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QuitX Patches

QuitX Patches

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Excellent - would recommend

I did smoke about 30 a day. for 40 years. From day one using the QuitX patches, now 19 days later i dont feel like a smoke. The first week i didnt feel the need to smoke but went to grab for one, this feeling passed after about 10 days.The patches seem to help the craving go away. I cant wait to complete the whole treatment. Will update again.
As for the patches not sticking i had the same problem. I over came this by rubbing the area to put the patch with my hand till it was warm then placed the patch on, I then kept my had on the top of the patch for about 30 seconds to a minute, this kept it stuck in place for the 24 hours.

Ready for step 2 ..still not smoking :)Just to add , After 84 days of not smoking, finished step 2 , then did step 3 for 2 weeks only. Been off the patches for about 14 days. Very mild cravings come and go, easy to shake them off. The patches really helped me Quit.. You will have your good days and bad days but at the end of the road you be the winner. My wife of 31 years was also a smoker and she quit with me at the same time, so we now are both quitters. I have done cold turkey and never helped me. I recommend to use the patches to slowly help you give up. Good luck and happy quitting.4 months after taking the first step of the Quitx patches. I have been of the patches now for 6 weeks ( went off them 2 weeks early ) OKay, I have not had any smoke in my lungs for 4 months and lungs feel great. While on the patches urges where there but not to bad. As time went by with no patches (NO NICOTINE HITS LOL) i did notice changes to my body that i had never had before. My muscles and joints began to hurt in my legs, blocked nose with flu like symptoms. Much sleepless nights. mood swings. Dreams of smoking then waking up to nothing in your hands. I have read that there are many side effects and some people don't have any. My wife that quit the same time as me only has restless nights sleeping and nothing else. Anyway, Im sticking in there and Reckon the patches were are great start to a better future health wise. Good Luck to all you quitters :)

The best ever, they really did work.

At last! My wife has been a long time smoker (over 30 years) and has tried to stop smoking so many times we've lost count. Having tried every concievable way of quitting, including lots of brands of patches, she had pretty much given up. The patches she had tried had various results from either not doing the job to having a burning sensation to not sticking more than an hour and needing Bandaids to keep them in place.
She recently decided to give it one more try, On her next visit to our local pharmacy she noticed a brand of patches she had not seen before and made the purchase.
The difference between these and the others she had tried has been nothing less than amazing; They WORKED!!
They stick every time, they don't burn, they satisfy... they ticked all the boxes.
Now into her third easy month without a cigarette, Cathy is on the smallest dose and looking forward to finishing the course.
We can't recommend these highly enough.

QuitX Patches

Not sure why some have said patches don't stick. I have had no issues with them compared to other brands which left red welty marks after wearing. On week 2.....slowly but surely graduating down. Good lucky everyone!

Duct tape

Had the same problem, dry the skin, put yr patch on then cover with a strip of duct/electrical tape... Sounds weird but works... Good luck

Patches don't Stick!

Patches don't stick...what a waste of money. Thanks for pissing me off while I'm trying to quit....great job. Make them out of the same stuff as morphine patches and they will stick for a week.

Clear Patches dont stick

Patches would not stick..useless..went through 7 patches in 3 days due to the problem..went and bought another pack, and again they continued to peel away from my skin..

Day 2

I would highly recommend this product to anyone wishing to try a healthier lifestyle, cigarette free !
I have been a heavy smoker for 35 years (packet a day) and found after using the patches i have had no cravings, the habit is there ~ example after meals, with my coffee, before starting work ect ect.

However i am not feeling the powerful urges wanting a smoke, or even the moodiness which i was waiting for.
Yes it has only been Day 2, but for me that is like climbing a mountain.
Thank You QuitX :-)
I have not suffered from any skin irritations like i have with the major brands. Love the value for money, cheaper than a packet of smokes which is a great bonus !
I found them hard to keep on, even after following the application recommendation on the leaflet provided. Was somewhat disappointed by this.


I was genuinely suprised how easy it was for me to quit with these patches. I had tried to give up smoking after ten years many times over and failed because the cravings overwhelmed the will power needed to succeed. I had an allergic reaction to Nicabate patches and problems with them staying on, but these are round and stick well even after having a shower and getting a little bit damp. I felt only short and minor cravings for the first few days that were easy to deal with.
I had tried other patches, but these ones actually worked for me. Cheaper than other patches on the market and without the side effects that they caused me.


I have tried Nicorette and others before, and I found QuitX to be much better. I have found that I have no cravings/itchiness or red marks and they work really really well. Also haven't had the moodiness either
That they were cheaper than the other "known" brands, but worked better. Didn't give me the itchness or red marks as others can


excellent product, I don't know why I didn't start this earlier, it has been 9 days since I started and I haven't felt like a cigarette again. I have found that my health has already improved dramaticly.
no real cravings, wonderful product
sick for the first ten minutes of applying the patch. all good now


Cheaper than other leading brands and definately stops the cravings... the rest is up to me! The patches stop me needing a cigarette but not "wanting" a cigarette. And whether I have a cigarette is up to my willpower which I can control.
Quitx Patches help me stop "needing" a cigarette, definately cheaper than other leading brands and they definately take the edge off my cravings. I like the 3 step program also as I can slowly wean myself off the cigarettes and the patches. They stick easy and actually stay put for the day.
Nothing that I can think of


I found these patches to be better than the well known brands. Price wise much cheaper. I slso found that they stuck really well onto your skin and when showering didn't come off. Would definately give them another go in the future.
I used this brand as it was cheaper than the well known brands. I found it to better than those brands well known. It definately took the edge of the cravings.
At the stage when I tried it their wasn't a choice of colour in the patches. I would of liked a see-thru type of patch so it was not obvious on the body.


I have given up cold turkey twice b4 and i was very crabby both times and my poor kids got most of that. quitx has stopped me being a grumpy mum. so much better
going from being a 30 or more smokes a day to wearing the quitx patch i fully recomend it. It has helped me i am up to day 3 of the patches and i started on a day that i had to spend it with 6 smokers so i have to say it really works as i could be around smokers and not want a smoke.


2 years ago I successfully gave up smoking with the aid of QuitX patches. I had tried before many times-gone cold turkey, halved the amount I smoked, hypnotism, I tried all sorts of methods..but none worked successfully.
The key for e was QuitX patches, my friend recommended them to me after she tried them successfully....BUT you HAVE to really want to give up..the timing has to be right for you.
I had no side effects with the patches and I loved the freedom of not having any cravings after 3 days..Now I don't even miss smoking.
And 1 weeks supply of patches is far cheaper than buying cigarettes for a week!
I recommend this product. TIP:~..If you find the patches don't stick due to the heat in summer...place them under your underpants on the side of your hip, or under any close fitting undergarment...just not close to your heart! ...the undergarments will help keep them in place.
Quit X Patches are by far the best and the cheapest stop smoking patches.
I had no side effects and they worked!


Hope I can keep up the good work with QuitX patches. Have done really well today, well I think so No smokes usually 30 to 40 by now
No side affects My first day usually have 30 to 40 smokes by now think there pretty good
Nothing at the moment

Questions & Answers

Hi I have been on quite 2 for 10 days and have had no appetite and been feeling rather bilious I am on the 14 mg and wondering if this is as ode effect? I have had no craving to smoke but not sure about the effects I’m having ! Please advise
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You would be better of to see your doctor just to make sure all is well before applying more patches. Hopefully all is good and you continue with the quit program. :)

How long can you stay on the patches for
1 answer
Don't know if there is a limit, just used them as directed on the box and got a great result. Still no smoking, no craving, and it;s been quite a while. Just did the course as directed..

Hi i am using nicorette patch step 1 And since i wear it i feel like somethings wrong Like my heart beat faster and i feel uneasy and worry about something i don't know what and dizzines Is it oke to continue? Is there anyone feel that way too? I've been using it for 3 days Or should i change the brand?
2 answers
Hi, Probably see you Doctor to see if the patches are suitable for you. Good Luck :)I had a similar problem with nicorette patches and others. Did not have the same problem with Quitx.

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