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Rain-X Original Treatment

Rain-X Original Treatment

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I went through a car wash and opted for the "Rain-X" Option to wash my BRAND NEW CAR. After having the car washed and returning home, I noticed circle "Water spots" all over my car paint. I tried rinsing with soap and warm water, I tried compound, wax cleaner, everything and it will not come off! This product is a JOKE and will wreck your car paint I would advise against ever using this on your vehicle!

Have used it for about ten years now

If used as directed, it does exactly what it says on the box.
I first heard of Rain-X almost twenty years ago while watching a V8 Supercars race. One driver went out with no windscreen wiper but Rain-X on his screen. The in car footage impressed me.
Fast forward several years and I walked past some in a shop and decided to try it.
I’ve been using it ever since.
Only apply to clean dry glass and follow the instructions.
It really does work, and the difference when you can see out of the whole windscreen not just where the wipers are is wonderful.
If you are using your wipers a lot, they will wear it off and you need to reapply. The way around this is by using their screen wash additive which tops up the coating every time you use the washers.
There are other products now which are just as good, such as the Stonors Invisible Glass range, but Rain-X is still as good as it ever was.
I will keep using it.

Worked beyond our expectations!

This is an absolute miracle product!
We would use this on one of our vintage cars that had no window wipers at all, this was the only product that allowed the car to be driven in any rain and the water really does just bead off the window instead of sitting there obstructing your vision.
It does take sometime to get the hang of applying it correctly to avoid any streaking, but once you’ve mastered the application you will love Rain-X forever.

Never Again!

We have plenty of rain here in Hawaii, specially during hurricane season, decided to try Rain-x for easier vision, mostly at night. Cleaned inside and out of my 2017 Accent, had some concern about oily feel, oh well. Just couple days later noticed film inside. Used a micro towel to wipe inside and reapplied outside. Couple days later, more like 4, fricken film inside again. Oahu has the dimmest street lights ever, decided I needed to remove this smeared up oily crap, almost 2 hours later, hot soapy water, vinegar, vinegar and glass cleaner, micro towels, paper towels and STILL the back window gross, but giving up til day light. I needed to get a lot of chores done, but this crap wasted 2 hours of my time. I get so damn tired of spending money, energy and time on false claims, wish someone had written this review when I googled. I'm an old poor tired woman, I ain't got time, money or energy and least of all patience. Rain-x 2 hrs cleaning, $60 cost of product was about $12 precious time and energy, how you put a price on that? Tired of getting ripped off.


Do not buy these products they don't stand behind them.. Got a wiper they wont replace it.. The rubber blade comes out of wiper.. Rain-X sucks and if you don't buy maybe we can put them out of business
Beware you have been warned... Buy anyone else. Let's band together..

Great product! Best on new glass used regularly.

I was introduced to Rain-X with a free bottle provided with my new Toyota in 1986 and have been using the product ever since. It works so well you don't need wipers when travelling at speed (yes I still use them). Best to use on new glass but if you clean your glass well it does the job as intended. Bought their interior anti-fog and was pleased as well.
Works well on other glass & mirrors in the house etc.

Note: Store upright! The bottles can and will leak. And do use care as applying anything with a solvent in it. Common sense should prevail.

5 stars for using inside glass shower cabinet

Excellent Product. Have been using it for 2 weeks. Shower Cabinet still looks like new. not much soap scums are building on the glass. Hopefully it stays and keeps working for long time. Definitely will help with cleaning the glass cabinet. Usually its a nightmare to do . Will recommend to anymore for Shower cabinet use

Great product with a serious glitch

I have used RainX Water Repellent for years on the windshield and the outside of the other windows on my cars. I put distilled water that I buy from the grocery store in my windshield washer reservoir as anything else may remove the product from the glass. If you do this, the product will work great and last for about 6 months. At least that's my experience. However, I recently had a mishap with the product. I placed the RainX box with the plastic bottle inside on the hood of my car for about 15 minutes to help one of my grandchildren. When I came back to perform the treatment on my windshield, the box was stuck to my hood. When I lifted it off, a 50 cent piece size of my paint had melted as some of the solution had leaked through the box onto my hood. It buckled and cracked the paint. You could also see some of the yellow paper on the paint where the box had stuck to the area. I filed a claim with ITW corporation who distributes RainX, and my claim was denied with no reason why. The corporation states that the Rainx Water Repellent treatment will not damage your paint, but you should wash it off with soap and water. That is an ambiguous statement. It can and does damage your paint. It is going to cost me $500 to repaint my hood as it is a pearl white paint that is a three step process. Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)!

Follow the instructions

Have used and continue to use Rainex for past 20 years. Consider it the best on the market - if you follow the instructions and understand exactly what the silcone polymer actually does on a glass surface - i.e. it fills the microscopic pits and the hydrscopic property beads the water by reacting with the surface tension. Do not add with other chemicals used in windshield washers. Goodness me if only people read the instructions and not use the product in unintended ways.

Good product....better visibility in the rain and it even stops most overnight frost adhering to wi

Have confidently used it since 1986, and I reckon it's especially good if you are a long- distance / grey nomad type, ... in all weathers i.e. we t/ cold / tropical... all over Australia.
Washer/Wipers clear windscreen of even thick dust easier.
I recommend that you apply every 8 weeks or so not just two but three layers of rain x ,letting each haze over before polishing and then re-applying for best effect. I heard this is what some pilots of light aircraft do, ...and they don't even have wipers!!!
.....good stuff !

Rain X washer fluid clogged my washer system.

Been using rain x wind shield washer for over a year. I'm now at my dealer having the system flushed. Big clobbs came out of the system. Semi sticky rain X. I will never use rain X as my washer fluid again. This costing me one hundred dollars. I would like to be reimbursed.

Not what it is cracked up to be.

Yes, it helps the rains run off your windscreen, but it also seems to make your wiper blades wear out quicker. Also, it makes them shudder a lot more, even when new. There some other brands that are supposed to do the same, so I will be trying them out.

Ok, not perfect

I do use this regularly however I note that rain fog still accumulates on my windscreen. It's therefore not perfect but nonetheless, I'll continue to use it as I assume the fog would be much worse otherwise.
Bought this at Super Cheap which I think is the cheapest place to get this.
Dave Lewis

Absolute Rubbish

Will never use any of there products again. Over priced rubbished. Have tried contacting rainx 3 time with no response to a tint safe product that ate into my new tint.
(Have had a few products not only the window tint safe products also have had problems with the wick away products)

Does not do what its meant to do.

Followed instructions on bottle, it made my wipers drag and stick to the windscreen. I had to put up with this for 4 hours of rain. It was a very frustrating and extremely annoying. What a waste of money and effort. I now have to figure out how to remove it off my screen.

Rain-X works, even when the wipers ain't fast enough.

I got this because there was a few times when the rain just poured down and my wiper wasn't fast enough, and the water was sticking to my new windshield.
anyway Finally manage to get this to work, and its pretty good! definitely improves visibility on a raining day when the wind wiper isn't fast enough.
1. have to make sure window is clean! And dry! ( I would wash the car fast and dry the windshield completely). 2. then apply it to small area and I used good quality absorbent kitchen Paper towel to buff it up.
If you apply it correctly then the water just slides off the wind screen without the need for screen wipers. and its amazing to watch the water just fly off on a raining day (but you need to drive faster than 50km).

This would definitely save lives and reduce accidents !
Water slides off the windscreen without the need for wipers ! amazing
You have to make sure the windscreen is totally clean and dry first before you apply or it won't work.

Rain-X does exactly what it claims.

The water clearing action is excellent, what is so impressive is the amount of visibility you gain on the side & rear windows of your car.
This too has been a great aid in visibility in the trucks I drove at company I used to work for, not only does water repel from areas windscreen wipers can’t get too, it greatly improved the visibility on the side windows where we had a lot of ‘water hang’ from the aerodynamics of the truck and was very effective on the mirrors.
Another advantage is with cleaning windscreens more effectively, be it bug splats and the like, and I have found that ice is removed easier (with water) in some of the colder regions I have visited.
After seeing it in action, friends, family and co-workers who have travelled with me go and buy it for their cars, in particular friends who own people movers.
Best of all it’s easy to apply and not more than 15–20 minutes on initial, and you’re done.
Just follow up the procedure every month or so, and you’re laughing.
Though it is advisable to wear gloves when using this product, and.... not to apply to plastics.
....and before anyone asks.... No it doesn’t replace the need for windscreen wipers!
Does the job brilliantly...
Rain-X is often ‘borrowed’.... but rarely replaced!

Exactly as described.

This product is absolutely amazing. Inexpensive yet it truly works. I used it on my previous car and have got it on my current car. It is an absolute godsend at the moment with all this heavy ongoing rain. I can drive as normal with nil problems whatsoever due to the significant improvement in vision. You will notice the difference between driving a car which has it and driving a car which doesn't. Can't recommend highly enough.
Inexpensive, practical, does the job.

Questions & Answers

Can i use rain_x anti fog on my scuba mask?
2 answers
I don't know. I'd suggest that you send your question to the manufacturers and ask them. The e-mail address shown on their website is: information@itwgb.com Good luck.NO!!! Once water gets into your mask, it will mix with the concentrate and invariably will get in your eyes. Noty good for your eyes at all...Sorry but nothing better than old-school spit for your dive mask! :)

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