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Do not deal with this company

I agreed to one delivery of cartridges, since then they call regularly saying I agreed to split the order and they are sending more, but this is the first I was told about this. I have told them not to send them as I will not be accepting them or paying for them.
I never signed anything and they are ringing people and conning people. I will never use the cartridges that have been sent to me.

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Even worse a lot of the cartridges dont work

Stear clear

i agreed to one delivery of cartridges, since then they call regularly. When I try to cancel the continuing so called order they say this is the last one. The latest ploy was they split the last order so this would be the last one. I told them I would call accc & fair trading, I would not accept delivery or pay for it. She told me it was too late it had already sent from stores & she couldn't cancel an order, and couldn't put me through to anyone who could. I'm waiting yo see what happens

Don’t buy radford printer cartridges

I entered into an agreement to buy cartridges from T12 in 2012, now I have a wardrobe full of them and continually get phone calls for the next order even though I am sure that my original quota has been long since filled. Don’t fall into this trap, as they have oversupplied me to the max. I will be going to the ACCC about it.

Cold Calling

I have just had a call from Radford Printing cartridges and she was so rude and hung up in my ear. When she advised about the printer cartridges, I said that we were not interested and could she take us off the calling list.

big scam do not buy from these people

radford supplies go by different names , they were T!2 stationary . big scam. do not buy from them. i dont know how they get away with bullying and sending products out without an order. They call my business every day and harrass my staff.

Great product!

I was contacted by a lovely woman from radford supplies, I decided to try a pack of their platinum range cartridges for my printer. They were delivered quickly, when it came to putting one in, I put a date on the cartridge as requested. They worked well in the machine and once it was done I compared the usage to previous high yield cartridges I've used before and they did last longer, I will buy off them again in future!


After being contacted by Radford, I agreed to a set of 3 long lasting cartridges at the best price, when I received the invoice was flabbergasted at the price. During the next week was contacted by a competitor and their price was much cheaper. When Radford rang me this afternoon by a rep from Radford was called a "Cheap Wench" so I hung up, he rang back immediately, so I hung up again, he than rang back again so I let it go to the machine, on which he left a threatening message....So much for their great Customer Service. Ha Ha what a joke.


I was contacted by Radford supplies earlier last year and i wish they contacted me earlier, best customer service and great bargins ive been getting all my printer cartridges off them ever since

Telephone Marketing at its worst

Our company was contacted by Radford Supplies on the phone, the office manager agreed to by one set of cartridges for a colour inkjet at a competitive price. They seemed OK. A second phone call was made to another person in the company to confirm we wanted the balance of our order (we had not ordered anything more), that person being ignorant of the details and busy said yes. A further two sets of cartridges arrived with an invoice valuing them at considerably more than genuine cartridges. We paid this invoice, intending to refuse further offers. An invoice for a further three cartridges appeared at an even higher price, but no delivery. It took weeks to sort this out, in dealing with them I gained the impression that this was their modus operandi, it was all water off a ducks back, no acknowledgement of any error. I believe our experience is typical of how they operate their business - riding the ragged edge of legal operation. Steer clear


I was contacted by Radford Supplies by phone to buy printer cartridges. I was told it was a genuine brother product. After a lot of talking I was told I was getting a wonderful deal,- they would last much longer than any other cartridge - and I was getting a very good offer if I bought 2 of each colour. This cost me $264 plus Gst. Since I put the first cartridge in my printer, I have had nothing but trouble. My printer won't print off any more than one copy at a time, and today, after inserting the second cartridge I've needed, (blue) the printer won't even print in black, and is so pale it cannot be read. I've never had a problem with the printer before using this ink. I rang the company to complain and amazingly EVERY one is on their lunch break. I am awaiting their reply at the moment.

March 6th 2018 Update: Scam company

I purchased one order with this company. Then they rang to say I had ordered more (split the order) I refused to accept or pay for them if they sent them. They are supposed to be guaranteed - my printer has played up ever since I started using them. I have rung several times - they are very nice on the phone, but nothing happens. I was supposed to get a free battery charger -"yes it will be in the mail today" .....that was a month ago.
Will never deal with them again.

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Has anyone managed to stop Radford Supplies from continually sending & billing these ink products? My friend has been trying to cancel them for ages. She only ordered from them once from a cold-call. Ever since then, they keep sending her products she'll never use. When they ring her, she tries to cancel the order. They say that she has a split order. SHE DOESN'T. They say it'll be the last order. IT ISN'T. They say they'll send a confirmation fax/email. THEY DON'T. They send her paperwork about breaking her contract OR there'll be large fees if she sends their product back to them but they're allowed to continue sending her bills. How is this possible? Can she just ignore them? They now don't have a return address on their parcels or letters so she doesn't know who it's from until she opens it. She never signed anything. She never started a contract. She only ordered 1 set of ink cartridges on the phone. Has anyone sorted this company out so they stop?
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Having a similar experience.... best thing is to get onto the Department of Consumer Affairs. That's what they are there for.They tried same with me..they said try one order..was generic cartridge no different to one half the price they called saying I agreed to full order and that was only half..i said prove it, they cant.... repeat 3 times, ame phone call..Im guessing they were hoping for someone different on the phone....they never sent an order or called after that..if they send without approval refuse if its sent via courier you dont have to accept...if it just arrives dont open and just leave in the corner...they have no right to charge you and if they threaten legal action..tell them to come pick em up at there own cost..they wont pursue as they know on wrong side of the law....full on scammers.Department of cosumer affairs would best, because it is a breach under the consumer law of Australia to be doing this kind of stuff to people. Apparently when you receive your first order if you do not read the invoice correctly and you just sign for them, in tiny writing there is an agreement or contract stating that you agree to them been sent out every few months. Basically they trick you into buying the first order of inks, them keep sending out more. It's a scam and rip off, also be careful because they change there name every few months and cold call again under a different name, I figured this out few years ago. Do not buy anything over the phone. If you have purchased some, read the invoice before signing for them. Hope this helps in some way.