personal information to these frauds and would love to hear how you all are taking action. I have reported to ACORN and hope they are able to do something. Please add me to your messenger group Faanape Fainu thanks
1 answer
Can someone please add me to the group. Its been 3 months now and no luck yet. I'm international student and got no idea how this works atm.

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