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Ego QV Gentle Wash

Ego QV Gentle Wash

4.0 from 26 reviews


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fionaGippsland, VIC

Caused eczema to flare up


Brought this product thinking it would be good to use for hand wash, first day of use caused eczema to flare up on my hands. Only time I have ever had this happen before was if I uses a product with soap in it. Not happy at all as now I have a large bottle that I cannot even use. Would not recommend this product.

Purchased in March 2020 at Chemist Warehouse.

Causes Irritation Yes
Karen S

Karen SSydney, NSW

Love this


Been using this for years now and it is a fantastic cleanser for my face. Have very sensitive skin and this is perfect. The size it comes in is great too and lasts for ages.



  • 24 reviews

I love this wash


I love this wash. I use this product to wash my face as it is so gentle. I have dry sensitive skin on my face and this wash doesnt irritate it nor does it dry my skin out. It is fragrance free and has a nice milky consistency. The wash removes makeup well and cleanses skin very well leaving it smooth, no need to double wash. I usually alternate this wash with Dermaveen's gentle wash so I wont get bored. The big pump pack lasts me for about 6 months if not more, so it is very economical and value for money. This product is fantastic, try it, you wont regret it.

Purchased in January 2018 at Chemist Warehouse Physical Store.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No
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ChibiThe Entrance

  • 6 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Very gentle to skin.


rosiej2Sydney, NSW

  • 4 reviews



I have been using this product for some time and I find it excellent. It is great for sensitive skin and dosent leave your skin feeling dry and itchy and the price is reasonable compared to other brands


tl83Sydney, NSW

  • 14 reviews

3 kids with eczema works like magic since birth


I've been using the QV gentle wash since my first son got a severe eczema so my Dr recommended to switch to QV instead of Johnson baby wash and it worked wonders for all of them. will keep buying!

Sharon C

Sharon CBrisbane

  • 10 reviews

We like this product for our whole family


We have baby and a toddler with sensitive dry skin which most baby washes irrated. This product isnt going to smell like a nice lavender perfumed wash because it doesn't have nasty soaps or perfumes added. We buy the bulk and think its good value for money especially compared to the actual baby products. Also like the Q.V. baby moisturize.



  • 2 reviews

Do not buy this


This shower gel stink, it is awful to smell so bad after taking a shower, QV should be ashamed of it, especially when you know how expensive this is. For sure the worst shower gel soap free I have ever tried.





After using this on myself while I was pregnant and not thinking much of it at all, we were recommended it by the Royal children's hospital in Melbourne to use it on my 3 year old for his eczema. His eczema has NEVER been as bad as it has after one bath with this product! I'm so horrified this product is pushed my the chemists, doctors and the children's hospital!
After reading reviews I'm surprised my son isn't the only one to have troubles with this product.
After discussing with friends I also found they too have had the same problem.
It's a waste of money! I will be putting it straight in the bin and will go back to the products we used to use before being redommended this.

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The helpful queen

The helpful queenUnicorn City

  • 15 reviews

It is quite alright


If you read my original review, on this product, which was posted in May of 2017, you would know about my previous hate love relationship with this body wash. I got one as a free bonus with my QV lotion quite recently and have been using it daily. I am now pleased to inform you that this product is highly effective and moisturising in conjuction with the Redwin cream. My eczema has now improved a lot and the smell doesn't bother me anymore. I would recommend this to anyone with dry skin. It is also worth mentioning that QV products don't have any added fragrance to them so they really are the perfect thing for your skin.



  • 6 reviews

stay away from this product!


it really dried out the skin on my face badly. i would be better off using bath soap on my face. not impressed at all. after using this i tried cetaphil and have never looked back.

Sam O

Sam OBrisbane



I love my QV wash. I have bad eczema and dermatitis and since using the wash my skin isn't as itchy and is so much softer. Absolutely love it. I look forward to having a shower everyday :)

Mark W

Mark WMelbourne

  • 4 reviews

Not really gentle on dry sensitive skin


This product is as good at drying my skin as regular soap is. I'm not a fan and won't bug again. I struggle to understand why it's sold as "gentle". Not everyone has my skin so I guess it works for some people.



  • 12 reviews



I have serious dermatitis and using this as a hand wash has really helped clear it up. My triggers are mostly soaps, when I use soapy, perfumed products my skin explodes, so having this on hand helps a lot

I like the travel size to keep at work and the big bottle for refills and use in the bathroom
mild, effective, non irritant
expensive, bad smell

Good for baby too


I started using this after a chemist at chemist warehouse suggested it as part of a way to help with my baby's nappy rash. It is really mild and doesnt foam up in the bath so great for her skin and still seems to clean her well. Have finished the first bottle and am going back for more.

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  • 7 reviews

Not quite for me.


I've tried this as face wash because my husband used it to wash his oily sensitive skin and didn't have any reaction from it. Well, unfortunately it wasn't the case with me. It's great as hand wash and to wash delicate area. However, three days into using it as face wash, I started to experience the familiar itch and dryness. I'll go back to using my Dalan Olive soap again. The face wash didn't work for me either, and out has sls in the ingredient list. The good news is that it seems to work really well on my husban's oily, acne-prone, sensitive skin. Overall it's a good product.
lnexpensive, suitable to most people with sensitive skin.
A bit drying. People with dry skin should avoid using it as face wash.

Balwyn Battler

Balwyn BattlerBalwyn

  • 6 reviews
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So gentle on skin


As I don't own a dishwasher and have a propensity to wash dishes without wearing rubber gloves, my hands became dry and sucky. I reached the point were the skin had broken and bled quite easily. I started to use the QV wash for washing my hands and protected my hands with rubber gloves when washing dishes. My hands had recovered and back to normal within a week!
Creamy and doesn't lather unnecessarily.



  • 2 reviews

Perfect for babies


I was having trouble finding the right soap for my baby. After trying QV wash, her red spots and rash from irritation due to her sensitive skin went away after a couple of days.. Its very good for sensitive skin and eczema.. Its worth the money.. I recommend using QV to new mums!
Worth the cost!



  • 8 reviews

Good Product for my sensetive acne skin


My skin is very hard to deal with. Since I was young, I always have acne and very sensitive skin. I used to use all the other products to get rid of my pimples. No matter how much money I have spent on the product, is just irritates my skin. Especially in winter time, my skin can be so dry to peel off and itchy.
But this product is very good, it does not cause me more pimples, it washes well. The best part, it is sooo cheap. (Well, at least compare to all the other stuff I have purchased during the years)
cost, does not harm skin, suitable for my sensitive skin


yavisQLD, 4030

  • 143 reviews

Gentle skin


QV gentle wash is great for sensitive skin and easy to use. Just apply a small amount to wet skin, gently massage then rinse off. It cleanses and cleans the skin thoroughly without any harsh perfumes. Safe to use for kids and adults. It is gentle enough to use as a face wash as it is soap free. It comes in a range of different sizes and I find the 1 litre pump bottle lasts for ages. As well as a body wash I find it perfect for using as a hand wash. It doesn't dry out my skin at all. Available from all good supermarkets and pharmacies. Competitively priced.
Very gentle on my skin. Doesn't dry skin out. Easy to use

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Hend Diab

Hend Diabasked

I'm just asking about its odour
I smell it oily like not a good odour , is it normal?

2 answers

Hello Hend, The ego soap has a very light, pleasant fragrance and is not at all offensive.


I agree with rosiej2, it's has almost no smell

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