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Quipwell MS25L

Quipwell MS25L

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Questionable quiality and pathetic service

I bought the meat slicer from wellkart.com, they appear to be the sole distributor for this product although they do have listings on ebay too. I decided to replace my old slicer with this one since my parents had bought the same model directly from the warehouse and were happily using it for a couple of months.
The order arrived within a fortnight and I was initially pretty happy until i decided to try slicing some salami. It was they that i noticed the blade had no edge on it, it was completely flat (imagine a knife with a flat edge, no bevel). So naturally i thought, ok let's just use the provided sharpening stone to put an edge on this blade. Several days and extensive grinding later I came to the conclussion that all i was doing was wearing away the sharpening stones, the blade steel was too hard to do that sort of extensive grinding with that small stone which is only meant for quick honing.

I wrote to the seller and to the credit they responded in a reasonable period of time. The email indicated that I should speak with their support department which i did. Several weeks and a number of emails later and I still haven't heard a peep from the support/parts department. I had asked for a replacement blade but they seem bent on ignoring my requests. I have since taken the blade to a professional tool sharpening service to have it ground to a proper bevel and the machine is now working finally, months after the initial purchase.

If you are going to buy from these people then do it via ebay, at least there you have paypal to protect you.
All aluminium design makes for easier cleaning
Poorly assembled, blade hadn't been ground to a bevel, non existent service department.

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