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Raco 50470RPC

Raco 50470RPC

2.3 from 8 reviews

love mine

I use this often. It works well and easily, and cooks the food well. I've had it about 10 years, and never had a problem or had to replace a part. I find the size is perfect for cooking a big pot of stew or soup. It is easy to clean

Date PurchasedApr 2006

a great pressure cooker!

Bought a Raco because a friend had one and used it often. Mine has been
great but I am careful about cleaning it and placing lid. Leakages can be due to too much liquid or badlly placed lid. My daughter is always borrowing it so I am buying her one for her birthday. Good pressure cooker.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Roco pressure cooker is a fail

So we all know it pays to buy quality, and it was a mistake to buy this budget brand. The steam when pressurised actually warps the function creating your pressure cooker. Breaking it by it melting So go save up, get a good one. My mums got one she's had for 30 years. quality. can't remember although i've had it 7 years it was in storage for about 4 years. it's only belen used about 20 x now it's just a big pot. it does not work as a pressure cooker.

Date PurchasedMar 2011

Ordinary Pressure Cooker

I bought my pressure cooker Raco , a year ago and exploded twice . The first time I thought it explode as I did not lock the pan properly but, but a week later explode again. After a couple of days I am still cleaning my kitchen. Massive mess , horrible pan. Don't waste your money buy it .

Plastic part of pressure adjustment valve split after only a few months and a handful of uses

No longer holds pressure as a result of this split in the plastic portion of the valve. Also leaks pressure around the lid handle. Cheaply made yet premium price. Posting to Melbourne for repair would cost $60 return. Cheaper to buy a new one than waste any more money on this underperforming lemon.

Big Disappointment.

Worked the first time, from then on hasn't worked, tried various times but just leaks out of the side. Took it apart put all back together worked that time, next no. going to take it back should be under warranty. Hopeless.

Been great for us

My wife and I had bought a pressure cooker of a different brand that leaked the first two times we used it, so we got this Raco pressure cooker and love it. Some of our friends and family use it as well because it has worked so well. It is simple to use and strong, highly recommend it.
Simple to use
I am going to have to buy another one for my rellies now because they use ours too often

It was ok until it exploded

I had one of these for 2 years only and the other day it exploded on the stove without any warnings. I was just turned my back and walked away from the stove so it only got me on the back of my leg...Scary...I am still cleaning my kitchen after 2 days !!! My new cooker will be a different brand for sure :((
Quick cooking time
Exploded with a huge bang on the stove and flooded my kitchen from floor to ceiling

Woah! Sounds like a scary experience! Just curious: when was the last time you replaced some of the parts? Being under so much pressure all the time, the rubber seal and sometimes the handle need to be replaced when worn. Well obviously the handle didn't explode, and I am sure your aware that any pressure cooker with sound construction will NOT explode under any circumstances or pressure, if working correctly the safety release (or like you are suggesting perhaps the rubber seal itself) will blow out and the pressure will ESCAPE but obviously the cooker should obviously NEVER explode at all, and through sound construction the seal should be encased in a way that it could never 'blow out' like you are for some reason suggesting. By the sounds of it their cooker has exploded NOT the rubber seal, and anyway your insinuations that it was somehow their fault for not maintaining it is woeful, I am still using my 30+ year old pressure cooker with original seal and although the seal LEAKS sometimes I have never once had even the slightest suspicion it would 'blow up' like your suggesting.. Of course if it has a cheap plastic handle with cheap regulator and cheap safety release then im sure the pressure could cause it to explode but it should never happen to one that is working properly even if it is 40 years old and the seal is kaput!what a silly thing to say to someone! a 2 year old pressure cooker should never explode I have no idea why you would imply that it was perhaps somehow their fault when it sounds like the item was either faulty or poorly designed. I was looking at buying one of these but they only cook at 8 and 12PSI which is low for a pressure cooker.

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Raco smartplus 6L/50470/110901HY Lid handle pressure valve no working need replacement handle can you supply handle or guid us what can do ? From [name removed] [email address removed] [contact detail removed]
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