RACQ Roadside Assistance

RACQ Roadside Assistance

RACQ Roadside Assistance

339 reviews

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339 reviews
339 reviews
faySouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Excellent service

Had an occasion to require breakdown service for an elderly friend today at Capalaba Park shops at 1.40pm ...the service given, from the original operater thru to breakdown truck was absolutely awesome.These 3 people are a credit to RACQ.We thank you for making the whole process so easy & pleasant.
Amy B
Amy BSouth East Queensland, QLD3 posts

Outstanding service in a stressful situation

After getting a flat tyre on the Bruce Highway at 9pm on the first day of school holidays, RACQ were easy to contact. When I had issues using the app to locate my position I was able to talk to an operator on the phone who was clear, concise, reassuring and put my safety first. They organised towing (Clayton's Towing Service - outstanding as well) to a safe place and the RACQ arrived within 5 minutes. I cannot fault their service and care. Thank you!
TigSouth East Queensland, QLD28 posts

Thank you Cathy

Broke down on the way home in Rockhampton, incredibly hot weather which we are not use to. Stuck for a week while waiting for a part to arrive. As it didnt arrive and we needed to get home and simply could not afford to keep paying for accomodation, Cathy arranged a tow truck to get our car home and gave us a discount code to help with the hire of a car for us to get home. Cathy went above and beyond speaking to supervisors to help to elderly people who were stuck in a very difficult situation. Cathy you kept us sane and helped ease our stress. Thank you so much. Show reply
Susie F.
Susie F.Far North Queensland, QLD

RACQ broke radiator when replacing battery, no compensation

Battery in car went flat. RACQ assistance arrived, tested the battery, and told me I needed a new one. I purchased and they fitted. When he pulled out the existing battery, he snapped the radiator hose and advised me to head to a radiator specialist to get a clamp to repair it. When I visited the radiator specialist the next day, he told me I was up for a whole new radiator ($1500) and it couldn't be repaired. I even contacted a second company just to be sure. Filed a complaint with RACQ who claimed it was wear and tear, even though the car just had a service and the radiator was in good condition. Very expensive mistake using RACQ roadside assistance.
cap82South East Queensland, QLD20 posts

Ignorant driver blocks my driveway and stops my business from operating while he unloads a car that wont start

Had a driver pull up in our driveway which is a common thoroughfare for 5 units. I asked him to move so that he wasn't stopping our business operations. the driver ignored me and proceeded to spend 15 minutes in the driveway unloading a car, meanwhile we had to cease our operations as we could not access the doors to our unit.
When I pointed this out to the driver his reply was "what am i supposed to do", I said "wait your turn like everybody else" he ignored that (too) and walked away.

Quite a disgusting attitude from the driver and yet another reason to be a member of Budget Direct Roadside Assistance as apposed to these clowns.

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Chelseab7 posts

Poor Customer Service

They took out TWO payments promised to refund their error immediately- I’ve since spoken to over six people in two days with the promise my money would be returned by COB.
Staff are vague and unhelpful.
LisaSouth East Queensland, QLD8 posts


Left us stranded in a nasty situation with no care for our safety. Looks like we will be looking for better options than RACQ as they are quite rude and unhelpful, what a waste of money!
NKTnealkt70@gmail.com17 posts
JulieSouth East Queensland, QLD

Josh from Assist was so helpful friendly and a gentleman

Call Josh from RACQ
Keep him in your company friendly helpful young man
Jeanette L.
Jeanette L.South East Queensland, QLD

Received great customer service

Battery died when we were down the coast at Hope Island 13/10/3924 - received assistance from John and a female mechanic - both were very friendly and extremely helpful.

Right on time

The young man from RACQ named Gurwinder Sidhu knew exactly what to do. Checked my battery and found it dead and replaced it with a new one. He was on time, polite and efficient. I've been with RACQ for over 30 yrs and even though I've only used them a few times, it's worth it for breakdowns and peace of mind.
Ezz3 posts


After being a member for over 20 years and letting it lapse for a couple of years when I got a company car the best they can do is start me back at their entry level.
Truly pathetic customer loyalty don't expect much in the way of help from their customer service.
Do yourself a massive favour go with anyone but these people.
Phillip K.
Phillip K.


Broke down 50kms North of Marlborough Bruce Highway at 10am, now 2.30pm, was told at 10 the tilt tray driver didn't start till pm, rang about 1.30, was told the nearest driver lived in Nebo "2 hours away" and had a booking before me, told there decided to send a patrol car, just now, absolutely pathetic service, felling hostile and fed up, I just don't think you all give a crap!
El Rey
El ReyBrisbane58 posts
Melissa R.
Melissa R.


Unaware that my RACQ cover was cancelled due to them no longer covering the size of a merc sprinter mwb. Policy was automatic renew so never ever considered checking the emails. My fault yes, but I was an alone female in the middle of nowhere two hours away from home ringing them for assistance. I was told that my policy was no longer valid due to them not covering the size of my vehicle and they could not help me today with my issue but if I ring back in a couple of days they could discuss increasing my policy so that I would be covered in the future. I think I will give that a hell no!!! Border towing were incredible (5 stars from me) concerned about my welfare they helped me to get home and get my car to a mechanics also close to home.
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Kim R.
Kim R.2 posts

Fantastic service

The call out fellow John was fantastic. Very thorough and professional...and good sense of humour in what was for me a difficult circumstance !
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PremfitSouth East Queensland, QLD
jack133113 posts
Jonathan M.
Jonathan M.South East Queensland, QLD2 posts

Front windscreen

Needed a new front windscreen, racq technician replaced and drove off. Brand new windscreen is filthy, smear and residue all over the inside of the brand new windscreen. Drivers side mirror adjustment knob found to be upside-down and now adjustments are in reverse, up is down, down is up, left is right and right is left.
Customer Service
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Emily L.
Emily L.


Never have I been so disgusted by the way we have been treated tonight by your company. My husband has been a member for 30 years, and worked for you for over 21 years. He has Ultimate membership level and Gold status. We are broken down in the middle of the road right now and refusing to come out to jump start our vehicle due to the fact it’s a motor home and you changed what you would cover in March without communicating this. In addition, he’s also undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and we are stuck here in an unsafe situation. Not bloody happy
L.CollinsDarling Downs, QLD2 posts


Brand new member under 3months. RACQ have attended twice all within 30mins of my request via their APP and got my car working within 5mins of arrival. First mechanic restarted and recommended new battery which I declined. Should have listened as 3 weeks later they re-attended for same issue, I bought the RACQ battery at discounted price compared to prices online I checked before RACQ arrived. Outstanding service.
Cigno Loans Customer
Cigno Loans Customer3 posts

In Need of a tow

Called RACQ at 1:10pm today in need of a tow as the car broke down near a busy street. at 1:30 I rang back to make sure I had given the right location then at 2:40 pm called back to ask was there a problem. After many minutes on hold I was told they only have one tow truck driver and he was on his way out to Marlboro which is an hour away from my city. The time is now 3:15 pm, still waiting.
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Michele and Peter
Michele and PeterSouth East Queensland, QLD

Roadside excellent service

Thankyou so much Ken from Carmila Beach What a legend. He could have Just said we will fix it Monday , but spent Saturday morning finding the fault.Getting us back on the road.we really appreciate you Ken
Susan R.
Susan R.South East Queensland, QLD

Sunday tow Eumundi to Maroochydore

A huge shout out to Joe who rescued this damsal in distress on Sunday. Joe was an absolute delight, friendly, courteous, extremely helpful/knowledgable and caring. Thank you for assisting so promptly and being an all round really nice guy who knows his stuff and took the time to explain what was going wrong with my vehicle.
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Darren P.
Darren P.2 posts

Stay away from these guys!

A complete waste of money to be with RACQ. My son broke down at night, said they wouldn’t toe the vehicle as he didn’t have a mechanic in mind. Seriously? A young, inexperienced driver is meant to find their own mechanic late at night? Wouldn’t tow him to the nearest mechanic or advice him of one. Left completely alone, absolutely fuming and would advise anyone to stay clear of this company they are next level heartless.
Nariman K.
Nariman K.South East Queensland, QLD

Excellent Service

I had to call them after my motorcycle had sudden problems and I was in a hurry. I found the service excellent! From the initial phone call they showed urgency and efficiency all the way to the gentleman who attended on site. They are professional, and know their job. The patrol car was in the neighbourhood already, very efficient examination, diagnosis and fix. One of the best service organisations in Australia and other companies would do well to follow their example. Obviously RACQ recruite and train their staff very well. I am a very happy customer. Thank you.
Neesee K
Neesee KDarling Downs, QLD3 posts


This is the second time we have needed assistance from RACQ (RACQ Ultimate Care) and again, the assistance, and genuine concern, we received was faultless! We were provided with accommodation (two nights) whilst RACQ arranged for our car to be transported from FNQ to the Sunshine Coast, and flights and transfers to home arranged...all fully covered under our RACQ Ultimate Care cover. So very, very grateful!
Deano J
Deano JAU3 posts

NO Help Offered - a warning to members

after being a loyal member for 7 years paying ultimate cover, I had a battery die on me unexpectedly, and due to me being 3 days late in paying the yearly premium, because I had to use that money to buy a battery. I rang through to the membership line. I explained my predicament. I asked, in fact I begged for an extension to pay the premium as after buying the battery they refused to provide help, or an extension. Due to this experience, I have been left without car for over a week. all they cared about was getting their money and no consideration for me at all. what a disgraceful result from RACQ - shame on you.
HFYSouth East Queensland, QLD

Brilliant service - Anthony 99

Today, my car broke down and wouldn't start. I called RACQ and Anthony responded to my case. Turns out my car needed major fixes - the alternator and starter motor had to be replaced. Anthony's service was outstanding. He got my car to start, and got to fixing my car at my house. The whole process took 3-4 hours, and Anthony had to go over into his own time to complete the job. I am beyond grateful for his service. Thank you Anthony.
Seaw J Hanson
Seaw J Hanson3 posts
  Fair Incentive

Great RACQ roadside assistance - 04 Warren

My car didn’t start this morning, Warren arrived within a few minutes. He's very friendly, knowledgeable and I’ve never had to wait long. It was a battery problem. Fantastic service & quick service.
CourtneySouth East Queensland, QLD3 posts

Doesn’t pay to be a member for a length of time

Comprehensive care insurance policy holder for 6 years and has been good until now. I received my policy renewal with not only a significant increase in the premium but the excess increased also; despite all the so called “discounts” applied. I’ve never made a claim, am now not an under 25 driver and I’m paying more than I ever have for what?? I called to see if they could do anything about it and I was shocked with the lack of knowledge/ information/ help the call taker was offering. It was a very pointless call. Will be changing companies if they aren’t willing to do anything about it. There is cheaper quotes with other companies with the same benefits that also have far better customer reviews.
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UpYoursCanberra 2600, ACT155 posts

What is this?

I bought a brand new car almost one year ago. It came with complimentary roadside assistance for one year. The 12 months are almost up. I got a letter from RACQ Roadside Assistance asking me to pay $106 for roadside assistance. That was it. It didn't state whether I was on RACQ Everyday Lite, RACQ Everyday, RACQ Everyday Plus, RACQ Ultra Care, RACQ Ultimate Care or RACQ RV. What is this? What's included in your service? No, I'm not going to ring these jokers. I have better things to do.
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Clcik6South East Queensland, QLD6 posts


We need an international license. The only place we can get them is from these idiots. Go to Brisbane branch. Don’t have any. Try later in the week they say. Ok. Ring today. Cannot contact the branch directly. Customer service say they cannot ring any branch. What an absolute load of bull. Poor poor poor customer service.
AdamSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts


We had our roadside assistance policy automatically renewed via direct debit for a year in advance which we didn't need as leaving Australia. I contacted them to provide the pro rata refund which is standard practice for purchases a year in advance. They refused to provide any refund, customer service rude and couldn't answer basic questions other than read our terms and conditions. Difficult to comprehend in this day and age a large organisation is operating in such an intentionally sneaky and deceptive manner.
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Devil109 posts
Alan c
Alan cSouth East Queensland, QLD7 posts

what a joke of a company use them and they charge more

I have used them for many years, I have ultimate cover that I can drive any car and get it towed by them if I am in the car. I get an email telling me today now after paying over 250 a year for a long time that I have used them 7 times in the last 12 months and I will now be charged $70 a call out if needed as I have used them excessively (if I use them twice more in next 6 months). what a joke. so people that use them not at all or once a year get a discount. I bet you they don't. also wait times now up to 3 hours for them to come to me. they should be paying me for all my waisted time.
Job Satisfaction

Saved the day

The rear axle of our caravan came adrift. Could have caused a fatal accident. We were in the middle of nowhere in nth NSW. While it took hours to get a recovery truck to us the van was transported almost 400 kilometres to our door. Many thanks to the RACQ staff and our towie Robert from Tenterfield Car Centre legends all round
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TJSouth East Queensland, QLD5 posts

Disgusting service

Friend had her tyre slashed in a carpark, called RACQ to come change tyre she is 65+ years old. They REFUSED, stated this is not an emergency, apparently wilful damage isn't covered, as needing assistance. Their supervisors comments "call the police and insurance". Neither are paid to change the tyre, that is roadside assist. It is was summer on the Gold Coast 38 degrees, I was just lucky enough to be there and do it. Absolutely disgusting, road side assist apparently is only an emergency if it deflates on its own. This was not her fault and she was in need of assistance. Call centre didn't give a care. I would either dump RACQ or lie to the cause, not sure they would help if they figured it out on arrival. ZERO STAR. AVOID.
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