RACV Roadside Assisstance

RACV Roadside Assisstance

RACV Roadside Assisstance

136 reviews

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136 reviews
136 reviews

Paid for itself

My child was locked in his car and within 20 mins of phone call my car was unlcoked. Amazing service and special thanks to the bacchus marsh RAcV and Matthew
Malcolm M
Malcolm M6 posts

Rip off

They charge you double to join if you need them immediately. Just taking advantage of people in vulnerable situations. They really don’t care. They provide Terrible service to their customers leaving them stranded
mowers choice
mowers choiceGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC8 posts

A total surprise

I had a puncture at home but no wheel brace so I called the racv that didn't have a socket to fit ,a second racv mechanic did have and the job was complete
FangarangFar North Queensland, QLD19 posts

No Loyalty

After 40 years of membership they cancelled my membership because I missed 6 months last year of having a product with them. I actually rang and asked if I could buy just the membership to retain it and was told I didn't need to. Now they cancel my membership after all those years of loyalty. So now I have no loyalty to them and will go elsewhere for insurance
Sarah2 posts

quick fix to a bad start to the week

Flat battery (yes my fault), - quick phone call and the operator was efficient, the driver there in less than 30 mins and gone in less than 5 mins. Car started and the week is back on track by 6:30 am.

It is this reason I have held membership since having my first car and now gold member and why I pay each year. I don't need it until I do need it and then thankful I have it. Would have cost me more in taxis/uber today than the annual membership.


Incompetent Customer Support costs us Money

We were given completely wrong information not once but twice by customer support staff which has resulted in my husband losing his silver membership status and losing the associated discounts as a result. When raising this, the response was, "apologies. it's policy. nothing we can do" rhetoric. We are paying additional hard earned cash out of our own pocket as a direct result of their incompetence, for which they are taking zero responsibility. Just not good enough.
Mineko I.
Mineko I.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC2 posts


My car got battery connection failure, I called for Roadside assistance today.
A male operator told me someone will be there in 60 minutes, will give me a call 5 minutes before arrival.
I was waiting for 1hr 45minutes and finally called again what's going on.
A female operator answered and said my location hasn't been booked.
I was so angry and annoyed.
I got txt the truck comes in 25 minutes but he turned up in 12 minutes, he did great job and very friendly. I appreciated repairing but not the male operator.
Michelle G
Michelle GGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC20 posts

New battery within 40mins

Called RACV after trying to start my car on a Sunday morning, only to find it wouldn’t start. Although battery seemed dead, there was no indication on previous days so I wasn’t totally sure whether it was the battery or perhaps the alternator.
So I called RACV at 10:50am, mentioned the battery warning.
Repairman arrive 30 mins later, as per the text msg I received.
He checked the battery, totally dead, cleaned connectors, installed a new battery, I paid by card, job done.
40 mins and my car is as good as gold and ready to go.
No jump start, making appointments, getting to a workshop open on a Sunday .
Excellent! I couldn’t be happier.
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I Hate Rip Off's
I Hate Rip Off's4 posts

Less than One Star Performance and even less for their CARE FACTOR

My Son was left on the side of the road, for nearly 8 hours, 300ks from home on a 30 degree day.
"Tow Truck will be there within an hour" was the standard lie so many times during the course of the day. Turned out they booked a tow truck that was over 280 kilometers away and already on another job, Although Didn't call the guy that was 15 minutes away until 7 hours after tow was booked.
Worst of all is the lack of care factor. Despite the problem going on all day long, and numerous calls, the matter was not escalated or followed through. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC.
Would have been better off saving our membership each year and just calling a tow truck directly when the need arose.
GabrielGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC6 posts

RACV roadside assist/towing - Unreliable, avoid. Find an alternative

My son has membership and needed to have his car towed a couple of Kilometres near Melbourne CBD to have new tyres fitted. To help him get to work, I loaned him my car for the day (I am a RACV member and my car is insured with them). He tried to book the tow the previous night for the next morning, but was told that was not possible, so he called and booked at 8.00 am Tuesday morning. Kept being told there were delays and it is still unlikely to get towed today. Meanwhile the Tyre replacement will need to be rebooked. Utterly useless. Will now replace one Tyre, refit so the car is drivable and drive it there ourselves.
Waste of a day and the time and effort chasing it all up. Disgusted.
Elena B.
Elena B.28 posts

Don’t bother

RACV assist was good years ago, not anymore. I had a coolant hose exploding and in my car I had a spare one. Ten years ago RACV guy could change it on the spot, now they would not. Instead, they offer towing in 12 hours! Thanks but I’m not gonna have this “assistance” anymore
JanetMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

Professional Service

A breakdown on Monash Freeway near Huntingdale Rd today with flat tyre. Tow truck driver fantastic & RACV guy quick changing tyre.
They were both very professional !
A Wonderful service.
Thank You
Daniel NP
Daniel NPGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC3 posts
SamMelbourne3 posts

Do not signup on the phone, it's a $80 scam

Nobody bothered to explain that when you signup on the phone you pay $80 signup fee on top of $123 regular membership. That's right, you pay $200 in total. Their website is conveniently doesn't mention that, nor the customer service on the phone.
Dave L
Dave LGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

You paid for PREMIUM price for same day roadside assistance upon signing up!

It's rather tricky scenario where I rang RACV to sign up and get the roadside assistance service on the same day ! I wasn't aware the cost of membership is 80% more than normal price ( paid $200 instead of $123 annually ) The agent deliberately didn't explain this clause, if he did I won't even bother to sign up at all ! The fee charged wasn't returnable ! So, this is definitely be the last round I was trapped and signed up with RAC !
Penne T.
Penne T.3 posts
Jeff Shaw
Jeff ShawGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC2 posts

They get your money and then won’t help

After they said they couldn’t help unless I paid, then after I paid, they said they couldn’t help and it ended up costing me $560 for RACV Roadside assistance, I was forced to pay another $700 to retrieve my Car.
2/ my Car developed problems while at the Mechanic’s that they didn’t fix, RACV refused to take it to a mechanic who could fix it. I have to pay yet again around $250.
They don’t do what they say.
naushad h.
naushad h.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC2 posts

Rude behaviour by driver

Called RACV assist for car not starting.
Driver vehicle rego:1LW8TT
advised battery doesn't need replacing just need to recharge. Called owner of the leased car and they authorised replacement of battery. Driver came back to me saying you have to pay the cost as you are the driver. I told him wait as I will call the owner, he told me can't wait you sort it out with the owner and just left even without closing the bonnet.
Bad customer service RACV.
JessieGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC8 posts

Disgraceful service

Today my wife was rejected the service when broken down on the street because they forgot to update my new plate number 6 months ago.

2 big mistakes :
1. When I requested a plate change on the phone 6 months ago, you failed to do it
2. Today When my wife asked for help because she was stranded , you rejected it because the plate does not match and need me to call you to verify. You should have helped people first on emergency, admin work can be done later.

As a result my wife was stranded for hours on the road and finally got help from a mate to replace the wheel.

This is a disgraceful service, unethical business practice.

Emad Baba
Emad BabaGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC15 posts
Jovi girl
Jovi girl7 posts
ThilaniVictoria4 posts


I'm a Silver Member for the last 10 years for my first car. Unfortunately i forgot to get the cover for my second car, but as advised by RACV customer service I paid for 2 years and joined to get the benefit to tow it from Mickelham to Thomastown. Sadly according to RACV Mickelham is regional Victoria when it is not. Spoke to a few RACV staff but they wouldn't accept. Because of this, I had to pay extra money for a private towing company which put me in a real mental and financial difficulty. In this instance I have to rate you as BAD.

Terrible service 2

An update to my earlier post. Roadside assist arrived and immediately reconnected fuel line. However, car cannot be driven because of fuel under the body. Now waiting for another tow truck, who may not even tow the car because fuel has leaked. Another hour. That is 4 hours so far and still waiting.
SivaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC
VeeSchnitzGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC2 posts

Customer service falling apart

Broken down on Westgate Fwy. The freeway roadside service was great. Towed the car to a safe place and at the petrol station. Car was no way going to crank over. Then rang RACV and after 5 minutes of covid warnings and roadside breakdown service, I get an unsympathetic server, annoying questions, overly professional and lack of manners. After I explain the car will not start, towed by freeway service, he suggests to have it looked by their assessor. The mechanic that in no way is capable of fixing it. Their vans aren’t like the Lube Mobile vans. I just wanted the tow truck. Anyway after arguing, hung up and called a towing service. Policy cancelled. Member since 1998.
AMEGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Bad Customer Service

Called roadside assistance, waited for 20 minutes. After that another wait and staff was not helpful despite providing all details. Have to go online to do the new renewal instead.
Michelle14 posts

Prompt, efficient and polite

RACV have helped with my daughters car on numerous occasions. Most recently towed it to a scheduled servicing when it wouldn’t start. On each occasion they have been there within an hour. Highly recommend.
Cant stand bad service
Cant stand bad service3 posts


Called a week in advance to book in a battery replacement for a vehicle on our other property. They said we had to do this online. We tried to do this online and couldn't. We called back and spoke to someone else, who said we had to call on the day itself - no way to book in advance (weird). We called on the day and were asked for a whole bunch of information which no reasonable person would believe necessary. We didn't have it all with us (in transit to the property). So despite trying for a week to arrange a simple procedure we have been unable to get help. Waste of membership and very frustrating. Made a complaint - three weeks ago - no follow up. Left message with CEO - no response. in our view - hopeless. Try Lube-Mobile.
PDFREECentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC2 posts

Good Service

Excellent manner on the phone and helpful advice.
Service man turned up on time, quickly diagnosed the problem, arranged a tow and gave me lift home.
Good service, helped me a lot.
Ikram6 posts


Disappointing service.waited 40min and petroller did not came at all, gave call once for few sec while I was in another emergency call . Nil response . Called RACV and said wait another 1 hours . Terrible service and irresponsible petroller .
Hemanth K.
Hemanth K.Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC15 posts

Inhumane under difficult circumstances

My EV ran out of juice on a Saturday midnight and we were stranded in mid of nowhere. I had a family with 2 kids in the car. I requested them to get car towed to my home or nearest charging station and provide us with taxi service which I was eligible for.
I was told they can tow my car to Nissan dealership.
I told them there was nothing wrong with the car or at least provide taxi service to my family to reach home.
No help was given what so ever.
They need to act and make a decision based on the situation and go out of the way to help people in distress
Geoffrey W.
Geoffrey W.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Unacceptable time waiting

I've just rang RACV to ask how long will I wait for a tow truck at they advised me it will be upto 5hrs I think this is unacceptable waiting period at this time of the day its 11:45pm and I'm a total care member I'll have to start looking for alternatives I've been with RACV for many years
JessCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC4 posts

Would recommend!

I see lots of negative reviews on here but I honestly couldn’t say a bad word. Thankfully this was only the second time I’ve ever had to use RACV in 15 years but even though I did wait an hour (everyone said it would be longer) I couldn’t fault the service. I would happily continue to pay my membership.
Caroline C
Caroline CGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC8 posts

2 hours waiting in the cold and rain

Waited over 2 hours, couldn’t get into my car, raining and cold. Was told they have no staff since the pandemics when I called up. They don’t even bother to contact the driver to give you an estimate until 70 mins have passed
Kate Wilsmore
Kate WilsmoreGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC6 posts
jarah3 posts

Things are changing

It's just getting worse. I remember it was hour tops to get someone out now it's the norm to be waiting for couple hours. A a a a a a a a
Zakky G
Zakky G2 posts

Long wait

Long time to wait and expensive parts. Took 2 weeks to get hold of the battery department as the phone number was invalid and the email address as well. Annoying.
RamiVictoria2 posts

Bad services

I just realised after around 7 years of being with racv customer .there have very bad services and they increase the payment every year with no telling me and never realised that. I just compare with few different companies it's way better services and cheaper and the same contract and cheaper
yespleaseGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC39 posts
Debba17Central Highlands and Goldfields, VIC5 posts

Excellent service.. thank you Ray

Broke down in Willaura and on a long weekend too, rang Racv roadside assistance, Ray from Ararat/ Stawell was there within the hour. Great communication and great service.. thank you so much Ray for getting us and our vehicle home safely. Would not be without RACV Total Care .
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